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I've been plunged back into the 1970s this week. And not by choice.

First, my beloved dvd-r ate a bad disk, cried for its mother and then it was goodnight sweet prince. Dammit. Nor do they make that model any more. The kicker though was when I finally got to the mall to purchase the next victim there was no eftpos, no working atms, no credit card facilities, no electronic commerce to be had in any shape or form. Fortunately I had the housekeeping on me (and fortunately I live in a household that won't kick me out on the street for spending the housekeeping on a machine to record Dr Who on Sunday).

But it's all left me more than a bit gun shy, tech wise. So I didn't resort to using my PC as backup dvd player. I didn't dare. When I feel confident enough to once more press the 'on' button on anything electronic without cowering, we'll see. But last night, I just read a book. Whoa, back to the 1770s?

What else? Well, I've been scritching away with pen and paper (having so much fun even though it's all wildly implausible but what the hey, it's based on Brit telly and there's always a bit of silly in the DNA, even Spooks which started out as Grimness R Us is now all OTT like a late model Bond film).

I did watch the pompous twat on the Buildings That Shaped Britain on the loungeroom telly. My gosh, but he talks rubbish, but the buildings are pretty. This week it was all squares and crescents in Bath, London and Edinburgh. Himself became incensed that the same goverment that sacked Macquarie for building a brick church for the great unwashed turned around and did the very same in London. Thus it ever was.

Other than that, just houseworky stuff and I bought another pair of jeans, because this has been a freezing winter and I've rarely been out of them. I've never had jeans before. It sort of went from parental ban to being too poor to being too fat, but I found a place that sells cheap jeans for bushpigs, so that's something sorted at least.

And now I'm giggling over the "but we both like Kim Wilde" line from Ashes. Don't worry, it's one of those margin notes you'll never get to see (but are sadly oft remarked upon as being far more entertaining that the fic they annotate).

I'm also still annoyed because, well, I'm cold and tired and my boss is heaping le merde upon me as usual (she really is nasty) and she's on a particular tear today. And I'm annoyed over the dvd recorder. It wasn't like I'd fed it one of Chinese Larry's Cheap Nasties but a proper disk. Grump. And it's not like I could afford such extravagance (but dvd is my crack). I guess it's noodles, pasta, soup and porridge for the forseeable future. Maybe I'll lose weight?

Maybe I've just got the shakes. It's been over 48 hours since I've watched anything fun. Remember those days, when months or even years could pass before there was anything worth watching?

At least I've got my Morse books, she says, fearing some sort of biblical plague of Morse book eating bugs. I certainly appear to have pissed off someone this week. Sigh.

Even the Hardware guy gently mocked, suggesting my pliers weren't the problem but rather the monkey at the end of them. He did however sell me some doodads to try and better secure the re-strung clothesline, as it is so not rated for wet towels at the moment (but is fine for socks and smalls).
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