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...and cancel christmas

My cousin just sent me a selection of family photographs, including one of my grandmother, and the likeness is scary. But happily less scary than on Friday. They say you know you're getting old when you look like you're nursing a really rough hangover when you're not, but I saw my father's face staring back at me, and worse, my father at his most puffy and fed up. The sort of face that always used to make me run for cover. And there it was, staring back at me. Yikes.

So I'll take my grandmother any day. I never knew her, but she's missed, so she mustn't have been all bad.

I did get complimentted twice yesterday, though. Not for looking like a pale sausage squeezed into jeans that were too big a month ago, no, but when I picked up my new glasses (a pair and a spare as it was a two fer one deal, the second being bog ordinary cheap ones) the girl complimented me on my choice. Of course, she's paid to say that, but she was having a day and her exclamation, nay, shock, that I'd picked something classy seemed genuine.

Ditto the chap in Borders when he saw what books auld tubbo had waddled over to the counter with. He almost squeaked with excitement when he saw my selection. In all honestly, I was rummaging in the classics because they're cheaper, but I'll take shock and awe over my alleged classy reading material any day (especially given the daily abuse elsewhere). There was Waugh, Wodehouse, Doyle, Austen and Gatiss in the pile, if you're curious (I needed a serious break from that wretched toad Dexter).

Spent most of the weekend in scullery maid/groundskeeper mode as the white gloved brigade issued forth the annual dinner invitation. They never even inspected the grounds onor walked in the front door, which is probably just as well, but at least I made some effort and it's a touch tidier than before. I wish Himself would stop colonising every surface (table, chair, floor, corridor) with his crud though. I know it's kettle calling pot here, but still. I have every intention of cleaning up properly given the chance, Him, not so much.

Anyway, dinner was okay, if bland, ditto the conversation. I'm sure I disgraced myself again but I was bone tired and talking nonsense even before my first glass of wine. At least I tried. And it's hard to appear sophisticated when you've spent all morning wrestling nettles and look it.

Didn't get to watch much tv over the weekend, not even Saturday which should have been blissful with grey dampness and the washing already done but I didn't even get to re-watch that Lynley with young McAvoy in it without having to run in and out. I seem to dimly recall catching up on my Eurocops though. Just Rex and The Eagle, the latter conforming to the modern template by spending all his time angsting, brooding and having bleak and confusing flashbacks, more brooding and shagging most of his co-workers (I thought the tight t-shirt wearing tech boy was in for a turn but he was just invited to the backseat of the car for a debugging exercise (unless that's what the cool kids are calling it these days), but precious little policing. To be honest, he's pretty dumb. Like, goodness, my car radio keeps fritzing and Sergei seems to know my every move but I'm gonna take nearly two episodes to think this might be connected. It's never good when the tv cops are so dumb you start up with the panto "Behind you!" calls. And yet I persist, because, well, at least it's not the same old Vancouver locations.

Speaking of Vancouver, it was Yellow Fever on Supernatural last night. Silly episode, much overacting, but lots of nice work between the boys and much love for Eye of The Tiger, supreme bit of silly that it is. Okay, yes, much with the foreshadowing yellowy eyes bit (and isn't it the Buffy standard these days that the lamest comedy episode contains the darkest plot seeds) but there was some really nice brotherly interaction. But, as I said, I'd happily watch the two of them watch their washing go round, and lately, so far this season, that's been pretty much it. The boys have been great, but the plots, not so much.

But I should mention the terrible tragedy that befell me last night. It was already a shockingly awful day, so I decided to cheer myself up by getting out the Xmas decs early this year. So imagine my horror when I discovered the rats had eaten the Xmas decs. All of them. Nothing but a pile of chewed up box, tissue, the odd santa hat and the eyeless severed head of my beloved reindeer. All gone. My London bobbie, my Canadian mountie moose, the angel from my childhood. Thosewho know me will know how my I loved my ecclectic collection of Xmas decs. I have no words. It's shaping up to be a grim Xmas. And no, it's not an opportunity to buy new decs, it's a bloody tragedy.

Sigh. And I didn't win anything on the cup.

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Thanks to sleeper_frost for the link collecting!

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