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In Performance: "Eh Joe" - The New York Times (Neeson)
Once were villains (Oldman)
Cockney lad breaks the mould (Statham)
New Auschwitz drama for BBC (Graves)
McDiarmid, Fox and Hardy to appear in BBC2 Margaret Thatcher drama
SDCC 08: Lionsgate at the Con (Stevenson)
Bits and Bobs (Vol. 3): Some Joes You Should Know
BBC's 'Robin Hood' is silly, simple enjoyment
The beachy side of television (Miller)
Primeval shakes off Doctor Who comparisons as it prepares for USA debut
Katie Holmes & Jonny Lee Miller Team Up
Exclusive: McKellen IS Gandalf
School launches a new website to be proud of (Warren)
Scots star Robert Carlyle joins cast of 24 for new TV movie
West and Wilton to Star in Donmar's 'The Family Reunion'
Have you seen that scene?
'Hunger' Sets Irish Cinema Release Date
A day in the life of press tour: NBC (Lewis)

Caine: 'I'm too old for stunts'
michael caine... is awesome!

Christian Bale Denies Assaulting Mother and Sister
Police question Batman star
Bale 'lost temper' on Terminator 4 set
Christian Bale arrested for 'assault on mother and sister',23739,24059333-5003420,00.html
Mum, sister accuse Batman's Christian Bale of assault
'Batman works in the shadows ... I'm the white knight'
Batman arrested over 'attack on his mother',21985,24033461-5006023,00.html
Christian Bale talks about playing Batman as The Dark Knight
Batman star Christian Bale faces assault claim
Dark Knight Premiere
Batman star Christian Bale in family fallout
Was Blockbuster Pressure Too Much for Bale?
Batman star appeals for privacy
Bale's grief about Ledger may be linked to blow up
Batman star denies assaulting mother, sister
Batman star accused of assault
Dark Knight premieres in New York
Batman star Christian Bale arrested
Christian Bale: Batman actor arrested over alleged assault
Bale: I like Batman's duality
Christian: My superhero was my dad
Batman star denies assaulting mother, sister
Dark Knight's Christian Bale denies assault
Batman arrested over 'attack on his mother'
People in the News: A dark night for 'Batman' star Christian Bale
Making movies opens doors for Christian
Batman star bailed after police quiz
Christian arrested over assault claims
Bale on bail,22606,24059343-5006346,00.html
Did Batman star Christian Bale assault his mum?,22049,24067866-5001026,00.html
Dark side of the Dark Knight,22606,24063785-5006346,00.html
Holy halo! Batman star Christian Bale bailed after alleged assault,0,7144730.story
Christian Bale denies assault
'Dark Knight' Christian Bale arrested for alleged assault! Of his mother and sister?
Bale assault linked to Ledger grief
Bale quizzed over ‘family assault’
Troubled actor sweeps into Spain
Batmobile leads stars down the red carpet
‘Dark Knight’ Star Denies Assault
Christian facing assault quiz
Batman star, Christian Bale, arrested after ‘attacking his mother and sister in hotel suite’
Terminator Salvation
Batman star Bale arrested over assault
Bale: 'I was bullied because of fame'
Batman star asks for privacy,23739,24059333-5012980,00.html?referrer=email
Mum, sister accuse Batman's Christian Bale of assault
First look at Terminator 4
Bale asks for privacy in assault allegations
Bale asks for privacy over assault claims
Batman star denies family's assault allegation
Bale asks for privacy in assault allegations,23739,24063866-5012980,00.html?referrer=email
Batman star Christian Bale denies bashing mum, sister
Dark Knight makes light work of box office
Batman star Christian Bale in family fallout,21985,24059519-5012974,00.html
Sister reports Batman star Christian Bale to police
'Dark Knight' finishes with record $158.4 million
Batman Rules the Night, and the Whole Weekend,22049,24058969-5001021,00.html
Batman to be quizzed by police over bust-up
Dark Knight premiere
Batman star in holy dust-up?
Bale arrested for 'assault on mother and sister',21985,24064705-5012974,00.html
Christian Bale's problems with marriage, Heath Ledger's death
Batman film has London premiere
Batman star bailed over 'assault'
Bale's Bad Memory
"The Dark Knight" European Premiere In London
Dark Knight premieres in London,22049,24063930-5001026,00.html
Christian Bale gets bail, denies assault allegation sister, mother
Why women can't handle 'Dark Knight',2933,386901,00.html
Christian Bale Takes Some Time Out for Family
Christian Bale Has Father-Daughter Day
Christian Bale's career
Christian Bale 'fought with mother after she insulted his wife'
Christian Bale: The Double Life is Killing Me
Batman film smashes box office record on opening day
Bale warned off actors from taking 'American Psycho' role
Dark Knight takes a record $155m
The Dark Knight: Stars attend European premiere of the latest Batman film

Who is Hamlet: Playing the Time Lord is perfect preparation for David Tennant's new role¤t=doctorstig.jpg¤t=davidtennant23.jpg
Gay John to adopt Asian tot
David Tennant: from Doctor Who to Hamlet
John Barrowman wants to have kids
my husband and captain jean luc picard of the uss enterprise rehearse hamlet together
Show Pics: David Tennant Rehearses RSC Hamlet
Doctor Who signing ban at Hamlet
the fires of pompeii picpost
Royal Shakespeare Company: Shop online
Tennant & Tate: Partners in Time
My favourite movie star . . .Audrey Hepburn by David Tennant
Massive pay rumours for Who star
'Dr. Who,' 'Torchwood' and the BBC at Comic-Con
Real Life: A Boy Fae Glasgay
John Barrowman Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Soup
Why is John Barrowman gay?
John Barrowman reveals his kilty secret on The Making of Me
Documentary Tests Gay Theories
Torchwood Star Undergoes Gay Testing
David Tennant grabs a spot of lunch in Stratford
John Barrowman's 'sexual lie detector' test goes off the scale
Television: Burn Up|High Times|John Barrowman – The Making Of Me
John's 'orphanage ban'
Just what the Doctor ordered
SDCC: Torchwood Star Up for Captain America?
Freema tortures Torchwood
Doctor Who signing ban at Hamlet
Exclusive Interview With Doctor Who's Steven Moffat
Thursday's TV & radio choices
David Tennant: from Doctor Who to Hamlet
Doctor Who: Who Could Be A Millionaire In 2009
Sci-fi merchandise banned from Hamlet
Who's in and out of Your Charts?
Pegg not interested in Doctor Who$3-million-to-stay-in-Doctor-Who-_a106458.html
David Tennant offered $3 million to stay in Doctor Who.

Pounds 12m for McAvoy
Raisin d'etre (McAvoy)
How to be an action star (McAvoy),22049,24003694-5006013,00.html
Why James McAvoy is Wanted
James McAvoy’s Gas Problems
How to be an action star
James McAvoy reveals violently farting
Raisin d'etre (McAvoy)

Jodie and Ronan get into the swing of celeb golf tournament
People: Russell Brand, Philip Glenister
Wiltshire police officers voted 'bravest cops'

John Simm
"The Dark Knight" European Premiere In London (Simm)
John Simm: The time of his life

Ew wants to stay in London? (McGregor)
McGregor moving from London to Los Angeles
Long way round, tough way out

Delays on Wollongong to Sydney road (Boorman),,24061473-5006014,00.html
Charley's solo Sydney jaunt,22049,24061473-5006014,00.html
Charley's solo Sydney jaunt
Boorman's Sydney or bust, the old way

Purefoy in talks to lead 'Philanthropist'
NBC sees Purefoy as "Philanthropist"
Beau Brummell: This Charming Man (2007)
James Purefoy circles NBC series
Purefoy turns Philanthropist

'I'm the least trendy guy in Hollywood - Rhys
The rise and rise of the ‘unfashionable’ Matthew Rhys

Brideshead Revisited to feature lip-on-lip gay lovin' (that ends in heartbreak, Catholicism)
BRIDESHEAD REVISTED – 7 Movie Clips and the Trailer
Brideshead Revisited
"Brideshead Revisited:" Movie doesn't match the series, but then, how could it?
This time, the trip to revive 'Brideshead' is cut short this time
Matthew Goode and Hayley Atwell talk about Brideshead Revisited
Revisiting ‘Brideshead Revisited’
Brideshead Revisited 'will upset purists' with gay kiss
U.K. stars ready to invade with ‘Brides’

Burn Up: Oil on troubled waters (Penry-Jones)
Spooks star kicks off a day of fun
Even oilmen believe our planet is burning up, says Full Monty writer behind terrifying TV drama
TV matters
Will BBC2's new thriller charm us into taking notice of climate change?
Burn Up
Talking Shop: Rupert Penry-Jones
Last Night on Television: Burn Up (BBC2)
Rupert bares all for Burn Up
Rupert's green concerns
Best Of This Week's Tv: Weather Warning A Slow Burner

Jason won't get a Moneypenny
Connery brands ex-wife's claims 'insane',22049,24067738-5012964,00.html
Sean Connery slams Australian ex wife Diane Cilento

Jude Law doesn’t want anything too serious with Lily Cole
Jude Law is a Dior Dude
Now you see it: Jude Law's once lush hair makes a reappearance

Michelle Ryan and John Hurt join all-star cast for Merlin
Hurt joins all-star cast of Merlin

Daniel Craig's action heels
Daniel's 007 inch heels

Hot Mamma! (Firth)
Super trouper (Firth)
Firth holds forth
On Location for "The Greatest" - July 23, 2008 (Brosnan),21985,23997458-5006023,00.html
Colin Firth talks about the challenges of Mamma Mia!,21985,23952649-5006023,00.html
Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth camp it up for Mamma Mia!,21985,23996235-5006023,00.html
Melbourne premiere of Mamma Mia! is right up Colin's street
007 and Queen top gay icons (Brosnan)

Why Billy Connolly's latest role is no laughing matter
Billy likes the darker roles

Midsomer? Don't go there...
Witchcraft and magic come to Midsomer

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