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truth or dare

Forgot to mention during my Friday foray to the Evil Empire, aka Starbucks, that they had no little tomotao bread twists, not even for money (and so sad that my mother considers my introducing her to lattes and bread twists as broadening her horizons) so the cute gay guy behind the counter (well, he so was) offered to scare up the last bagel stick and smear it in cream cheese for me. Er, no, pass. Now there's a mental image I'll be living with. Don't think I could manage another one after that. Ah, the saga of how much sniggering can we get out of a bagel stick continues.

Oh, I'm just about collapsing in silent mirth. Triplej just played a song, I think it was called "Why do I try so hard?" and it was an Aussie rap, which I normally don't care for at all, though they are funny, and this one was just ripping into teenaged wiggers and I thought hey, sounds like the norons at the local mall, then they mentioned the local mall by name so here's a rap tearing holes in the actual obnoxious widdle gangstas I have to share a bus with in the afternoons. Too fucking funny. Kudos. Heh, just too fucking funny. Gonna be chortling for a while over that.

Who knew 40 minutes of sleep would do it, though I should have known. I get my best ideas while travelling or at cons, ie when I've been awake for three days straight - if I'm coherent enough to jot them down. Spent snatches of the afternoon working on my M7 saga. I'm really happy, I've gotten over a sticking point with one: how to make it not Ezra's fault yet entirely all Ezra's fault at the same time. Poor Ezra, the road to hell is gold paved with his good intentions.

Truth or Dare
Raced off in the afternoon, inspite of Ezra muse still being very chatty, to pick up my ticket to see that nice young Father from Ballykissangel. Yup, I screwed my courage to the sticking place and went off to see Daredevil. Figured as best friend isn't replying to any of my messages (she's either busy or has the shits, I can never tell when people go incommunicado unless they send me a restraining order) I'd go with a bunch of like minded fans, and I think I enjoyed the movie much more than I would have because everyone was laughing in the right places, whooping and cheering etc, unlike if I'd gone in with my more po faced friends. Saw a few familiar faces in the audience. The evening even had a whiff of Owenosity, though I only caught a glimpse in the crowd for a moment.

So, okay, I have to call off my fatwa on Ben affleck. The movie was much better than I'd dared to hope. I still think the comics are better but that doesn't mean it was a bad movie, just that they're my fave comics. I still thought of that milk carton though - obscure South Park reference, never mind. Ben as my beloved Matt wasn't too terrible, and they kept more of the books than I ever thought possible, and it was worth the price of admission to see Bullseye stick it to that annoying Alias chick. Don't get what guys see in her, she has a face like a horse, but never mind. Colin was busy picking his teeth with the scenery. And on the day when mugging for the camera was redefined, we sat in awe and watched, to paraphrase The Simpsons. Shameless, absolutely shameless. Where's me fucking paycheck then, you can see him thinking the whole time.

I didn't mind a black Kingpin afterall, gave it a Yaphet Koto Live and Let Die feel, which I liked, and Foggy was perfect, but I didn't like Ben Urich. I like Joey okay, but he's always Joey and he sure wasn't Ben. To my mind Ben was always aging, Jewish, twitchy and paranoid, in short, Ben could not and should not have been played by anyone other than Richard Belzer, but that's just me. It was a sticking point though. That and Matt's isolation tank. In the comics he does have a normal bed. Other than that, yay. Some funny stuff, some cool set pieces, some nice FX - Matt's radar vision was excellent. The Daredevil climbing up walls stuff though was still embaressingly Playstation though. He's not Spiderman, they could have left that out and just showed some real guys doing a bit of wire fu, would have been slightly less tacky, imho. I'm really glad they kept in some of the more iconic pieces and imagery like the cathedral, so that was cool. All in all, yay. I'll buy tickets to the sequel. I hope they do the Kingpin destroys Matt's life story. They seemed to be setting that up, oh so subtlely, at the end and it's such a rocking story Joss ripped it off for Angel - and don't think I didn't notice, Mr Whedon. Hmph. Lots of Daredevil riffs in Buffy and Angel, not that I ever minded. For me it was part of it's charm. That was the other disappointment: the whole I'm trying to kill the man I love thing was all over too soon. I think Buffy did that better, but never mind, maybe it'll be better in the dvd special edition :D

It was kind of fun, too, after the film, to see the streets awash with red clad loons. Kind of an alternative way to celebrate St Pat's Day. Pity I missed the parade, but I felt like shite on Sunday.

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