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ANOTHER awful Brit film whose only surprise is that Sean Pertwee - the hallmark of a bad movie - isn't in it. - Daily Record

Ouch! Cruel, but sadly true, too. Also, it made me smirk. Sorry Sean, but it did. I had to sit through The Last Drop, afterall. Twice.

Meanwhile, as I sit here nursing a perfume headache (I'm v.allergic and some cow has wafted past with something that has all the subtlely of a house brick, and feels like it, too), a cuppa and a fistful of panadols (and the server is down, yet again), I've been squinting over the lasted Daniel Craig interviews (below). Great idea, throwing the questions open to the public via various forums because instead of the same old questions there were some beauts and Daniel seemed very thoughtful, engaged and entertaining. And I'm not surprised to find that Red Grant is his favourite Bond villian, because, to be honest, I always felt there was always a bit of Grant in Daniel's take on Bond. More than a bit. In my own humble opinion, of course.

I also cracked up over him flailing about Fleming taking two effing days to describe Bond's breakfast. So very true. Fleming can be very frustrating like that, a little over detailed (the excessive product placement is, afterall, canon), just a touch. It was fun to learn that Mr Craig had not only read the books, but read them cover to cover and had enjoyed the same sort of reading experience I had when first reading them (particularly over the detailed breakfast experience, which could lead to a whole 'nother discussion on whether or not Bond is OCD, and given his fussiness over eggs I'm gonna go with yup, uh huh and no kidding).

I also really liked what they said about acknowledging the Hitchcock influence in the early Bond films, especially North By Northwest (an eternal favourite of mine). When TPTB say things like that that have me nodding, I feel more confident that I'm not about to witness my beloved childhood hero in some debased revisionist travesty. Well, one can but hope, but with Mr Craig quoting Fleming and the director quoting Hitchcock and Adams, well, it sounds like they've at least brushed up on the history, which is far more than most folks in the business, you know?

Also, very relieved/pleased/delighted that Daniel Craig comes across as intelligent, entertaining and engaging. Because there's nothing worse than a morose, good looking brick (again, imho).

Oh, I forgot to mention way back, that English buildings docco? The last one was on the brutalists and posh boy let rip, and quite rightly. I had to keep it, it was so hilarious, so cathartic as he stamped his foot and pouted over these nasty, nasty buildings polluting his beloved fields. The only blessing is that they were so cheaply and badly made they won't last 100 years, let alone a thousand like lovely, proper buildings. But, bringing it back, there was a discourse on Goldfinger, an early modernist architect so loathed by Ian Fleming (my hero) that he villified him forever in print (and film). I mean, I love modernist furniture, well, most of it, it's a thing, but grubby concrete buildings, not so much. Too many freezing mornings spent in E7B, soured me on the bastards for life. So I was bemused (because the last time I'd looked up Goldie it was pre net and the connection was never mentioned).

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