mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

erky perky

Yikes, you know you work for the government when you see men proudly wearing long socks and shorts sneaking a snoko outside your building. They're a dying breed, so you should try to catch them while you can. I was out to get some "fresh" air. I use ironic quotation marks because while the sky is blue if you look straight up, it's actually brown on the horizontal view. Erky Perky.

Ducked out also to cheer myself up with another carton of Oak. I've decided that's my treat for the day. Drew has suggested I try OPtus, but I doubt I'll be able to circumvent the wicked witch of the west. She's been handed control of the one part of my life she had no control over - how it must have kept her up nights. Not to mention the destruction of my garden. Move the pots and they'll be fine. Yeah, right. I knew what to expect. Half of the pots have been broken to pieces by "cats" (please note only one pot ever lost in the five years prior to the forced removal) and of those plants that were left, about 75% have died from lack of water, sun, etc.

So she's hobbled my net connection, killed my garden, admitted she's in my room every day, thrown out countless belongings of mine, destroyed clothing, forbidden me to go out, locked me out, forbidden me to have friends over...I could go on and on and you know I can. It's postively Brothers Grimm, I tell you. Haven't even mentioned her passive aggressive "accidents" like stabbing me with knives, handing me super heated objects, scalding me with hot water, etc. And then there are the relatives who left me here to look after the house and everything when I was ten, with both parents certifiably incapable of looking after themselves, let alone me. If I end up like Norman Bates, well, every girl has her snapping point. And she's rather crossed my line now. I thought I'd never bear the loss of my garden, but I turned back to working on the net night and day. Now she's after that. I guess I'll be scrubbing floors all night after all. If only that would make her happy and leave me alone, but it never has. Wanted: One Prince...



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