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Oi! British newspapers! Spoilers!

Sheesh. Some poor impoverished mud hut dwellers have only just started the series, you know. Harumph.
I mean, fair enough in the tv sections, but on the front page? That's just mean, that is.

Anyway, so yeah, we finally got Partners In Crime last night. Partners in Crime is right. It was a bit Remington Steele, more than a bit (and the Peanut Gallery was going to slap somebody if they'd not stopped running around when they did). It wasn't brilliant, but then it wasn't written by Mr Moffat, so that's a given. I don't suppose it was any worse than the silliest Remington Steele episode, but that's not really my bag any more, sadly (I like my silly with a bit more style, a bit more wit and a bit less running about and shouting a lot).

Oh well. At least if I ever miss my mother I can replay Donna's mother's constant miserable nagging (near enough is good enough, she should have thrown in a few more fat comments as well).

Other television was a little more satisfying. UKTV are playing Sense and Sensibility so there was Jane Austen on Sunday, and I'm enjoying it more the second time around. You know, the first time I was anxious to see how they were treating the book this time, for the second viewing I can just wallow in the series itself, for itself. Still not a huge fan of Mr Cooper, but it has David Morrissey in it, and that'll do for me.

Yeah, Ten was playing Dexter but I'd seen some Dexter earlier that evening and I was more of a mood for Jane after titting about on the internet for a bit and I was all Miami'd out anyway after indulging in an entire disk of Burn Notice on Saturday (thanks to the amount of American ads, three episodes fly by in less time it takes to watch one British episode. At least it seems that way. Certainly it didn't take the time allotted).

I do like Burn Notice and I'm gratified to see friends hopping aboard the Burn Notice wagon. It reminds me of shows I used to love, which was the point of it, I understand. Which is cool, that folks my age are making the tv I want to watch right now (Kudos, Who, etc). Fuck knows what I'm gonna do once the BB generation get control though. Read?

I also managed to watch Jericho, the episode with the gay runners, featuring, oh, lookiesee, it's Laurence Fox, again, in yet another shower scene, the tart. Gorgeous tart, though. He plays party boy whose a bit of a bastard and whom doesn't entirely deserve what he gets (especially as it means I'm sans Laurence for a large part of the episode), but still. Don't know about the brown hair, either, but I'll cope. And if they're going to be annoyed about actors smoking on film, ye gods, that's nearly Laurence's entire body of work. I can well imagine the deleted scene in Golden Age where Sir Christopher Hatton excitedly wets himself because yummy Sir Walt has just brought back tobacco.

But I digress (and smoking is wrong, kids, but Laurence is just The Sex when he smokes on film, I'm afraid). I like Jericho, but I agree with a friend they could have fleshed out the back story just a tad before dumping yet another grumpy old copper on us, but never mind.

Also ff'd through just the Laurence bits in Island at War, just cause (well, just cause I was between washing machine cycles, it was cold and I was bored). Yep, even whipped through most of a shiny booted Mr Glenister this time. Laurence is so sweet in that, even if he is playing the enemy, technically. The cod Cherman accent is a bit dodgy, though, if amusingly so. One could be kind and call it old school. He sounds exactly like a WWII film German, not a real one, and I suppose he is a WWII film German, but that's just adding layers of post modern meta-text to a piece that probably should really do without, weird WWII occupied soap that it is. Never mind, he is again The Sex and I'd provide caps as proof but someone somewhere has probably already done superior caps (though I coldn't find any).

I know, obsessed much? Sorry, in the throes of the fic, I need my muse (does anyone know where I could find good piccies of Billie Piper's better half?). Although Lewis is oddly far more muse-y. Even printed Lewis. I tried to find some more Morses in the 2nd hand bookshop but alas my endeavours came to nowt. Ooops, bad pun, sorry.

Oh yeah, we also watched some classic Avengers as Agnes Wales had got another box set of Cathy in. It was the white elephant episode. Where does one start? If I was one of those prune like letter writers I'd have a cramp just from the smoking (huge, huge forest fires of tobacco) before we ever got to anything else, not the least Steed inspecting the shop that sold various chains, cages and restraints and the sales assistant enquiring if Steed was in the market for biped or quadruped. Why doesn't Lewis ever get this seriously kinky and weird, especially as the eccentrically homical upper classes in The Avengers are only this far along the scale from those in Lewis.

Which of course led to more silly plot ideas, including publishers torn to shreds, killer phones (1964 in the Avengers, whoo!) and killer kitties. Or perhaps an old theology professor starts getting all Dr Phibes on his rivals (I prefer Dr Goldfoot but alas Dr Goldfoot is more a polytech man).

But I digress, again (but I shall keep in mind that the Avengers is a storehouse of stories about the aristocratic and the insane).

Other than that, not much. Tried my manadarin marmalade. Not bad, except there being too much pith which leaves a bitter aftertate. Oh well, live and learn.

And now I'm having a truly shitty day at work here with irrational folk and IT shuddering to a halt. So much fun. Can I at least get a seat on the bus for part of the way so I can have happy porny Oxford thoughts?
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