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no click clack on this trip

Nothing much happening of great import except a visit from the plumber (the trees had got into the pipes again). This meant making sure all the access points were accessible, but instead of being allowed to leave on time as agreed I had to stay back late for some interdepartmental tomfoolery.

Which meant I had to shift pot plants and tiles and the like in the dark. By torch light. In heavy sleet. Oh yes, it was sleet all right. It started to spit sleet while I was walking down to the station with a Scots friend who confirmed my sleety suspiscions (it's the snow they've been having everywhere else). Less than fun.

Scots friend was just back from Syria. Like me, she has lots of rellies in industries in countries where Michael Palin fears to tread. Unlike me, she's actually been there - I am so jealous.

Anyway, frozen frolics over I curled up in my best Aberdeenshire woolies on the sofa to watch some tv, just last week's Rex, which I'd missed, and Rome.

I'm still boggled that Rex is a kids show, because, to be honest, Skippy wasn't so much with the full frontal nudity and grisly murders, but there you go. This was a femme fatale and the loser she had in her thrall, but we were more concerned over poor Sissi, who only gets the call from Moser when he thinks there's a good chance she might get shot (get out of that relationship, girlfriennd) and then Moser nearly got poor Rex run over by a train and blowed up. Bit of a bastard, that Moser, and what's with insisting Rex answer the phone anyway, shouldn't that be the job of the one with the power of speech?

Anyhoo, Peanut Gallery chuckled over Rex's palming, if that's the word, of the ham sandwiches, much like the gallery staff with meeting leftovers (ham sandwiches not being big with the trustees, for some reason). Considering we were munching meeting leftovers which I'd been allowed to take home as minor compensation for having to work back late (payment would be nice, but I'll settle for leftovers).

What really amused us though was the SBS subtitles, once world class but sadly no longer, when they translated SWAT team as SWOT team. After that it was all: "SWOT! It's like Numb3rs, only nerdier!" and "I have solved this crime with a maths equation, a blackboard and my test tubes!"

Sigh. Whatever happened to kicking down doors and kicking in heads and clocking prozzers and snarling "Get yer trousers on, yer nicked!" and where the hell is my Ashes to Ashes box set? Am bemused that Phil reckons the key to effective old school tv coppering is slamming the cars doors simultaneously. He's right – that's what makes the opening titles of Homicide so iconic.

Rome featured the usual vicious political manouevering and literal back stabbing and throat slitting and beheading and Ant in a snit (when he wasn't shagging everything in sight) and Vorenus stumbling around in a daze until the fierce man-love of his bestie saves him, or at least keeps him in one piece to slaughter another day. We're about to start the Dark!Vorenus arc, which I found a bit tedious, to be honest, but I'm enjoying these Wednesday night sessions immensely so I'm hoping to find more in the plot that initial viewings provided. And Titus' care and loyalty to his grief crazed buddy was something to behold, in any case. Ah, why aren't more shows like this? I really enjoyed it, and I was totally sucked in, except the bit where they mourned over Vorenuses' dead missus and I kept thinking it was for the best that the didn't fetch the glove - grin.

Yeah, my Torchwood set finally arrived yesterday, but I've yet to slit open the cellophane, I'm saving it up for next week (although I've got so much to do next week I'm not sure where I'll fit it in).

Meanwhile, must I provide all the content for the interwebs? Okay, not really but it sure felt that way when I did two different searches for two different things and both times I just got my own websites back. Harumph. Obviously it's a niche market of one, then. Sigh. I know I have obscure interests, but seriously, the only one on the planet?

Never mind. I swear it was so cold there was black ice on the road at 5am this morning. Not that I'm an expert and I had no opportunity to test my hypothesis with traffic bearing down in me in both directions but I definitely went for a cartoon skid when I stepped on the road and I normally don't on that roughly paved road in my docs.

Not that I have much experience of black ice excepting the few patches I hit on my regular walks to the phone box on the hill near my Aunt's place in Wick. I tell ya, a more destroyed looking phonebox you could not imagine, both the vandals and evironment having ravaged it with busted windows and buttons so rusted they barely worked and yet it managed far more crystal clear calls to home than my office phone. I'm fond of that phonebox, but I suppose it will go, along with the post office that sold me my phone cards (my mobile was for emergencies only as it was like $50 a call, and that's with the UK option enabled) despite the heroic amount of postage I sent home, including (and it arrived in one piece!) a carefully wrapped Doctor Who six figure pack.

I'm dreadful when I go to the UK. I start off with a bag that weighs nine kilos and return with one that weighs twice that, only now you're not allowed, hence the heroic posting. Mind you, I still carried home a box set of Lewis, a bottle of scotch and a Richard Armitage action figure in amongst my knickers, which sounds like a rather good start to a Saturday night in, if you don't mind me saying so - grin.

I wish I'd brought home more of the Old Pulteney. I've got a taste for the stuff now, and nothing else will do. It's a rather fine drop, as evinced by the bottle I gave to my uncle that vanished into the vback of the cupboard, and the chick in the Glasgow Borders who complimented on my taste as I was wearing my Old Pulteney coat (that I had to buy like a dumb tourist, as my regular winter coat was as useless as a wet tissue in the weather up there). Sigh.
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