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Heyho. Sorry. It's been a week. Screamed at by bossess while hellish ill, you know, the usual. First the planned scanning was called on account of hotwater bottles, then I stayed home on Monday because it wasn't fun, then for the next four days on top of everything else I had a massive sinus headache from all the bits of vomit lodged violently up the back of my nose. Not fun. And did I mention getting screamed at? Thank goodness for my old lady tv progs.

Sigh. At least tv offered some respite. There was Morse on UKTV, and I watched another one on dvd, the one where they go out to Canowindra, which is both charmingly nostalgic of childhood car trips out west and cringeworthy (foreign shows set locally tend to be as authoritative and accurate as that tour guide on that dreadful Titantic episode of Dr Who). But it was amusing to see all the old shop signs and stuff, and to be blessed with the knowledge that Lewis has no trouble peeing on the side of the road. When ya gotta go, I suppose, but back then, well, maybe the facilities weren't quite up to his delicate northern sensibilities (NSW, the only place on the planet where a Geordie could be considered delicate or precious, except QLD, of course).

Cute scene where Lewis gets pissed on Oz beer and bitches about everyone and everything (see above re delicate). Good choice of the VB, though. Anyway, very bemusing, and didn't I feel pervy for watching an impossibly young Noah Taylor, oh yes indeedy (also featuring a rare appearance John Jarrett in non serial killer mode).

There was the last episode of Burn Notice. Yes, EvilChannelTen only played two episodes of the second series. Sigh. Cannot cable step into the breech? No, it cannot.

Although it hasn't been too bad, tv wise, if you like your telly old fashioned and geriatric (considering I was bombarded with ads for bran, portable oxygen tanks and funeral plans - I ain't that far gone yet!).

There was Michael Fassbender in the Poirot repeat on the ABC, the Agatha Christie episode of Dr Who on Sunday, which was fun, even if it did seem to have more to do with Cludo than Christie - I suppose that was a nod to the lowest common denominator (aka a large foreign sales market, snipes the Peanut Gallery). To be honest, the cut down confidential was more fun, but never mind. Can't beat a giant insect murder mystery.

Speaking which, since I was home sick on Monday, did Barnaby pick young Troy especially for his extraordinary thickness? Was there a (missing) bridging episode explaining his exit or did poor Troy just vanish? Did he finally twig and, alas, is now dessicating in some Midsomer crypt alongside crusty jugglers?

But mainly, tv this week brought us bonnet action. UKTV repeated Sense and Sensibility during the day, which we watched back in the evenings with tea and cakes (or what was left of the cupcakes after a long and violent bus ride pretty much destroyed the gorgeously iced confections utterly: the poor things, splotted against the side of the container as the forces of mass, energy and velocity took their toll). It's the one with the lovely David Morrissey in it (being lovely). You know, I enjoy it more every time I see it. Must be good then, if it gets better with each viewing.

Then, as if we didn't have enough bonnets, UKTV played the first episode of Cranford last night. I nearly choked on my tea during the cat/cream/lace incident. And Simon still has that reptilian blink thing going. But he's cute, the poor boy, exactly, as he describes, the fresh meat in a tank of piranhas. (Double the Simon because we're into his arc on Rome, if you could call the Second Triumvirate an 'arc').

Oh, there was also a brief excursion to Edwardian times as I dug out that Egypt doco/drama (buried not too deeply in the strata) that played a few years back, yes, because it had blondie bear in it. Or rather lobster boy: half man, half lobster, all crimson. In other words, young fair haired Fox ought to have stayed out of the midday sun because he was sporting a particularly searing sunburn in one scene. Ouch. At least he was spared the ignomy of the reverse panda eyes caused by enormous 70s sunglasses that affected the cast of The Protectors on an episode filmed in (apparently very) sunny Spain that still has us tittering.

But never mind, he, my boy du jour, was in it (very) briefly, but cute, rocking the Brideshead look, complete with lamentable fake mo' in the latter scenes. Oh, don't make me larf, Laurence, it still hurts. (Btw, didya notice when you google Laurence the first thing that comes up now is NAKED! - hey don't look at me, it wasnae me, I swear, I've not capped in ages, that's a young person's game, that is).

I know: Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Morse, Midsomer. Let's face it, I do have the viewing habits of a senior citizen. There was me, on the lounge with my hot water bottle, several throw rugs, slippers and cuppa. Oh yeah, I am so staring down that free bus pass now. Didn't even get to join the other geriatrics in worshipping the Weller because I had me head down the toliet (bugger, that would have been a mighty tick off the life list, but these things happen).

Gardening? Not so much. No, I tell a lie, Saturday was quite the yard day as Himself came home clutching seeds and lugging sacks of potting mix and declaring a determination to be self sufficient. Oh dear, does this make me Felicity Kendal? Who was in Who on Sunday, just to underline the meta. We'll see if anything survives to the table (drought, wildlife and ineptness nothwihstanding).

Writing? Not so much (see work merde and head down toilet). The muses aren't even really speaking to me any more. I guess they're like anything, they need to be carefully tended or they just wither away, and I've had so much on my plate of late. Pity, because I was having so much fun. Reality bites, unreality is at least vaguely amusing.

Tonight? Probably more Poirot if I don't nanna nap in front of the tv. All that remains is to take up knitting. Sigh. Now even Vyvyan is in Holby (finally got his quals, I s'pose).

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