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I don't often have the luck to have a dream like this

This week is brought to you by The Man Who Was Thursday. Even Lewis namechecked it: "I've heard of that story - The Man Who Was Thursday." (Dexter 1994, Daughters of Cain)

It's just one of those freaky coincidences where a song or name will just pop up everywhere until you're quite sure you're going mad, like Sam Tyler mad. So for me, this week has been wallpapered by The Man who Was Thursday. I suppose it befalls me to now actually read the bloody book (good luck find a copy in this bookshop shy town - better dead than read).

But right now I'm reading Morse. And freaky, cause I had Lewis quoting Wind in The Willows, and he's just mentioned it's his fave book. Ah, but my respect for Lewis grows in leaps and bounds. I was watching the (cultural) cringeworthy Oz episode (featuring a very young and beguiling Noah Taylor) and Lewis went straight for the VB. Morse might ponce about with wine lists but Lewis knows where it's at.

Still, it was worth watching to see the poor thesps near eaten by flies. Thank goodness they just import Oz actors for Xmas specials these days.

Also, we're nearing the end of the series and I remarked that Lewis had stalked off on one of his rare strops and the Peanut Gallery demanded to know what show I was watching, and accused me of watching it wrong. Well, yes, Lewis is the queen of passive aggressive, but he was being a bit more acting out boy than usual. Maybe I am watching it wrong, yikes.

That's pretty much my weekend: Morse, Dr Who and Rex. If they had to pitch a tv prog to me it'd be an eccentric and arrogant time travelling cop, and his dog. Which is pretty much the Tom Baker years, anyway - snerk.

Okay, not entirely. I did watch #7 of Torchwood series two yesterday because it was my day off and it rained on me walking back from the shops so I went off to watch a dvd and by the time it finished and I tottered out for a cuppa it was blue skies and sunshine (cue much flailing about with laundry and gardening). Anyways, just how many G&Ts had I consumed to actually make myself think I gave a damn about the fate of Owen or anyone in that group? Torchwood is brilliant when staying with permanently pissed rellies, but a complete bloody shambles when watched stone cold sober.

I also caught up on some Primeval on Saturday night, because it was cold and I was in bed, itchy, cold and woozy on Boots pissweak "non-drowsy" (ironic quotemarks) antihistamines and I was remembering a similiar night and wondering what ever did happen on that Tremors ripoff episode, so I
watched it. It unfolded exactly as D had described it, and while I though the sand slide was cheesy beyond measure, 9yr old D loved it, and he's the target audience, so that puts me in my place. Weirdly, on the other side of the planet, I found myself enjoying Primeval more than Torchwood (where the opposite was true back in Feb). Maybe it was just the time and place (and units of alchohol consumed).

Thank heavens for Amazon because I was going to (attempt) be downloady pirate girl but never even went near the poor old PC this last weekend. I tried another batch of marmalade instead, sure I knew where I'd gone wrong, and while this batch is much improved it's still breathtakingly bitter (some tiny blame must lie with the fruit, as not even the cockatoos or possums are that interested this year) so I'm going to have to give this whole marmalde lark away. And I will be giving it away. Oh yes, you'll know precisely whose been naughty or nice this Xmas - mwahaha!

Also watched Silent Witness (j'adore Harry) and Spooks (ditto).

And yes, I managed to see off our intrepid explorer at the airport. He packs more than I do for a couple of months in the UK (superior smugness). He's in Wellywood now, befuddled by their edits of Life on Mars: "...without the animated bit! But with Sam telling Annie he's just come out of a music box and warning Gene to stay out of Camberwick Green!"

I was whining about Top Gear no longer playing the celebrity in a reasonably priced car bits. I'll never see DT's lap now - weep!

It was the episode where the boys tried to salute British Leyland, with the very memorable egg test and the water test and the hilltop parking (they should have tried that with my Mum's old 120Y - the Stig wouldn't have been so smug then, the handbrake was always cactus). Yep, James' sulking over being covered with egg was adorable, and right up there with Sam Winchester's "I lost my shoe".

And now, to pay back all those orange (?!) clad freaks who made it so impossible to get my usual apple and coffee for lunch (had to go without - grrr) I'm gonna go home and torture the pretty blond boy who got kicked out of the seminary.

Btw, the Federal Court threw out the anti t-shirt laws. Hooray!

Oh yeah, also watched Five Go Mad in Dorset. Just because.
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