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Guess wot woz on telly last night? Burn Notice! It wasn't in the printed guides but it popped up in the Foxtel guide all of a sudden and lo, there it was. Fancy that. Well, I do, actually, so I was well pleased. Escpecially as it was back to the MacGyver shenanigans we love so much rather than the entirely lame 'arc' that every show has to lumbered with these days.

Ya know, I loved arcs when they first started to come into vogue. It made sense that characters evolved, rather than hitting the reset button from week to week, to a ridiculous extent, but there should only be an arc if there really needs to be one, you know? We don't ever need to know who burnt Michael, really we don't. And if they're harking back to old timey shows we should never know. But that's just me.

I was so happy to see Burn Notice on telly I'd put up with any rubbish, quite frankly. Sharon Gless seems to have defaulted to her QAF character, though (gawd, must RTD ruin every show I watch these days?).

So, stuff. Went to a Flash course on Sat. It did not go at all well because the teacher reckoned she'd taught me before (I have no such recall) and was nasty to me from the outset and I could have been on fire and she wouldn't have pissed on me, so I didn't get as much out of the course as I'd hoped. Also, she was teaching an ancient version with unsupported, outdated and non accessible...but never mind. Waste of a Saturday.

Sunday was much, much better. It was, as we all agreed, a grand day out. We'd already made plans to go to the 50s day at Rose Seidler House and then some interstate friends rang up outta the blue, in town, dropping by, blah blah blah. Rather than give up the 50s day (missed last year on account of extreme merde) I invited them along. I wasn't sure, I was worried they'd be all pursed of lip and crossed of arm and frowning and noisely bored. So imagine my utter delight when they rocked up on time and in 50s gear! Outstanding! It took both of them to wrestle me into my 50s dress (oh, the shame, the shame, once I never even had to breathe in, well, maybe just a bit, but damn those cup cakes!). So, zipped up and not breathing, we set off on a glorious sunny day. I'm still fretting at the stuff I didn't buy, like the 50s xmas decorations that were the very box we used to have at home, but I just wasn't sure I could carry them safely, having foolishly eschewed my usual baglady modus for one of my 50s handbags. Weep!

I did pick up some beads to replace the ones that went with the dress that I'd lost, and some other beads that I just loved. Oh yes, and a biscuit tin. Oh dear. It's not in good nick nor a design I particularly loved but it was a Huntley and Palmers tin, and I adore those. Should have bought those decs instead, but I found the tin first. Sigh.

Anyway, there were 50s bands and young lasses having gone all out with their 50s gear (I used to be one of those, but it was far less socially acceptable then). It was fun, and a great opportunity to browse stalls and people watch. Coolness abounded.

We had a late yum cha lunch, where I watched Himself hoover down dumplings (I did have a couple, but a couple was all I could fit, alas). But it was a grand yum cha, I'd not had one in ages!

Finished off the day with Doctor Who. It was the skeleton in the library one (somehow the Doc resisted the urge to say they'd found a body in the library). I tell ya, if I was six, that skeleton in the spacesuit would have traumatised me for life. It wasn't bad at all. Not one of Mr Moffat's best, but bloody better than your average Who. Not sure about the significant other, but I know Mr Moffat likes to put the boot into Rose shippers, so that was amusing.

Monday I had a day in lieu (only now they're carrying on about it) but the washing and ironing needed to be done. and it was, but that's about all I managed. It was too cold and grey (for half the day) for gardening, and I wasn't up for multitasking as I'm suffering the lurgy that's going around. Instead I watched the Morse I'd missed on Sunday: Absolute Conciction. With Sean Bean and a very, very young Steven Mackintosh as a sort of proto-Hathaway. Well, he was a young posh blond DS prone to reckless action, in any case. And Lewis absolutely loathed him (to the point of being rather wicked). Proto-Hathaway's father was in the Royal Navy and Strange knew of him, just fyi.

Then I decided that I needed the real thing, and rewatched Moonbeams. Lewis and Hathaway are so cute. Where do I start? Hobson's party, where she makes sure Hathaway is Lewis's plus one? The two boys sitting on the swing together? Their slightly tipsy antics on the professor's doorstep? Their reprimand the next day? The way Hathaway leans close and jokes they've got a body in the library (Hathers isn't above a bad joke, especially when he's in a silly mood). Hathaway doing his best man in black impersonation? The boys in the pub, and the way Lewis just snaps his fingers and Hathaway hands over his notebook (we're not privy as to whether or not it contains any animations). They are just so cute (Dr Hobson agrees).

Also, I gotta mention the bright blue socks with the George Mallaby brown suit. Is young Hathers colourblind? I mean, there's flamboyant and then there's well, that. Lewis didn't mind though: check out the body language. Oh my (there would have been caps but I was surprised by stealth Burn Notice last night).

I just love watching them. So lovely that Lewis has got himself a boyfriend.

Then while I was doing a fortnight's worth of ironing (!!) I had Poirot on, and was bemused at young Fassbender (oh, he's so gorgeous) giving us a masterclass in proppy scene stealing. Particularly the scene where he negotiates cigarette, hat, coat, hip flask and stuffed crocodile! Any more props and he'd have needed a shopping trolley. Young Fox has been accused of being a proppy actor, but he's a mere amateur compared to Mr Fassbender, the master of shameless scene stealing.

So louche was Fassy in this that the Peanut Gallery dearly wished the Fassbender had been cast as Anthony Blanche in the new Brideshead, but alas, it was never to be. Never mind, it was fun enough to watch him in Poirot, all decadent and yet deeply sweet.

Yet another actor who should require health warnings when he lights up, not for the nicotine but because it's just so damn sexy. Oh my, yes (fans self). (No smoke rings though, so Laurence wins that round).

Amazingly, I didn't scorch one shirt.

So then we were onto an ancient Top Gear that SBS coughed up (James May's first ever appearance! Squeal!). Oh yeah, forgot to mention we watched James May's 20thC on Sunday, was it? One of these days the Peanut Gallery and James are just going to have to go the death match because there was piqued rebuttal on just about every sweeping statement made by the May (and as he was covering large themes in a short time, there was a lot of glossing over). I was totally with James's shattered, heartbroken look re the Concorde though. Such a terrible shame to see it now mothballed as a museum piece.

Then there was sneaky Burn Notice (as we'd been told in stentorian tones that it was off! off! off! the schedule last week). And now you're all caught up, pretty much.

I'm having a Monday, even though it's a Tuesday. Still, I'm feeling a bit better now I've self medicated with a kit kat and a cuppa. There goes my determined resolution not to use anything with calories to cope with horrible bullying work bastards (ie no doughnuts, biscuits, chocolates, cup cakes or alcohol). No Amazon either (the bank is still playing Mother). Argh, what to do? Tea will have to suffice, no sugar. Bugger that. I need a sugar fix, especially on days like these.

It's just that zipper incident bites hard - with little metal teeth (and 50s dresses zip up under your armpit so ouch).

Never mind. Another long lost buddy has popped up after a long absence, to my great delight, pretty much picking up where we left off, which is cool. And a treat. A definite treat.

Oh yeah, and there was a phone call from another friend I'd not heard from since last year. Perhaps the universe has decided to give me a little parole from the constant monastic grind of work and housework? We can only hope. At least it was nice to talk to someone other than myself.

The 50s day was a god start. I used to do stuff like that, well, when I could fit into my 50s dressses. I'll just have to try and sew one myself. Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.

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