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It happened again. There I was washing the dishes when I heard a familiar voice on the telly. Sure enough it was wee Jimmy McAvoy, in Inspector Lynley this time. Bless.

Meanwhile, I won't be doing the promised b-day shopping for Himself because it was a lovely day, the hobgoblin was away, so we buggered off to the grower's market and thanks to that Nigel Slater book I've been reading I've had a craving for rhubarb crumble for weeks and there it was and well, sometimes rhubarb happens. So I can't do a big city shop because I'm loaded up with rhubarb (and beetroot and thyme and mint...). Fek knows how I'll be getting it home on the bus of smelly, sweaty squishyness, but nothing ventured.

Yes, it's hot again, after it snowed in the mountains the other day and we had the heater on last night (fortunately I'd not got around to packing it away).

Been watching the usual array of cop shows. Caught up on some Bones. The funniest bit was when Hogkins used Cam's blender to whip up some maggots. The look on her face, so resigned. Having shared an office with boffins, I can tell you that's exactly the sort of marlarky they get up to. So it was funny from a 'been there' point of view.

Rex meanwhile decided to channel The Professionals for some unknown resaon. I was remarking how very Pros-like it was when they burst through a window, rolled, popped up and shot at targets. Uh huh. Sometimes I wonder about Rex. Points too for the murder, as the victim, and knife, slide down the shower curtain. It was darkly funny. And that's just what you want in a kid's show: dark, grisly murders (and full frontal nudity, oh those Europeans).

Speaking of Euro-cops, you know you've been watching way too much SBS when you realise a band on triplej are singing in Swedish before being told so. Never mind, I like the Eagle. And wherever one of the suspects was from in Norway, boy, her ancestors coasted to a stop in Britain - I barely needed subtitles, it really just sounded like old English.

Also enjoyed Life, slept through Heroes, and discovered the IQ killed Hustle and Messiah, ie Acme blank space in lieu of telly (grrr).

But it hasn't been all telly. I braved the sleet (and it was sleet) to go visit the Monet exhibition - I figured that there'd be few hardy souls out and I was right (so I could luxuriate in gazing instead of pushing and shoving). It was a small but fun selection from Boston, with so many fields of flowers and haystacks that I was surprised it wasn't sponsored by some major hayfever medication.

Hard to think of Monet without going to the Armitage place these days, but I tried, and I really liked just about all the paintings, I'm learning to really love his stuff. He has such a photographer's eye that I sometimes wonder what would happen if you went back in time and gave him a digital camera. Favourites include the NGV one with the guys on a gusty beach, one little figure grimly clutching coat and hat. I also really liked some shadowy poplars and a very lush and misty Sienne - reminded me of the river before it was terraformed into Beirut. Loved the Japense influenced stuff, the foggy London ones and the fields of flowers. Very pretty. I used to find him too twee and too pretty, but now I'm old and grizzled I have a better appreciatio of the need to capture a perfect sunny day by the seaside for posterity.

And I bought a wee Monet fridge magnet. It's so cute.

Also saw the exhibition of smiling buddhas. The first lot I did not like (too clown like), the second appeared merely smug, but the inner ones were just breathtaking lovely. Sigh.

And that's it if I want to get home with rhubarb. Wish me luck.

Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb crumble


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