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The two men try to steel themselves for a serious conclusion. Fassbender looks over at Cunningham and asks: “Have we forgotten to tell him anything?” Cunningham shrugs, smirks, then adds: “Other than the fact that we’re lovers, no.” Steve McQueen’s Hunger: featuring one of cinema's greatest ever scenes ( Michael Fassbender & Liam Cunningham )

Sorry, just had to share that quote. And also apparently invoke an impromptu Liam Cunningham festival on what started out as a rather grim Saturday, so I caught up on my telly which meant Liam in Murphy's Law and Liam in Messiah (which also featured a wee Sam Troughton). Enjoyed both though neither offered anything particularly new, although it's unfair to accuse Messiah of ripping off Dexter, but since I've seen it after Dexter, that's the way I'm viewing it.

By then of course, having settled happily into the idea of a rainy dvd day, the clouds burned away and the hot, baking sun came out, so it was action stations re the washing (got it done) and weeding. Sometimes I really enjoy the weeding, I can sit and think and even come up with ideas for crap fics (I'm working on one of my Lewis fics and it's a helluva lot more crap than I thought it was, which is distressing. It's weirdly stilted, but I digress).

But this weekend the gardening mainly involved getting stung, scraped, sunburnt, sprained, scratched, etc. Not much fun. Guess I'm still grumpy and unwell. Work is miserable, and that's not even counting last Wednesday when, after throwing up into a shopping bag for three hours, I was finally manhandled off the floor (really, it was all I could do to snatch up my flash drive as I was hauled off) and bundled into a taxi home. At least I got to see some Morse on telly, I suppose (they're stripping the early ones in the afternoon again). Been unwell ever since, which means the hobgoblin has been on my case non stop.

The only bright spot was coming home yesterday to find a wee parcel from Amazon. Please, I begged. Yes, it was, my copy of Lost in Austen. We watched episodes 1 & 2 last night, dirty dishes be damned. It is enormous fun! I'm sure if I went back and read the reviews I'd find things to find fault with, but for now I just think it's a hoot.

Clever, picking on Pride and Prej, because it relies on one knowing the story backwards. And points for having the most gormless of Bingleys and most skin crawling Collins ever. And Darcy is such a bastard, I'm not sure he can be redeemed but we're only up to him reading our heroine the riot act so we'll see what happens next (tonight, bugger watching House). Oooh, I think Lady C is going to pop up next episode. Can't wait.

It's sort of like A Traveller in Time, Life on Mars or Goodnight Sweetheart mashed with Jane Austen (it's not just P&P, I've spotted a few refs to others, or maybe I just think I saw 'em). I highly recommend it. Himself was snorting with laughter throughout.

Everything has been about time travel this week because on Supernatural Dean ended up back in that popular destination, 1973. Oh yes, I know it was Sammy free and it was nothing but an excuse for some massive retconning, but points for style, imho. I liked the whole Life on Mars-ness of it all, with particular note to the now standard Oedipal and mobile phone gags (as well as shoutouts to long dead brands, current affairs and fashions). The Winchester family history was re-written, although whose to say as we've mostly only had Dean's child-eye view, which could definitely count as unreliable narrator.

I thought it was kinda cute (as well as apologia) with the switch to make Dean's Pa being the clueless girlie ingenune and Ma being the 'can field strip a rifle blindfold 'one (but then again I like Lost in Austen, which plays deliberate merry hell with canon) and as a franchise reboot, I thought it was better than anything they've managed in Dr Who or Torchwood.

Well, I thought it was interesting they'd at least tried to make the chick less victimy, though it still kinda worked out that way. Those Winchesters, always with the demonic bargains. You'd think they'd learn by now. Kinda mean though of HaloBoy to foist even more family trauma and angst on Dean, because it's not enough that the lad has issues enough. Kinda unambiguous mission statement too: stop Sammy or else. Yikes.

Also, HaloBoy needs to quit with these nocturnal bedside visits, cause folks is gonna talk, you know? Heh.

Loved Jensen in this episode, btw. Some nice solid work, both at the comedy and the angst, and very pretty, too. It's lovely to see him all growed up now. The boy deserves some half decent mainstream cop show up next, he really does.

Oh, bored. So many technical problems I could even begin to list them but I'm kinda stuffed and I dare not open any really important files. Sigh.

Haven't really done much else as I've neen rather full on in the garden - not that you can tell. Oh, we've got two blue tongue lizards in the yard and one is large enough to give me a real fright when it crosses my path, like getting up to goanna big (the size of a small to medium cat). Discovered it'd cost over two grand to replace the tree fern the cockatoos destroyed, so we had to settle foe a tiny $50 one. I'm also on my second tube of Tarzan's Grip glueing all my pots back together again. It's the work of the young parrot, a real juvenille deliquent. And, why, yes, he is stupid enough to gnaw through a branch he's sitting on. I laughed so hard he had to go hide in the lilli pilli and sulk. And the possums are back (it's frisky possum season again).

I did catch bits and pieces of the Morse repeats here and there. Was bemused at how middle class the series is as compared to the books. For example, in Last Seen Wearing, a grotty state school (which really sunded like Grange Hill and considering when the book was written I do wonder) is transformed into a posh girl's college, the garbo deadbeat dad is now a property developer, the sleazy, spotty sex industry doorman boyfriend is now some sort of city spiv and even pot is now coke (everything is moved upmarket). One could almost write a paper on it (the social stratification), and I need to have the reason as to why everything is dragged up two income belts from book to television. I suppose it's all to do with advertising, but I always felt Morse lacked a necessary grittiness so I don't really approve of what they did (at least Gideon manages to combine the docklands - v. eastend back then - and middle class niceness, in fact it's when these two worlds mash together that most of the drama ensues).

To be honest, the difference between Morse/Lewis and the high farce that is Midsomer Murders is minimal, at best. Last week they promised me a vicar in a wicker man but it wasn't the episode as advertised and I was gutted (and whined about it until Tuesday when Time Team gave me my promised wicker man, because you just can't promise vicars in wickers and then renege, it's not cricket). Anyway, all is forgiven because the last Midsomer on the ABC was a cracker. Just a perfect bit of silliness (very ITC) with haunted woods and smugglers - whee! Barnaby also indulged in some outrageous sergeant abuse, which made me laugh (sorry Ben, but I did). At least, to the best of my knowledge, Morse never locked poor old Lewis in an iron maiden for kicks.

Speaking of which, the Morse on Sunday (was it) was Absolute Conviction, the Sean Bean one, and Himself pointed out it featured the very same village as the Avengers episode Murdersville (where Emma ends up in the chasity belt). This means Morse and Steed have wandered into the very same pub, though I suppose statistically it had to happen sometime. Anyway, I was amused. Mercifully Lewis managed to avoid all medieval implements and the ducking stool.

And now I'm gonna kick that plot bunny back under the table because I can't even get my British Museum inspired fic to go right. Sigh.

Gah, still with the tech problems, still with the screaming. But in the few minutes the webby was working I managed to find a piccie of Mr Armitage. Never a bad thing. (and yes, the Brit links will be late this week, it's been one thing after another and another and another and is it Mr Darcy time yet?).

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Thanks to sleeper_frost for the link collecting!

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