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more snafu rated MA for a quick snog

As promised, the quicksand bit. As Hound of the Baskervilles and Adventure Inc reminded me, I'd be remiss if I didn't throw a bit of quicksand into this fic. Have no idea where it'll fit but I'm sure I can slot it in somewhere. Only took me ten minutes. Now if only I could more moments of peace and quiet, imagine what I could do...

    Daniel. It always had to be Daniel. When they got back Jack was going to see if he could get him chipped or belled or something. Or something.

    What was so hard about staying on the track, walking where Jack walked? Could he not, for five minutes, keep his mind on where he was and not on what was over the horizon?

    "Stay still," Jack instructed tersely. "Don't try to swim or move or it'll suck you down. Just relax and I'll have you out in a jiffy," he reassured, looking completely in control as he measured a limber length of sapling and hacked it off, then slowly crawled out to where Daniel was slowly sinking, first on his hands and knees and then on his stomach, reaching out as far as he could, fishing for Daniel with his bit of tree. Looked like he knew he was doing, yeah. He could barely breathe, watching Daniel sink a good centimetre every second into the mire.

    "Just grab it," Jack begged and watched helplessly as Daniel trashed about, sinking further and faster than ever as he tried to grope for the branch. Invisible hands were pulling his beloved down into the mud to drown and with one last desperate effort Jack stabbed at the sucking muck where Daniel had vanished beneath the surface and struck something solid. A weight suddenly pulled on his little length of sapling and he leant back and pulled, knowing he'd caught something.

    Muscles straining Jack rolled and skidded in the mud as he dragged himself and his catch back, slowly, too slowly until at last a heaving swamp monster emerged and began to pull itself up onto the surface, climbing over the pole and finally collapsing onto Jack, coughing and choking, blowing snot and slime all over him but Jack didn't care just in that moment, hugging a heaving Daniel tight.

    "You fucking idiot," he groused. "I told you to watch where you put your feet. These things can suck down a steam engine you know."

    Daniel just nodded and Jack just wiped his face clear, leaving the rest of the swamp to stick to him - at least it was protection from the mosquitos. Jack waited a few moments until Daniel got his breath back and his own heart stopped thumping at a thousand beats per minute and one long, muddy tongue kiss later they were standing, both a little worse for wear, moving off along the path Jack was beginning to know by heart.



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