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Apologies for the late running BNW. Having a week from hell workwise here, lotsa screaming, long hours*, even longer hours stuck in non moving traffic commutes and by the time I get home I'm stupid tired and cranky (not to mention bus sick) and therefore not my best for the web. So it'll be a double bumper issue, 'kay?

At least last night there was chicken soup and a Doctor waiting for me. Just a repeat of the old spider down the plughole Xmas special, but still, better than nowt.

I also got to see nearly three quarters of Long Way Down. I shoulda been taping it because a) I never get to see it and b) what little I have seen often seems different to the dvd version (and it's not just me, otherwise I'd think it was the ol' attention span slipping).

My never mind that. Best and most brilliant of all was a way-way-better-than-xmas parcel waiting for me from sleeper_frost. Squee! Happiness, wrapped in plastic. Just perfect and so very much appreciated: you probably heard the BatFink like SQUEEs beeping their way across the Pacific.

Oh, if ever I needed shiny things, it was last night.

Also acquired the last volume of the Morse sets (they ain't cheap so they'd been relegated far down the list of necessaries but now they come under that wonderful umbrella of 'reference materials'). Speaking of which, in amongst the chaos I've managed to jot down a few pages of the continuing adventures Lewis and Hathaway. It's fun. I like them. They're cute. It's kinda weird writing three at once but it's pretty much SOP for me as I leap all over the place in the narrative as inspiration strikes (bearing in mind that by the time we get part three we're completely in au land due to events in parts one and two). I think I love those boys.

No, I'm not treading any new ground, but the comfy factor is part of the the fun, like I don't have to tie myself up in knots to write British tv cops too much, I think I can manage the basics (but I'm sure someone will hammer me on some fact I forgot to check or deliberately fudged for purposes dramatis).

You know what's really, really weird/scary/creepy? When the lads know stuff I don't. They are so writing themselves. So don't look at me, I'm just along for the ride.

Oh, I forgot to mention I saw a bit of Top Gear on Monday, but I was sufffering violent travel sickness for the most part, which is ironic because it was the public transport challenge episode. That was fun: Hamster swearing at buses, James getting quietly lost, Jezza zooming up the Thames Bond style (try doing that after the Doc's gone an drained it) and the Stig on the Tube - my fave (mind you, I once saw a man dressed as a polar bear on the tube, so I can't imagine why folks batted an eye over the Stig).

That was it for Monday. After the Top Gear credits rolled it was a short stagger to the bed and that's all, folks.

Oh, this is a week, indeed.
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