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Matthew Rhys 'feels betrayed' by Sienna Miller
Royal screening for Harry Potter
Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Celebrate Comic-Con (Bamber)
Village Where Time Stood Still (McFadden)
Pierce Brosnan's vulnerable in Ira Sachs' Married Life
Ailing Casualty belongs in the emergency room
TV ratings: Midsomer Murders kills off competition
Lord of the rings star Billy Boyd happy to be promoting glens of his homeland,21985,24048112-5006023,00.html
Ledger's death shook up actor Michael Caine
Billy Connolly: Hilton's life is a 'nightmare'
Harry Potter star Rupert Grint goes drinking with James Nesbitt
Television: Showtime series ‘Brotherhood’ begins shooting season 3 in R.I. on Monday
Zoom sur... MI-5 (Macfadyen)
Doomsday: Unrated (Pertwee)
Armstrong and Miller: playing to the gallery
Three lessons from the TV Critics Association press tour (Lewis)
Jude Law’s Dior Homme Sport Commercial Debuts
Four More Residents of The Village
Cleese remembers 'dreadful' dead mum
Gary Oldman

Christian Bale’s money rage
Deeply Personal Matters: Batman Don't Do Handouts: Christian Bale's Attempted Momicide Might Have Been About £££
Dark Knight closes in on Titanic, the most successful film of all time
Dark Knight hits London
Comic-Con Report: Terminator Salvation Hints at Greatness… and Arnold’s Return?
'Terminator Salvation' Rocks Comic Con!
The Dark Knight - the Sunday Times review
New Terminator 4 Trailer Shows Death, Destruction And A Sad John Connor
‘Terminator Salvation’ Exclusive: Anton Yelchin And McG Speak,22049,24086866-5001026,00.html
Batman Christian Bale taught he was the greatest actor
Batman star skirts assault questions in Japan
The Dark Knight" Tokyo Press Conference
Bale has Joker under his skin,22049,24075388-5006013,00.html
Dark Knight batman Christian Bale wants privacy over assault,21985,24094726-5006023,00.html
Batman star Christian Bale gets Terminator director support,21985,24084583-5006023,00.html
Terminator trailer
"The Dark Knight" Japan Premiere
Bright weekend for Dark Knight
Bale brushes off assault questions,21985,24033461-5006023,00.html
Christian Bale talks about playing Batman as The Dark Knight
Bale's blow up may be grief over Ledger
more batman shit than should be legal in one post
Bale denies family's assault allegation
Bale is big hearted, says director
"Terminator" Director McG Supports Christian Bale\
Batman Star Appeals For Privacy,25197,23989202-15803,00.html
Dark side of the hoon
Understanding the man behind 'The Dark Knight''ve%20been%20warned%20--%20'Terminator%20Salvation'%20is%20'not%20for%20pansies'!
Comic-Con: You've been warned -- 'Terminator Salvation' is 'not for pansies'!
Pics of a T-600 as well as TERMINATOR: SALVATION footage description by Quint from Comic-Con!,,20215200,00.html
'Dark Knight': Still King of the Box Office
Christian Bale Arrives At Narita Airport
Christian Bale's Batman dismissal
Nothing Can Stop The Dark Knight,,20215217,00.html
Christian Bale Is a 'Big-Hearted, Good Guy,' Says Director

Lionsgate At Comic Con - Punisher War Zone Talent Signing (Stevenson)
Lionsgate At Comic Con - Punisher War Zone Panel (Stevenson)
Comic Con: 'Punisher: War Zone' looks a little lackluster
'Punisher: War Zone' Red-Band Trailer Goes for Sort of a 'Grindhouse but Retarded' Look
Comic Con: First Punisher Trailer
Punisher: War Zone Comic-Con Clip Online
Punisher: War Zone trailer
32 Star Portraits from Comic-Con (Stevenson)
Punisher: War Zone in Trouble - Director Lexi Alexander Off?
Lionsgate At Comic-Con - "The Punisher: War Zone" Cocktail Party
Lionsgate At Comic Con - Punisher War Zone Talent Signing
Lionsgate At Comic-Con - "The Punisher: War Zone" Panel
New Punisher Production Turning into a War Zone

Ben Whishaw
Brideshead Revisited Revisited
Revisiting ‘Brideshead,’ With All the Signs of Its Times (and Beyond)
Movie review: 'Brideshead Revisited' redux
Brideshead Revisited (2008),0,2451435.story
Matthew Goode in 'Brideshead Revisited'
Brideshead Revisited
Screen Test | Matthew Goode
Review: Brideshead Revisited
Review: Briefer 'Brideshead' perfect for tea time
Movies that will loosen your corset

SDCC 2008: Dark Castle Presents: 'RocknRolla'
Gerard Butler is a Big Apple Beefcake
Gerard Butler and Korean Pop Star Rain at the panel (full transcript)
Gerard Butler is Comic-Con Crazy
Second Trailer For Guy Ritchie’s ROCK N ROLLA (Butler)
Gerard Butler Snags ‘Watchmen’ Role

Dr Who fans enjoy Proms special
David Tennant Rehearses RSC Hamlet
Tennant's stage run mobbed by fans
TV ratings: Torchwood star trumphs over Big Brother
Who's looking good: news from the Con
Another Doctor Who DVD release
Monthly Picspam: Time Lords!
David Tennant attempts to sign autographs with sonic screwdriver
'Who' nominated for four Nickelodeon awards
Tennant & Tate: Partners in Time
First Glimpse Of Doctor Who's Christmas Villain
Doctor's Prom Daleks invade concert
BBC Bringing Who, Torchwood to Comic-Con
John Barrowman is gay, apparently
Jack of all trades
Flower of Scotland
on John Barrowman
David Tennant mobbed as he takes to stage
Dr Who David Tennant mobbed after Hamlet performances
Doctor Who makes a special appearance at the Proms
Could anyone care less about John Barrowman's sexuality?
Doctor Who series 4 DVD
Doctor Who DVD news: Announcement for Doctor Who - The Complete 4th Series
The Doctor is in...on iTunes, that is
Torchwood Star Barrowman Up for Captain America Role
John Barrowman on the make

Talking Shop: Rupert Penry-Jones
Tonight's must-watch TV: BBC's Burn Up
TV ratings: 2.4 million tune in to Burn Up
Burn Up consumes 2.4m
Bonekickers (BBC1); Burn Up (BBC2)
Television: Burn Up|High Times|John Barrowman – The Making Of Me
Oil Executive Feels the Heat
Last Night on Television: Burn Up (BBC2)
Bummer: Burn Up isn't even lukewarm TV
A hunk, a hunk of burning love
This fiction was hotter than fact
Burn Up, BBC2
The finger-wagging of Burn Up (Penry-Jones)

24: Exile TV Movie and Acting Origins with Robert Carlyle and Gil Bellows
First look at the '24' prequel movie
24 Exile: the trailer!

Simon Pegg Reveals His Scotty Voice In ‘Star Trek’! And It Sounds A Wee Bit…Girly
Spaced: The Complete Series (review)
Simon: Doctor No (Pegg)
Spaced's Pegg Talks Trek, Who, And Why America Is #1
Gillian Anderson, Simon Pegg and Richard Simmons Visit "Late Show with David Letterman" - July 28, 2008
Comic-Con Bonus Video: Simon Pegg and Co. Speak

Billie Piper's stressed pregnancy
Billie Piper is planning a water birth
Lewis in action for new series
Secrets to pregnant Billie's sex scenes
Digital Spy's Celebrity Chart: May 30 (Fox)
Out of Morse's shadow, Lewis emerges his own man,21985,23362073-2902,00.html
Lewis' Laurence Fox brooks the idea of playing James Bond
Laurence Fox: when I met Billie Piper, it was just ‘wow'
Lewis picks up from Morse,0,1755860.story
'Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Lewis -- Series 1'
Solving the Crimes and Battling the Snobs
Inspector Lewis kicks off Mystery series on PBS,0,695830.story
'Lewis' channels the 'Inspector Morse' code
A British sleuth invasion heads to Masterpiece
Third series of Lewis
The 5-minute Interview: Kevin Whately, Actor
Laurence Fox
Lewis beats BBC enemy
Billie Piper pops to the pub
Billie and hubby go to pubby

Stella Artois and Jason Flemyng launch ‘Love Your Local’
Lock Stock star launches Love Your Local
Love Your Local launches in London

American Premiere of "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor - Red Carpet
American Premiere of "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor - After Party
American Premiere of "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor - Arrivals
Stills life: John Hannah

James Purefoy for The Philanthropist
NBC sees Purefoy as "Philanthropist"

Hanry Cavill, il sexy Charles Brandon di The Tudors
Arrivano i Tudors a tutto sesso!
Mother's Death Stunned Jonathan Rhys Meyers Into Sobriety
Is this Henry VIII I see before me? No, it's Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Dublin town centre

Fassbender plunges into 'Fish Tank'
Introducing...Michael Fassbender

‘Lord of the Rings’ actor Sean Bean arrested
Night in police cell for actor Bean
Sean Bean and fourth wife kiss and make up, just days after police arrest him over her alleged assault
Sean Bean spent a night in police cells
Actor Quizzed On Domestic Assault (Bean)

Robin Hood: l'eroe senza tempo (ma in versione molto moderna) arriva su Rete4
Bits and Bobs (Vol. 5): The Best of Richard Armitage
Bits and Bobs (Vol. 5 1/2): Exclusive 'Robin Hood' scoop from Richard Armitage!

James McAvoy in Arena Magazine - HQ Photos and Interview
James McAvoy a 'Wanted' man,22049,24003694-5006013,00.html
Why James McAvoy is Wanted
McAvoy enters the matrix
The Pajiba Ten: 2008's Most Bangalicious Celebrities (McAvoy)

Daniel Craig-- German Vogue Aug. 2008
The Premiere of Columbia Pictures "Pineapple Express" - Red Carpet and After Party
The Premiere of Columbia Pictures' "Pineapple Express"
Daniel Craig Rides The Pineapple Express
The Premiere of Columbia Pictures' "Pineapple Express" - Arrivals
Daniel Craig has to wear heels to play big and hunky Bond

Famous faces honour Kiwi's dramatic role (McGregor)
Ewan Mcgregor (video)
Ew're looking beret dandy!
On 'Long Way Down,' a Ride Full of Highs
I'm digging the blonde who gives to charity

BILL NIGHY,,20213067_20213322_20213200_1,00.html
'Underworld 3': Exclusive first look (Nighy)
Comic books slowly getting squeezed out of Comic-Con?

Look on my works, and despair (Statham),25197,23996562-15803,00.html
Actor Jason Statham banks on a scandal of royal, rich and famous,23739,24077310-5003420,00.html
Jason Statham earns respect for role in The Bank Job

Sir Sean's no tyrant, says his son
Connery is not a monster, says son

NBC Has Posted The Entire ComicCon Panel For Its Ian McShane Alternate-Universe Drama 'Kings'
If Jim Rockford Were an Expert in Antiques

BBC backs Merlin to be next Doctor Who
Hurt joins all-star Merlin TV cast

COLIN FIRTH,21985,23997458-5006023,00.html
Colin Firth talks about the challenges of Mamma Mia!
Colin Firth Joins Ealing's Dorian Gray

Notes on the Wire - Season five, episode two (West)
'Piazza di Spagna' Art Installation By Mike Figgis And Massimo Vitali

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