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Heh, the links section is rapidly turning into a defacto Scandinavian Actors Weekly (Mads, Alexander, Viggo). Not that I mind one bitty bit (but no, keeping track of Brits is bad enough). But can you imagine? I mean, I could go so silly and include actors from York, and the north east of Scotland, which was once part of Norway. But I won't. That would be very, very silly indeed (doesn't stop folks lobbing Aussies, Kiwis and Canucks on the Brit list, though).

Anyhoo, not much going on. Had some fiends pop over so pooft! went my scanning window, but never mind. It's kind weird so suddenly have peoples, and it wasn't really the weather for monastic gardening (the odd drizzly sprinkle, but only when I stepped out of doors). We went to the old fave Vietnamese place for lunch. That was nice.

Also planted some geranium cuttings another friend gave me. Bad news about the rosmary seed plantings. Or rather two words: kitty and litter. Yep, those effing, effing effing bastard feral cats went and used my carefully prepared seed beds as a lavatory. I hates them.

What else? Caught up on some missed episodes of Rome (quite enjoyed it second time around). I'm so impressed with how the second series completely sustains the quality of the first. There were comments from the Peanut Gallery, as ever, like when Brutus asked his scribe to take a letter, the PG piped up with: "Dear Cicero, in answer to your question: the lead singer of U2". Okay, so you had to be there. Poor old Brutus copped it in ironic fashion (but not before necessary nuddy scene) and the aristos played their nasty games and the plebs played their nasty games and I started off working but ended up just watching. It really is quite engrossing.

Speaking of aristos playing their nasty deadly games there was some newish Midsomer on the telly last night. Turns out Troy isn't dead afterall. I am disappointed. And if they'll promote him they'll promote anyone (makes me feel bad for poor Lewis, who took forever to get his pips). It was all very silly but as I had no brain cells to spare, just the thing (will catch up on Mr May at a later date).

Caught up on some Morse. It was the Jason Isaacs episode, the even more embarrassing with age Morse and Lewis go to the rave. Oh dear. Even more painful than the cops going to a young person's dance hall in Gideon's Way (exactly the same scene only the b/w sixties version seemed far less naff). Not an episode I'd reach for if it didn't feature Mr Isaacs. At least we got a name for Lewis's daughter. Nothing worse than an old copper trying to figure out what the kids are into these days, such episodes always bode ill, especially when written by middleaged men. Shudder. There are worse examples, but that Morse one certainly makes the top five.

I think that episode was particularly painful because it mae me feel old, and I dread the predestined Lewis version that must surely be waiting in the wings.

What else? Tried to watch Mission Impossible III because I'd forgotten it had Tudor boy and Peggy in it (and I wish my Brit thesps would stop appearing in crap American films). I kept having phonecalls and having to change loads in the washing machine etc etc so I barely got to see it but it was by the guy who did Alias and it was a switch on a switch on a switch on a switch and I lost all patience with it, really (insert Paris When It Sizzles pisstake on the old switch on a switch on a switch here). Oh yeah, so exciting and new they were taking the mick in the sixties? I think not. Jonathan was pretty though.

Then there was the second part of the library episode in Doctor Who. It was all kinda Donnie Darko in a virtual reality way, wih Colin standing in for the rabbit. Or maybe I was just tired. Was bemused at Mr Moffat's vicious shipper baiting (by writing his own canonical ship) and it had some nice ideas but I'm afraid I was a good episode and three quarters ahead of the Doc re wtf was going on, but it was a good episode, fer once, so I won't niggle.

At least it wasn't like that episode of Gideon's Way that had everyone being so nasty and shouty we were expecting a blue box at any moment.

Oh yeah, a grey Sunday called for some Gideon's Way. The first episode featured a John Hurt so young I had to double check the credits. Yep, it was him. As the nervous and unfortunate sidekick to Derren Nesbitt playing a psycho escaped prisoner (and chewing all the scenery). Once again we ended up in the London docklands - historical footage if nothing else. But I like Gideon's Way. Sure, the stories are mostly bog standard cop show tropes, but it's so early that one could say they set the rules, and it's unfair to watch them with jaded 'not this again' eyes.

Was bemused in the bikie gang episode (oh yes) that while in Gideon's Way youth, Africans, gays and Polish immigrants are all afforded some degree of script sympathy, it's open season on the Irish. It's rather shocking to see just how shabbily the Irish are treated in the scripts, you know, a real bit of Life On Mars style culture shock (especially when they're extraordinarily progressive and soapboxy re tolerance and understanding and can't we all just get along elsewhere). The working class get short shrift too, but that's something that hasn't changed.

And, thinking about it, considering some of the Lucky Charms accents perpetrated in US films and TV, perhaps the Irish should still feel aggrieved. Oh well, just wait'll I get to an episode where an Aussie is actually an Aussie (and not passing for a Brit).

Meanwhile, still steamed that the Herald this morning called The Avengers an American tv show. I mean, was there a more peculiarly British show? I doubt it, not even the boy with the blue box comes close (although he is British too, with that loner loony academic vibe as opposed to the military vibe you get with US SF shows, but it's not so weirdly and intensely English as the Diana Rigg Avengers episodes - which were the ones they were referring to).

Meanwhile, work awful, Himself is sick with flu and the wheels have fallen off the Lewis fics because I won't let them go where they wilt. I'm afraid I'm just going to have to have them go silly. And if it seems like Hathaway is all Perils of Pauline, there is supposed to be some sort of point to it, some lame arse hero's journey thing. It's really twee and I'd rather not, yet I must.

Hee. Just snaffled the Metro with Mr Farell on the cover. Ssssh! Oh yeah, a friend was recommending In Bruges and I looked for it on dvd. Hold me flippin' horses, it's only coming out at the cin-e-ma this week.

Typical. Watching first run S2 Rome, just getting In Bruges, spoiled shockingly over Dr Who (thus making the whole 'no spoilers' thing in the library episode even more annoying because I'd tried not to be spoiled but folks will refer to episode bits and thus, spoiled. I give up).

I hate being so far behind but until a decent broadband connection becomes more affordable, thus it will remain. It really is a terrible form of social isolation because I can't squee with everyone else and but the time I finally get to see something I'm squeeing all by myself - everyone else has moved on. Sigh.

All by myself...
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