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I was looking at some pages for work, truly I was, web accessibility blah blah blah Zzzzzzz...three clicks or so later and I was gazing upon Det Sgt J Hathaway. Much better.

Sometimes I love the interwebs. Almost as much as I love J Hathaway. Nah, nothing could match that. Just amusing, anyhoo, how few clicks it took to get from boring to beauty. But as far as the meta goes, I should really be worried about Illya Kuryakin. It's getting so I'm expecting to see his name written in clouds next. Silly.

Yes, I'm bored. Reading 30+ page docs on the dullest of subjects will do that to a girl, so I clickied on the linkies at the back of said doc and et viola, J Hathaway. Sweet.

Hathers: hero of the hour. Or half hour, at least.

Not much else going on. Stayed up last night after Rome capping The Last Drop. Still giggling over sleeper_frost's superior captions. Rome meanwhile covered a lot of ground, and the two boys went their chosen paths, dear Titus still all twinkly eyed manlove as he bid his best buddy bon voyage.

Oh yeah, I've also sent a dear friend scrambling all over northern climes looking for Lewis on dvd. I am wicked, but well intentioned (and you know what they say about good intentions). Still, I wouldn't have pimped it if I didn't think she'd enjoy it.

Friday: Still here. All by mself at home (Himself is visiting parts south, once again packing like a Victorian gentleman explorer, taking more for a few days than I pack for months abroad) but there was no time for mischief as I got home late-ish and had to run about doing the usual. Watched bits of The Buildings That Shaped Britain (you know you've watched too many Brit docos lately when you're like not this museum/location again!). But they were tooling around Manchester for a bit and there were some familiar locales indeed. Watched bits of Rex and I knew I was tired when I realised I was following the plot and dialogue from the kitchen (I sort of understand German when I'm completely knackered, but only then, and not at all if I think about it, it's weird, I can't speak or read a word when I'm conscious), not that it was a difficult plot to follow.

And then there was Cranford, aka twenty six funerals and a wedding. Two more buckets kicked last night. I love Cranford, I really do, but I always felt it was too rushed, and interesing characters I'd liked to have spent more time with were all hello/goodbye blink and you miss them. I suppose this compression is necessary for the younger generation without the stamina to sit through long series any more, but, well, I would have.

Never mind, the constantly bustling ladies of Cranford manage to be comic, tragic and genuinely touching folk. Simon Woods still has this slightly creepy 'I'm a serial killer in my spare time' vibe (and in Cranford, who would notice, perfect place to hide) but that's only because I'm watching Rome at the same time and the young Caesar is proving himself an exceptionally nasty piece of work when he feels like it (but don't suppose you become top dog in Rome on account of your warm cuddly side).
Lewis finally gets a TV sex scene... but what WOULD Morse have to say?
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A whole world of trouble

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