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The server's down so here I am again. It's been a less than stellar day/week/month/life, but what else is new, eh? I am all caffeinated, in a rather desperate attempt to kick the old muse up the arse, though the fic has been moving a bit since I discovered that Lewis, the sly dog, isn't entirely adverse to a bit on the side afterall:

"Have you ever had another woman?"

Lewis smiled. An old memory stirred and swam to the surface of his mind like a bubble in still water. "I daren't tell you, sir. After all, I wouldn't want you to kick me out of the force, would I?"
- Dexter, Last Seen Wearing.

Well, well, well. Mind you, one has to take anything in so-called Morse canon with a pinch or several of salt. First Lewis has two daughters, then he has one called Louise, then seems to have kept the one called Lyn. So what happened to Louise? I'm afeared she's still chained in the attic being fed fishheads (or, since Mrs Lewis is gone, a dessicated corpse just waiting to be found).

Why yes, I have been watching too much cop telly - I think the main appeal of Lost in Austen was that it was the one thing I watched last week that didn't involve artfully arranged cadavers, and what is it with serial killers getting all art school arty with their crime scenes anyway?

Which brings us to the other problem on cop telly: the cops always falling for the killer du jour. Morse is notorious (to the point of Lewis indulging in massive eye rolly and us dubbing it a Code-14), but one does wonder what it is with cops dating killers, or, more to the point, what is it with killers dating cops? The feel of polyester? The aftertaste of doughnuts? Enquiring minds need to know.

Speaking of the romantic life of cops, I also found this little exhange which caused a minor roffle on the bus:

"...Your career would be ruined, and your family, too. You'd give a lot to keep things dark, and just let's suppose that I was the one who knew about all this, eh?"

"You'd have me by the..." Lewis thought better of it.
- Dexter, Last Seen Wearing.

Best to think better of it, Lewis. Oh, and on another tangent entirely (I swear), I note that Laurence has Hathaway hair: Pregnant and proud: Billie Piper sports a bare midriff... weeks before she's due to give birth.

Am I silly enough to fret over whether or not Hathaway still has his Hathaway hair? Sure, why not, saves on stressing over real life shit.

Like burst drains, dead magpies (the nasty neighbourhood cat got one when I was distracted by plumbers digging up front yard re sudden water feature so I didn't get there in time to save it and I'm still quite upset about it, especially as it was one of my special menagerie), having to get my hair done (I asked what Himself thought about it and Himself said it was best not to say anything at all which would have sent me fleeing to my room in tears if I'd still had the energy) and that was just yesterday.

Speed read the Armitage interview in The Times - sounds like he's totally over fandom, and only saw a few minutes of Morse (whimper). No idea which episode it was (UKTV is so erratic we went from Cherubim to The Wench is Dead) but poor Lewis got himself smacked in the back of the head (the fate of all sidekicks), but more distressing was when Morse showed up and Lewis actually thought Morse was concerned or, gasp, cared, but no, Morse quickly disabuses the lad (it was an old one) of such fancies and brutally informs poor Lewis that he needs some errands run and it was quicker to pick up Lewis from casualty directly. That Morse, he's such a bastard (okay, perhaps not quite as bad as Barnaby, who has burnt through three sergeants and counting, or the fat man, but still).

Poor Lewis's little face though. Awww, diddums.

Other than that, it was a marathon Silent Witness , ahem, archiving session. Okay, I think I've just about sated my need for Tom Ward (lovely voice). Certainly ten hours should have done it. I also watched some more Gideon's Way. Lack lustre episodes, but Mike Pratt turned up as a heavy in one. Then there was The Long Firm on the ABC. Didn't take to this the first dozen times round but I enjoyed it enough on Sunday night. I think it was the lack of ads, it helps enormously. Also, while I respect Mark Strong enormously, I just don't take to him. I don't know why, just never have, and I've really tried, especially as he occupies some considerable shelf space in the old collection. But I liked this, this time 'round. Funny how something you don't care for one year can be suddenly quite good the next (and vice versa). Hang in there, Mark, that zing went the strings moment may yet happen (you poor bastard).

Departing from cop telly just for a moment, there was last night's Supernatural, in which they did the Hulk. They really, really, really did the Hulk, the beloved 70s show, oh my, yes. So much so that I was kinda giggling inappropriately all through the Sammy wangst. Sorry, Sammy, but the extreme Hulk homage had me tittering away (I was was such a fan as a kid).

So, does this mean this season is gonna be all about Sammy battling his true nature? Heh, say hello to subtext (rather like the inadvertantly hilarious Merlin trailer about having to hide his true self because people like him are unacceptable and unlawful to society at large and omg issues and I honestly thought we were over all this in this post Harkness world, but there you go). So SPN was all about Dean catching Sam sneaking off and hanging out with the bad kids and doing bad magic and generally headed to hell and damnation (unlike pure of heart Dean who just sold his soul) and then we had the confrontational and surprisingly violennt outing of the Sammy and by heck is this going to follow the usual vamp tropes of supernaturally trangressive behaviour as metaphor for more pedestrian trangressive behaviour (drugs/booze/gay sex)? Can I say been there, done that, bought the dvd box set?

If I didn't wuv those Winchester boys regardless I'd be worried, but as I'd watch them watching their washing go round I'll just shrug and tune in next week, cause it's like a drug.

Interrupted, but back to remind myself that Saturday was spent at the Granny Smith fair, which was fun. I took my trolly with me and picked up a lovely rose and a callistemon (which Himself had to lug in his trolly, which he had to keep a firm hand on lest he re-enact a callistemon version of Battleship Potemkin down the hill). Also picked up some basil for the herb garden and a few geraniums to fill up some empty pots about the place (the westerlies just roar up the garden path and fry plants that I least expect to curl up on me).

Saw glimpses of the parade, rather foolishly had garlic prawns for lunch. Spent all afternoon planting said plants. No, we did not shove a spade through the pipes, that was Sunday when the ancient pipes objected to me multitasking the washing and watering (too much, groan, shiver, splodey). So Sunday was spent watering, washing, weeding then phoning plumbers. Sigh.

That's pretty much it. And now I'm gonna give up and go home, to whatever domestic dramas await.

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