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I wanted fast cars too. I was ten years too late.

Yesterday, well. One very definite highlight was having The Last Drop in my hot little hands at last. It looks like a crud fillum, and the cheapness and scarcity attest to same (I'd oredred it so long ago I'd actually forgotten it, but there it was, wedged in the letterbox, unfilched by those who now pick through my letterbox for anything of interest) and it attests to being your bog standard battlefield heist flick, but it does feature Fox, Pertwee, Spall and Skarsgard. That's "son of" in every case, which amuses me, dirty old woman that I am. Should be good for ogling if nothing else.

And a friend cruelly pointed out I have further added to my accidental Anton Rodgers collection - arrrgh! I'm still needing a Bex and a lie down everytime I have flashbacks to the Beatle wig in Gideon's Way.

Then I discovered what the cockatoos had done in my absence. I used to have a chilli plant. I bought it from Rozelle markets (a grand day out) and I bought a brand new pot for it (plastic) and set it beside the back door and it was going to part of a wonderful array of pots of parsley and basil and the like. Was. Those evil animals, it was totally malicious. They tore my chilli plant into 5cm square pieces which they then scattered artfully about the back veranda.

I have really had it with the local wildlife right now and would happily throttle their protected necks. I've more than a mind to slice their seeds from the weekly budget and spend it on cheap dvds instead. Harumph. (What is it with the rampaging wildlife of late? Too Hitchcock for words).

There was only one thing for it, to sulk on the lounge with a hot cup of tea, a crushed doughnut (the day had already proved doughnut worthy, as in necessary sugar hit required, good grief) and lots of Top Gear. Played back two past episodes off the IQ (including the infamous eggs episode) then watched this week's, which actually did feature David Tennant (they've been cutting the celebrity laps so I was much afeared DT would face the chop), but no, there was Dave, resplendent in brogue and velvet jacket and, as the Herald goggled, stupendous quiff. And he was funny and fun but he still didn't beat Billie's lap times. Oh dear.

So that was a highlight.

Attempted to write some fic but it's starting to get too silly, especially regards references to Newcastle and besides, I can't have Lewis rattle on with any Northern nostalgia because a) I'm not au fait with the canon as I should be and b) it's straight into "I remember when there were boats on the Tyne, big boats, with funnels" and I just crack up (yes, there is no fic o'mine that Keith Allen cannot fuckup somehow).

But if anyone knows a good Morse/Lewis site (ahem), then please let me know. Although why I'm worried about canon when I've got Lewis shagging his DS and giving JC the stinkeye is beyond me, but there it is.

Meanwhile, Google Street has just launched here. Those who know the addy may now go forth and perve. It must have been taken on a Thursday, because the bins are out, except ours - fortunately Himself must have been home because they're in. Thus we're spared the international humilation of having our bins googled by thousands. It also must have ages ago because the christmas bush is clearly out (I won't tell you when the Christmas bush comes out, I'll let you guess, though with ours you're probably looking at October or November, the contrary thing).

Just back from a quick trip to Kings and Elizabeths to pick up the bi-monthly supply of Constantine and Morse. What a feverish combination that makes. But I like it.
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