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Que Sera Sera

Not much news. Decided I really couldn't study or work or write at work with all that screaming angle grinding going on a few desks down so I went home early and watched last night's Angel, which was cute. A return to daft Wes, sigh, but happily Dark Wes was back by the episode and why wouldn't a 17 year old Cordy remember angel? Never mind. I liked the whole Angel's Irish accent sucks thing, I liked the quip about how Wes earned his "Head Boy" ranking and Cordy's other comment about Wes and Gunn behaving like homoerotic cop buddies. Oh, for the good old days. I also liked Irish Liam loathing English Wesley - thanks for remembering, and the bit about wanting to see the slave beat up the English pig. Tee hee. Some nice moments and although it was a bit in your face as a here's how far the characters have changed excercise, it was fun and the obvious bit of light relief before we plunge back into the angst. I was laughing out loud, something I rarely do with Buffy these days. Like the Xander's non wedding episode that was on Fox8 that was just painful. Missed bits due to still washing up and just as I sunk into Dark Wes bliss for my second dose of Angel, the phone actually rang. For me. Not that I mind, but when Wes is stealing the baby?! Ack. Okay, so buying the dvd now so I can hit pause.

Picked Boomtown over L&O this week and it was less jumpy, less characters I don't like, more characters I do like, and Neal was virtually dye free, so I actually enjoyed it this week. Not loving it, but I made it almost through the entire episode this time.

Wanted to wear purple today to protest the war, but found it difficult as I've only a small reading lamp to dress by (yes, I really do dress in the dark, not merely looking like I do) and it's nigh impossible to differentiate aubergine from brown in weak yellow light. Fortunately it's daylight now and I can see I am indeed wearing purple. I have skirts that are more PURPLE! but I was feeling in a sombre, aubergine mood. Need to get an electrician out to fix all the lights. A friend said to stop changing the lightbulbs because I said I couldn't move out because I was constantly required to change lightbulbs. Family destroyed almost all the light fittings in the house in consequence. Not so bad in Summer but a bitch when the days start to get shorter and darker. In winter I email by candlelight, wearing scarf and gloves. It's all very Dickensian.

I was reading friend's LJ's and they're all upset about the war. Well, tough. I've been out marching and circulating emails and writing stern letters to the editor. I've done what I could and whatever happens happens, but I sure didn't see them out on the streets (well, I didn't see some of my other friends there either on account of the huge crowd but at least we emailed each other afterwards joking about being unable to spot each other). So now they're upset? Well, boo hoo. Too little, too late. Mind you, if I get blowed up in a retaliatory strike I will be very peeved. Though with all the staff cuts , restructuring and threats of moving out to Dubbo going on, war is the least of my worries right now, it really, really is.

Heard the celebs in LA have given up the old red carpet at the Oscars because they don't want to appear shallow, self involved and frivolous. Oh, dear children, that boat has sailed, sailed right over the horizon, years ago. American celebrities trying to be serious - is there anything frelling funnier? Though I note the precious few American actors I actually respect have all been vocally protesting. In fact, all the people I respect in this world (celeb and civilian) have been out there (note omissions). I guess I just respect people who think and aren't afraid to show it, in whatever they do.

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