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"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."
Well, that's how it felt, anyway. It's a Lloyd Bridges line from Flying High (or Airplane as it was called in the rest of the world), btw (Perkins paste nibbler, stencil snuffler, but never an Airfix habit, I must report).

It was just that sort of day, and me all crampy and hormonal and bleeding like a stuck pig. So not happy. Still, I managed to whip up some very minor php apps in the ten minutes alloted with half a doz. mersyndols rattling around inside me, which I consider not a bad effort, considering. My wee radio and chocolate and a hot water bottle and many, many cups of tea also cushioned the blows.

Poor Peanut Gallery meanwhile lost his new, expensive, best gloves during an incident with a scarf, a camera strap and gale force winds. I tried to be sympathetic, but I was stuck having a bad day at the office, not a day out at the zoo. Harumph.

Never mind. I've networked against my usual shy and submissive nature (don't laugh) and set him up with the curator of the exhibition he wants to see, a cousin of a co-worker. I've never pressed on a connection before. It still feels very impolite, but this year the lesson is actually asking for favours (folks can only say no). I'm trying to learn to be more assertive and less passive agressive, but it's hard, what with my domineering mother having redefined passive agressive and just plain mean. Anyway, trying to line that up, in my new grown up persona.

TV. The only other thing in my life at the moment. Well, not quite. I've started on those Morse books I picked up in the second hand shop. I'm sorry, but I much prefer Reg Hill. The Morse books are overy fussy and prissy. much like Morse himself, and I'm made to feel very much like Lewis: constantly shat upon because I only had a crap state education (if you could even call it that). At least the D&P books are very, very darkly funny as well as being geuinely educational, but in a sharing hey this is cool stuff kinda way, not an excluding showy-offy way (and believe me, I've known a few pontificating professors in my time).

Speaking of Lewis, my own version of Lewis is becoming very much his own creature, and he's always surprising me (shocking even, I mean, you did what on the A40?!). I really like him. The muse wandered off for a bit, but some scenes suddenly popped into my head as we rattled across one of the many bridges I have to cross on the way into work.

I know I should be more journeyman in my fic-ing and not wait for that elusive lightning to strike, but it's so much easier when it does. Was beginning to think I'd over committed just a wee bit to attempting to write three stories at once - yikes. But they're all off and, if not running, stumbling along in their own ways. Might as well while the iron's hot and I can feel poor Sam Tyler having metaphor abuse driven apoplexy at this point.

Oh yeah, did I mention they're repeating Life on Mars at lunchtime on UK TV? Thanks to the hot water bottle I've seen 2, 4 and 6, and loved every minute of it (well, less six, but a girl can't have everything and Gene and Sam end up handcuffed together afterall and Sam kept mentioning doughnuts and now I have an insane craving for that staple of the 70s culinary art: the pineapple donought).
Also spotted La Armitage in a Lynley on Monday arvo.

They're also repeating Morse in the wee hours. I'm glad I decided to opt for the 4am session because we had a massive blackout in the middle of the night so there wouldn't have been much in the way of Morse, otherwise. I woke up and it was utterly dark. Completely couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed dark, but it wasn't until I reahed for me bed light and nothing happened that I realised what the go was. Even the streetlight was out. I had no idea how entirely not dark my room usually was until then. Or I'd forgotten, Whatever. I had to wait until the power came back on, then reset Morse and by then, well, so much for sleeping. Sigh.

Anyway last night I watched French cops, Austrian cops and British cops. Caught up on Spiral, the "new" French cop show on SBS. I was a bit nervous, thinking it'd be nothing but folks smoking and shouting in cafes. Well, a bit of that but mainly it's just a Gallic Law & Order with the usual tropes: bent copper, hooker with heart of cold, career bitch cop, deeply eccentric legal persons, etc. The court dress is very spiffy, btw. Like Australian or British courts, only more chic (of course). The Peanut Gallery would like our American cousins to take note that one can still be a republic, but with style.

So, a fairly easily digestible French cop show. They speak so fast, though. Can somebody tell me what the French is for fuckwit? I didn't catch it (it was muttered), and I'd love to use it in a sentence - grin.

Meanwhile in Austria, everyone, even Rex, is forgotten as Moser buddies up with the new guy (okay, it's so not new, but I'd not seen this season before). Moser and the new guy are so doing it. I'd been told Rex was slashy and I could never see it, but now I do. All that adjusting of ties and leaning in real close - not the non verbals of colleagues. Trouble is, I can't stand the new guy. Rex, you have my permission to resume your bunny boiling ways.

Mayo continues to be weird yet vaguely enjoyable fluff. I'm just really not sure where they're going with blondie's outfits. It's like Alexandra Bastedo in The Champions, only gone wrong, somehow.

But back to Lewis. I read in the New York Times that it was screening on PBS, and introduced by young Mr Cumming. no less. Can somebody YouTube the intros for me? I'd love to hear what he has to say about my favourite boys (especially blondie bear). Oh dearie me.

Oh, lucky! I popped down to one of the two v.good second bookshops I now work next to (yay) and I found the very book I was looking for. This never happens.

Oh, and this amuses me. Guess who the numero uno person is in the British entertainment industry right now? It's not the Doctor.
A few hairy moments
TV ratings: Top Gear return pushes Royal into third place
A Genetic Quest for Better Chocolate
Regenerate! Fans revive 60s Doctor Who
When all that glittered turned to hard-rock gold
Scientists at Porton Down researched comical non-lethal crowd control devices
Jared Padalecki: Wearing Pink, Answering Questions¤t=0006syyq.jpg¤t=04.jpg
Supernatural's Kripke Signs Deal
New Movie Stills!
Piper fears nudity will ruin Hollywood career
Samuel Lysons
Samuel Lysons,0,1232733.story
Researchers hit a homer with 'The Odyssey'
'Neanderthal tools' found at dig
Ben Affleck trades acting for TV reporting
Christopher Hatton
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Smits is back in Miami for "Dexter"
Monster mash gives ad boss nightmares
Viggo post
Human bones
Legal aspects of burial archaeology
Archaeology websites
Baby pulled from river dies
Dig shows Paris is 3,000 years older than first thought
Cut! Actors' strike threatens to bring Hollywood to a standstill
Movie stars clash in Hollywood union brawl
"Our descendants may look at us and say, 'God, these were the most gullible people who ever lived.'"
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