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Higgins and I

It's 10:35 and they've only just noticed I'm wearing my witch t-shirt. And I thought I was the fried one. I put it on when I was still feeling cute this morning, but I'm not feeling cute any more. Sleep deprivation has finally caught me and pummelled me. Bed! Bed! I didn't go to bed. Well, of course not. Not when seeing Richard E Grant belting out A Hymn to Him was in the offing. Oh yes. Quite possibly the most insane and reptilian Professor Henry Higgins ever to grace the stage, and I loved every minute of it.

Or would have, if the trains didn't go through every quiet bit. Are there any other threatres in the world that are regularly interrupted by the roar of the 9.15 to Bondi? Never mind, Richard E Grant rocks, but we all knew that.

It was twice the homage, because aside from being a fan of Mr Grant for...a while now, I've wanted to see My Fair Lady on stage for a long, long, long, long time. And I finally did. I remember it being one of the only records I ever heard being played in the house (mother had a set against it, for some reason, and any stereo bought was quickly and mysteriously rendered inoperable) but I remember My Fair Lady being played when I was very small. I should hate it, but I love it. I also had to study Pygmalian at school and was in the chorus of the school musical and I love the film and I know all the songs by heart. So I really, really wanted to see it. The casting of Richard E Grant was just a glistening glace cherry on top. Some might find his Higgins too manic, but I liked it. Didn't think much of 'Eliza' at all, but John Wood as Alfred was perfect, Henry's mother was also far more wicked and winking than I ever remember and Freddy had a bit too much vim (being played by a strapping Queensland boy, apparently) but the songs were great, the sets were great and it was far funnier than I remembered it. Couldn't believe that the folks around me didn't know the plot though. Wow.

I suppose not everyone is a MFL nerd like me. I'd be going every second night but alas, I only had the funds for one. Great seat though (the benefits of buying for one) and did I mention how much I adore Richard E Grant?

PM update: Okay, feeling much better since I got some sun and fresh air, albeit hot baking air, as I trotted down to the growers market. Am risking some carrots and spinach this week, though spinach in this heat? But it looked so nice. Prolly have to go in something baked by the time I get it home though.

From the same stall that sold the rhubarb. Did I tell you about the rhubarb crumble? A triumph, though my smugness over the crumble all being organic rhubarb and hand made...with 2kg of sugar. Oh yeah, rhubarb crumble is definitely a sometimes food.

Anyway, long crap day, enlivened only by a walk through the oark and a green tea latte. And everyone staring at my spinach. Well, I hope it was the spinach, but it's probably me. I'm so damn ugly I can't stand my reflection.

Oh yeah, it's not very Halloweeny at all, even though the wee wifey is bagging up trick and treat baggies should any kids drop by (I'm still at work, which is prolly another reason it's epic fail because so is everyone else). I gather from the radio discussion that the anti-Halloween feeling could be considered collateral damage from the Iraq War. Oh dear.

And I've worn the t-shirt and supped at the Starbucks. Oh dear.

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