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That'll learn me to be churlish. Came home yesterday, after a fruitless search for every item on my shopping list (I hate shopping) to find the washing done, floor swept, newspapers recycled, pots watered, washing up done, bills paid and dinner ready.

Okay, so the houseboy gets chocolates instead of a whipping. I didn't mean to be unreasonably churlish, it's just that while I'm still working full time (with the hobgoblin and upheaval), the houseboy is only on two days a week, so I thought the 50/50 housework divide could be slightly renegotiated during this period (it frees me up of stress, worry and late nights, which helps more than I can say).

So I got to watch Rex last night. It's been ages and we're onto the new guy already and, I hate to say it, everyone looked so much happier with Moser gone. Even Rex. Oh dear. The two comedy sidekicks are especially happy, now that they've made the new guy their bitch. It's all rather cute. And the episode was very, very Brian Clemens again (ex vaudeville performers doing crime). Okay, so I watch way too much old ITC stuff, but it's cute when Rex slavishly follows the ITC template. I suspect a lot of script recycling is going on.

Then there was Cranford, and poor Octavian stood there, stunned, as just about every woman in the village claimed him as her own. Oh dear. Poor wee babe. Sadly no nekkid Woodsie in Cranford (unlike Rome), but a girl can't have everything. Meanwhile Phil continued his craven socialist work in educating the poor. Oh dear. (And I'm so loathe to tell the poor man that all his hopes for social justice will end with Big Brother).

Today we all went to the brand spanking new farmer's market across the road. No, we've not really had those cute little markets they have all over Europe, which were such a novelty for me. Well, we got 'em now (three thousand years later, what's the rush?). I picked up some fancy pasta (which I have shoved in the freezer for the long trip home) and two little pots of thyme and oregano for planting out in the dusty top garden bed. They look so nice. I feel like I've sentenced the poor critters to death. Oh well.

Oh, and ignore the links at the end, I was just looking up where Oxford floods and how badly, for evil purposes, of course, and I just put the links there in case I had to go back and defend my researches (I know, I was as stunned as you were to discover that Morse fans were a bunch of humourless pedants, who knew?).

Oh, that's gonna get me in trouble. Ah well, it's officially hot water bottle time, I have the 1812 overture going off in my undies and if that isn't a licence to drop the three second delay I don't know what is. Not that I have one of those, anyway. Or a choice. I've been cranky miss all week, why else do you think the poor houseboy was terrified into dusting and mopping and sponging?

I am evil. And I kinda like it.

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