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'Bradley's a clown on set' (Bamber)

Matthew Rhys to voice Dylan Thomas animation

Little Dorrit: Life and debt (MacFadyen)

Tinseltown Tate (Neeson)

A Pro-Life Plea (Lewis)

How to turn Dickens into a serial thriller (MacFadyen)

Mutant Chronicles (Pertwee)

Ghetto Film School Fundraiser (Bloom)

British shows scoop Emmy awards (Broadbent)

Casualty move confirmed as BBC reveals 'Out of London' plans

Green's Extreme Fishing dodges censure

Monaghan, Rodriguez cast in 'Fortuna'

The 9th Annual Spirit Of Ireland Gala Reunites Bono With His Fellow Countrymen And Women (Neeson)

A 21st century exorcist (Shaw)

The state of the stations

Danny Dyer has hard time in Liverpool

'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Private Practice,' 'House' get healthy,0,7283928.story?track=ntothtml

British film star was secret agent, claims author

Nick Moran is a Telstar in the making

Riley 'wants Bonnie and Clyde role'

Rufus Sewell talks "Eleventh Hour"


Kudos reshuffles top team

Place of Execution (Wise),,20231954_2,00.html
Quality Imports: 21 American Shows Based on British Gems

"My Fair Lady" Opening Night In Sydney (Grant)

The Performance: Mark Strong in 'Body of Lies',0,5159202.story?track=rss

Movie Trailer: David Goyer's The Unborn (Oldman)

New site launched for jobseekers (Beesley)

Coming soon: Steve Coogan is back - aha!

Annual STARS 2008 Benefit Gala - Show (Bale)

No Man's Land was made for the Great Gambon

Diamond geezer: Michael Caine goes back to his roots

Riflemind (Hannah)


Andy Murray v Stephen Fry serves up a surprise winner

Stephen Fry in America by Stephen Fry

Fry's quirky delight

Steven Fry heads off on US tour for BBC1 new show

The weekend's TV

Stephen Fry in America, Sun, BBC1


Pegg's film tops UK box office

Pegg legs it to top of box office

Pegg lands seven-figure book deal

How to Lose Friends is living proof the Brits aren't coming

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (Pegg)

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Farcical take on How to Lose Friends

Seven-figure book deal for Pegg

BBC Worldwide snaps up Big Talk stake (Pegg)

"How to Lose Friends" tops box office


Brideshead Revisited: Brideshead redecorated

You review: Brideshead Revisited

The Word On...Brideshead Revisited

Revisiting an ivy-covered age

Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited: Sacred and profane

Brideshead Revisited

Stop bashing Brideshead

Brideshead resurrected

Revisiting Brideshead


Acting is like a bit of knicker elastic ... (Irons)

Sex scenes with Jeremy Irons made me laugh, says Brideshead Revisited actress

'Tempest' cast includes Helen Mirren (Irons)

"Un Coeur en Hiver" - VIP Screening In Aid Of FilmAid (Irons)


Gene Hunt to take on Doctor Who in TV Awards battle

Theatre: 14- to 18-year-old category

Doctor Who to stay until 2011

David Tennant labours in lost cause

David Tennant in Heat magazine

Doctor Who pair in TV awards battle

Doctor Who Gets a Royal Brush-Off

Picspam: Freckles and Wrinkles!

Tennant and Tate vie for drama title

David Picspam

David Tennant versus Catherine Tate at National Television Awards

Prince Charles says no to Dr Who

David Tennant versus Catherine Tate at National Television Awards

Doctor Who David Tennant to stay until 2011


Doctor Who: David Tennant to stay until 2011?

Review: David Tennant in Love's Labour's Lost at the RSC's Courtyard Theatre

Critics laud Tennant in Labour's

'Miserable' Charles snubbed Dr Who invite

Torchwood casting news

Prince Charles vs. Dr. Who

Fans Reconstruct Doctor Who's Trashed Past

Russell T. Davies explains why the Doctor's not in the house

Love's Labour's Lost On Stage

Doctor Who pair up for TV awards

David Tennant versus Catherine Tate at National Television Awards

Torchwood: Any questions for the crew?

Disaster zone as Torchwood site gets hit

Prince 'snubbed Doctor Who cameo'

Seven Doctors to appear on Children in Need?

Christopher Eccleston voices Amnesty International '42-day' advert

Doctor Who: The Seven Doctors for Children in Need?

'Children in Need' Could Unite All Surviving Doctor Whos

Tennant calls Moffat "new boss"

Doctor Who: A new movie, Catherine Zeta-Jones as companion and the non-return of Paul McGann!

Critics laud Tennant in Labour's

Noel Clarke answers questions on his film Adulthood

Picspam: The Smile

Doctor Who to stay until 2011

Seven Dr Whos set for reunion

Christopher Eccleston voices Amnesty International '42-day' advert

Review Round-up: Has Tennant Lost Midas Touch?

John Barrowman introduces a new dog to the family

Picspam: Sexy Specs

Attack of the monstrous carbuncles (Tennant)

Love's Labour's Lost Courtyard, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Who's that girl? New assistant for the Doctor lands in West Sussex


James Bond would be better as an American, says actor Daniel Criag

James Bond star Daniel Craig fronts Sony Quantum of Solace tie-in advert

Daniel Craig says Quantum of Solace curse is rubbish,21985,24435086-5006023,00.html

Bond Girls have girl power - Craig

Daniel Craig Daily - Men's Vogue November 2008

Moore top choice for Bond

James Bond star Daniel Craig has cosmetic surgery,21985,24469468-5006023,00.html

Hot Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko promoting "Quantum of Solace" in Russia

First Clip from 'Quantum of Solace'

Upcoming 'Quantum of Solace' TV Specials

Craig: 'American would make better Bond'

James Bond: Not so special agent

Quantum of Solace: 007 goes art house

Bond actor admits plastic surgery

Celebrating James Bond Creator Ian Fleming's Centenary

Heavy Drinking and Denial in New Quantum of Solace Clips

New Pics Of Bond Blockbuster

Daniel Craig Gets Rugged in Russia

Craig introduced to real spies

Daniel Craig says Quantum of Solace curse is rubbish,21985,24435086-5006023,00.html

Craig had plastic surgery after accident

Daniel Craig's cosmetic surgery mishap

Another Behind-the-Scenes Look at "QUANTUM OF SOLACE"


Daniel's secret service

007 star recovers from shoulder op

Interview from British GQ November 2008

My Word Is My Bond by Roger Moore: Review

Connery loses licence to thrill as book flops

Bond, the worst one, and proud of it (Moore)

Sir Roger Moore keeps it clean

Plastic surgery for James Bond star Daniel Craig

Quantum of Solace: the Times review of the new James Bond

Daniel Craig

James Bond actor Daniel Craig buys £4 million home in area fit for a spy

Parties: From Soho with love

It’s the audience who will need solace, 007

James Bond: why the blue-eyed Bond is a hit

A Tribute To Ian Fleming

Plastic surgery for Bond star Craig

Sean Connery returns to his modelling days for Louis Vuitton

Daniel Craig: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig is Plastic Surgery Positive

Edward Zwick's Defiance: New Poster and Movie Trailer

'Quantum of Solace' DVD Slated For March 2009

Daniel Craig's Bond misadventures

Cinematical's James Bond Adventure: For Your Eyes Only

Craig Praises 'Gorgeous' Dench

Are golden oldies still sexy? (Connery)


Miller: You've got to relax about it

Jonny not worried about UK critics

Jonny not worried about UK critics

Miller time

Eli Stone returns

Flashing tatts,0,

Stone's foxes

Jonny Lee Miller ('Eli Stone')

Cable girl (Miller)

Leap of faith: Eli' makes case for imaginative drama/musical hybrid (Miller)

By George! It's Jonny Lee Good in Eli Stone


RocknRolla (2008)

Is Gerard Butler cozy with Travis Barker's ex, Shanna Moakler?

RocknRolla (Butler)

Los Angeles Premiere of "RocknRolla" - Arrivals

Premiere Of Warner Brothers' "Rocknrolla" - Red Carpet


Premiere Of Warner Brothers' "Rocknrolla" - After Party

Gerard Butler is Cinerama Sexy

Gerard Butler's Power Lunch

Gerard Butler for Men's Vogue November 2008

The Grand Opening Of "Shin" (Butler)

Some happy Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Punches Pap, Earns Anna Wintour's Love

Gerard Butler is a Shin Shouter

Hot Daily: Gerard

Gerard Butler Goes Golfing

Gerard Butler Whupped A Pap

Witnesses Say Gerard Was Provoked


‘Sons of Anarchy' Spins Its Wheels Toward a Second Season (Hunnam)

Exclusive Interview with 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam


Dr Watson I presume: Jude Law unveils his new look for the Sherlock Holmes film

Law and Downey on the Set of Sherlock Holmes

It's Downey Jnr as Holmes

Jude Law as Dr. Watson - FIRST LOOK

Sherlock Holmes And Co Spotted

Grandage Directs Law's Hamlet, Delays NT Debut

First look at Downey Jr and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson

Meet the New Holmes and Watson!(

First Look: Jude Law as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes



Braga Does The SF Mambo (Law)

Branagh bows out of Law's Hamlet

Branagh pulls out of directing Jude Law in Hamlet


WASTE (West)

Recycled Waste has acting at its very finest (West)

Cast: Family Reunion, Fat Pig, Faces & Treasure (West)

Waste, Almeida Theatre, London (West)


Film 2007 On-Set (Bettany)

'The Secret Life of Bees'

Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin — FIRST PICTURES

Gina Prince-Bythewood adapts and directs 'The Secret Life of Bees',0,4389877.story

The Secret Life of Bees


Dougray most stylish Scotsman?

The perfect place to unveil your latest movie? Aberfeldy

Scots have a dream again

Actor Rea stars in first ITV-RTE joint production

Exclusive: Scotland boss George Burley backs We Have A Dream

ITV to launch new thriller Father & Son

Queen producer Andy Harries to make drama for former employer ITV


Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Boys Are Back shoot with Clive Owen hits the Advertiser,22606,24480865-5006346,00.html


New Lenticular Movie poster from PUNISHER: WAR ZONE

Full Punisher: War Zone Site Launched (Stevenson)

New Punisher: War Zone Clip Online!

Punisher: War Zone Official Site UnleashedThe Story Email This Submit Scoops Discuss It



Hot wired

Square Eyes 13-16 October

Mum Can Bank On Trouble After Fraud Proposition

Venus still rising for Jodie Whittaker

TV Preview: Toby Tackles Bank Job - PICK OF THE WEEK ; WIRED Monday, ITV1, 9pm

Toby Stephens (Wired) Interview

Bank On Some Serious Intrigue

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall; Wired

Last night on television: The Shooting of Thomas Hurndal (Channel 4) - Wired (ITV1)

TV Review: Wired, ITV1, Monday 13 October, 9pm

Last Night's Television: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, BBC4; The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall, Channel 4; Coronation Street, ITV1

4.8m viewers get Wired up

Wired keeps interest rate rising

Last night on television: The Shooting of Thomas Hurndal (Channel 4) - Wired (ITV1)

TV ratings: Wired does the business for ITV


Rupert Penry-Jones

Richard Armitage joins the cast of Spooks

Time to get spooked, again

Spooks star Richard Armitage cops trouble

Button Up - October 9, 2008

Coming soon... Spooks, series seven and Rupert Penry-Jones interview!

Morse author honoured at Crime Thriller Awards

North & South

The spy returns

Spooks Ep 1/8


Michael Fassbender: on playing Bobby Sands in Hunger

Steve McQueen's Hunger: featuring one of cinema's greatest ever scenes (Fassbender/Cunningham)

McQueen and country (Fassbender)

Inglourious Bastards Commences Principal Photography (Fassbender)

Just Another INGLORIOUS Day

Snyder's 300 is an epic fail


The fabulous biker boy,25197,24470846-5012694,00.html

Charley gets youth project off the ground

"Fright Nights" Season At Thorpe Park - Launch


Earth moves for George ..and Ewan

From sex symbol to ageing has been: George Clooney's shocking make-under

'Incendiary' trailer (McGregor)


Ewan McGregor - Total Film Magazine - Summer 2008

Hot Bitches Pic Post (Oldman, Fiennes, McGregor...)

Sharon Maguire turns her focus to Osama bin Laden in Incendiary (McGregor)


Ivanov and Oedipus show how hard it is to translate plays

Oedipus (Fiennes)

Great Poster for Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker (Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes)

Fiennes on Voldemort: "A Rejected Person."

Oedipus at the Olivier, National Theatre

Review: Ralph Fiennes in Oedipus



Farrell: Norton wins bad-ass crown

"Pride and Glory" Press Conference (Farrell)

Colin Farrell arrives in LA / talks to Jonathan Ross and keeps on being sexy

Our stars honoured in pre-Oscars ceremony

7 Movie Clips and the Trailer from PRIDE AND GLORY (Farrell)

Pride & Glory Premiere - New York - October 2008 (CF)

Letter to Colin Farrell arriving at LAX

Colin Farrell, 'Pride & Glory' press conference


Tu£sday (Glenister)

Martian cops turn to crime

Ashes To Ashes second series under way

Coming soon: Demons


Life on Mars 207 - Review and Picspam


Filming begins on highly-anticipated second series of award-winning Ashes To Ashes for BBC One


Eight International Emmy nominations for UK (Suchet)

British talent leads Emmys charge (Suchet)


A Touch of Farce (Jason)

David Jason: Interview


Michael Sheen to play terrorist

I'm trying to de-Frost, says Sheen

On the red carpet with Oliver Platt at the Frost/Nixon premiere (Sheen)


Tudors drama brings 'shame' on BBC, says historian

BBC period drama The Tudors is 'gratuitously awful' says Dr David Starkey


PS. Sorry this is running so late, it's just been one thing after another, today it's burst pipes and dead wildlife...

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