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"the last ever episode of the old Dr Who. My career highlight is a line I had to say to Kate O’Mara, which was '30 seconds to computer achieving full power status mistress.' It's not considered the greatest part of the [Dr Who] canon, but I was, briefly, a pin up in a gay Dr Who fanzine, which I thought was quite close to the pinnacle of my career." - Samuel West, The Official London Theatre Guide

Oh Sam, don't ever change.

I seem to be being stalked by The Stranglers this week. First they were playing over the radio in the cafe last Fri when the Peanut Gallery stopped by on the way to the grower's market. Then they showed up digging in the trenches on Time Team. I know, wtf? But there they were. Boggle. It was on a Roman site outside Bath, near that white horse that's on the hill on the road down to Warminster. I've no idea why, but I was bemused.

Of course, it wasn't the proper Stranglers, but that's a whole 'nother discussion. What else? Have ordered myself a new pair of glasses as I've been rather too hard on this current pair, and they're showing the wear and tear (much like myself), though it was the cliff top walks in Wick that really killed 'em. Will need another Bex and a lie down if I think of the price of them glasses again. It's quadrupled, and these buggers are only a couple of years old. Faints.

Also, it's not the old optics what is causing all these headaches (had another bad one the other night). Well, I thought I should check. My script is fine. Doesn't feel fine, but the gizmos say it's all good (considering I'm b. as a bat to start with).

Meanwhile, a friend sent me "The epic love story of Sam and Dean": Supernatural, queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction which was kind of amusing, as you'd expect any academic paper on Wincest to be, but, to be fair, they did kind of have a point: Sam's only 'normal' hetero relationship is portrayed as transgressive in the series. in Supernatural, the cultural white picket norms are the freakish 'other'.

Further exhibits tendered for the prosecution (m'lud) made me think of my own fave transgressive tv couple and, having read the article, I definitely think they tick several boxes of slashworthiness:

  • Both single (with some signficant baggage)

  • Attempts to form outside relationships doomed to failure

  • Exclusive relationship, no other ties ('thank god we've got each other')

  • Prefer the company of each other

  • Everyone already thinks they're a couple (and I mean everyone)

  • Will play up being gay (well, one of them anyway)

Which inspired me to whip up a little bit of cappage while I was supposed to be watching Lark Rise (omg, the telegraph is coming, blah blah blah, it took an hour to cover what Al Swearengen summed up in one pithy sentence).

Anyhoo, did the two episodes I had closest to hand. More cappage later as I capped a bit excessively and there's some random pretty and random slashy I've not included here. Those horrified by the idea of peculiarly British man crushes (or passionate friendships, as the Victorians used to call them) should look away now.

Lewis and Hathaway: a love story, of sorts.

You'll always find them snuggled up on the garden swing at parties. Ditching Dr Hobson's birthday bash (to which, I might add, Hathaway was firmly invited as Lewis's plus one), the boys wander across the road to drunkenly doorstop a citizen who had reported a burglary. The boys get a bit cheeky with both the citizen and each other. Later they are duly reprimanded, with Lewis getting 80% of the stick even though he was responsible for only 20% of the silly. He blames this on Hathaway being "dishy". Hathaway swipes back that it's his posh education that gets him out of trouble, 'being able to quote correctly'. It's all very cute, and nothing at all like the bitchslaps Morse used to deliver re Lewis's state school education (Oh Lewis, I know).

Just look at the body language going on here. Hathaway's top half seems to be screaming no! no! no! but his bottom half is yelping yes! yes! yes! and, Lewis, well, could he be any more open to suggestion, shall we say?

This is one of my favourite scenes where Hathaway, secret smoker, is finally outed by Lewis who just picks up the discarded fag and hands it back to him. After that, Hathaway is lighting up all over the place. But it's so cute, the way Lewis is just so not caring about his particular friend's secret vices, and a little miffed that Hathaway thought he hadn't noticed.

Finally, at the end of yet another case that revolved around Morse and his Wagner (move on!), James shows up at Chez Lewis, shows himself to be very much at home, and changes Lewis's music over from something of the Morse era to a cd of Hathaway's choosing. Talk about yer regime change. The Morse cd is out. The Hathaway cd is in. Could they be any more textual? The boys celebrate with beer. Does this mean they're married now?

And that's it for now.

Okay, a bit more, since I was in wrong thinking mode yesterday, and Lewis finally showed up in the Morse book I was reading on the bus (Service of all the Dead). When Lewis appears, on p.109, Morse is "indescribably happy". This made me smile. Morse has actually tracked Lewis down, who was foolishly trying to have a life at a soggy football match. Morse is on holidays. He's bored. "Every prospect seemed displeasing, and even women, temporarily, seemed vile. Then he's suddenly thought of Sergeant Lewis."


Later there's a comment about it being "good to be back in harness again" which I will very quickly gloss over, then Lewis gets snarled at by Morse (the euphoria didn't last long, methinks) and compares it to the bitchy outbursts of his teenage daughters (to which I say daughters?! Obviously one got herself banished to the attic for the tv show).

Sorry, just reading it wrong. Which is amusing considering how homophobic the books are (and just about any other phobic as well, there are phrases in here that are so non pc they'd make Gene Hunt blush). But you know, homophobic texts are often the best for amusing alternative readings. The whole 'doth protest too much' thang.

Right now I'm happy because my Docs finally arrived after having spent six months on a leaky boat. I like 'em, they feel much better than my old pair, there was always something not right about my old pair. These are a little too spiffy for me I think, but as my next pair are gonna hafta be the National Trust floral ones (to go with the teapot and cardy) I figured why not?

I'm also pleased because I've finally stopped upchucking, the headache has eased and I actually got three hours of sleep last night, which, compared to none, zip, zilch and zero, feels like nine hours. Surely not just because I got my wayward fic back on track. Surely it wasn't bothering me that much.

No matter. New Docs, fic back on track (you'll hate it, loathe it, but it's the way it wants to be) and no boss sign as yet. The sun is shing and all is right with the world (which is usually when I get bitchslapped, but never mind).

Eeee...they just played The Smiths: What Difference Does It Make. Eeee, that is so the fic I'm trying to write right now. Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do...

Watched some Silent Witness last night (vintage Harry = love), well sorta, I was capping then ficcing but I got the gist and a coupla perves in.

Oh yes, Also watched the "lastest" in Oz terms, season of Hustle. We're terrible, settling in to have dinner during some show (so bogan eating in front of the telly, I know), but we're time poor (and the dining table is buried under scanners) and it's kinda fun and I really, really enjoyed it. It's the one where Marc takes the lead and the opener set in La La Land. He was soooooo cute!

Yet another actor dropped off the 'actors I've not seen in drag list' (have I seen Marc in drag before?), so many have fallen in the last few weeks. I keep the list to 'not seen frocked up' because it's a smaller, more manageable list (I do fancy Brit thesps, afterall). I've decided, since my boys will frock up for he flimsiest or purposes, I'd like to catch some really rare footage. You know, someone like John Thaw. Find me that, and I'll be impressed. Until then, Mr Warren will just continue to distress by looking disturbingly like my old Czech gym teacher.

Also, bemused when Ash remarked something along the lines of "you should meet my brother" and I was all Gene Hunt?! That I would like to see. (Everything got Ashes later on in the fic, so you'll know where the blame lies).

Robert Vaughn was looking all twinkly, and the bit where he walked down the corridor with the hot blond at his side, it seemed familiar somehow, don't know why. ;)

Speaking of blonds....


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