mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

my eyes! my eyes!

This morning I was treated to the great Chief Inspector smackdown: Morse v Foyle. Well, not really, but it was MK in Morse, albeit younger with a vaguely disturbing bad 90s hair perm, but essentially still Foyle.

Thus I was treated to such exchanges as:
Morse (nostril flair)
Foyle: (eyebrow raise)
Morse: (superior glare)
Foyle: (disdainful headtilt)

And so on and so forth. Meanwhile we were also treated to scenes of Lewis picking at his toe jam in the hotel room. That's an image that's gonna stay. For a while. Did I mention he was sans trou? (at 5am that was a big ask of the old optics).

Boggle. Anyways, last night, watched great doco on Norman castles (do Norman castles beat watching Laurence? Don't make me choose!) then Rex, then fell asleep.

Now I'm at a course, struggling to keep up, but amusing folks with horrors stories about our IT dept. With any luck they'll be the It dept folks tell stories about to scare them into behaving, like the Black Douglas.


(still can't shake that image....)
Tags: inspector morse

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