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let them eat cake

And they did. Just about all of it.

WEDNESDAY: I was compulsorily required to host a morning tea, put on a roster while I was away so I had no say in the matter. There was supposed to be a team, but attrition had left it pretty much down to muggins here. Well, thanks to some old school (and I mean seriously old school) training and some help from my friends (and Himself who slaved for days over the cakes and did a grocery run) I got voted Best Morning Tea Ever. Hurrah. I knew that a fancy tablecloth and fancy plates etc would cover a multitude of sins, though there wasn't much in the way to cover up (bar my complete lack of fruit slicing panache).

Thus, the artfully arranged feast offered three homemade cakes, four plates of baked savouries, four fruit platters (with star fruits even), two cheese platters, one plate of choccie biccies and four plates of sandwiches. Phew! All up it cost be about $150, but worth it to impress, because I don't do that very often. At all, actually.

So yeah, didn't see much tv last night. Heard Time Team and Doctor Who and half of the last Long Way down from the kitchen though. Ewan is so cute. I'm gonna miss it. I think I really love that series because watching a cranky Scotsman dig himself out of dirt roads again and again is a kind of nostalgia for childhood slide nights (Dad would always come home with slide after slide of trucks bogged down, tipped sideways and even rolled in dirt roads, sand or dried up creek beds). So watching Long Way Down hit the childhood nostalgia button as well as featuring Ewan being cute or stroppy (glad I don't have to put up with him 24/7, another handful, to be sure). Ewan also has the same sort of humour my family has on that side, so that works, too.

That's pretty much it since I last typed anything. It's all been shopping and slicing and packing and unpacking.

THURSDAY: Oooh, can everyone get off the interwebs, I need to look at a page. In other words, everyone is jamming our tiny drinking straw to the rest of the world looking at this stoopid sports stuff so I can't perve at Hamlety Doctor Who. Ain't it always the way, one poor nerd, downtrodden by rampaging jocks. Also, can't do work stuff, so it's been slow going all round.

Caught up on Time Team, Dr Who and Wild at Heart (aka Heartwarming Animals, as we call it, because it is high in sugar and fat content) while running about last night. Dalek Sek was still disturbing in a nobody call him dickhead to his face kinda way, and, honestly, the plot was so back and forth with the Doc whipping wildly between actively pro and sneeringly anti-genocide it made my head spin. Just as well he didn't have to tick that box on the green form to get into the States, ain't it? And yet more deus ex machina, this time to cure pig boy, sort out he daleks, and, oh bugger, another emegency temporal shift.

FRIDAY: Uh oh: Jonas Armstrong quits Robin Hood. I tremble at the thought of the state of my flist when I finally get to it. I envision having to hack my way through quite a bit of flail and spammage. I don't know why they don't just kill the series now they've lost all their principals, but maybe Jason Connery could use a job?

I should be all flail as well as it was my principal fandom last year, but weirdly I'm over it, luv. Well, sort of (maybe I'm just too tired to work up a good wangst). My (great unfinished) fic vanished up its AU arse so it doesn't really matter either way. I'll miss Jonas poncing about in the Hungarian forests, but somehow I'll survive (but only because I know they're filming a third series of Lewis (well, they should be, though young Fox was last seen swanning around Paris with the missus).

Meanwhile, The Independent thought I should know what dvds folks are renting in Oxford (fek knows, I'm so exhausted for plot I'd quite happily set the boys down in front of a fillum just so I could get some sleep). I see Hot Fuzz comes in a #5. Oh, Lewis, wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy it? I bet he's run Point Break ragged, too, with frequent replayings. Heh. Oh, as if it wasn't bad enough giving him all Spanker's lines from Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, I'm feeding him Hot Fuzz lines as well? I will never finish these fics.

Especially since I'm all tired, snotty, cold and cranky. The mad writing has ebbed and waned, darn it. I tried watching some Morse last night but fell asleep (but not before Morse wickedly had poor Lewis translate for a Geordie mechanic). Poor, much put upon Lewis.

PS. Folks is still talking about the morning tea. Oh my. In my terror of failing, I may have overdone it, just a bit. Never mind, they loved the Peanut Gallery's strawberry cake, and that's the main thing.
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