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I met Jared. We talked about Jensen's crotch.

I know, I know. I tried to be on my best behaviour, but I'm begiining to understand that I don't have one.

It all started so harmlessly, too. I'd paid for a ticket with autograph, and while the US versions of the dvd are all slick and shiny, slick and shiny isn't best for autographs I thought. Besides, the crap extra-less R4 set I have I'm kind of attached to, got me through some tough times.

So I took that along and Jared asked did I want it signed front or back and I said front and demonstrated how the vindictive store clerk (Tim, who's a Jared man) had stuck a large label over Jensen's head. Jared thought this was so hilarious he said he just had to tell Jensen. Then he was even more amused that they'd stuck another label over Jensen's crotch. This really amused him. Really, really amused him.

Trying the steer the conversation away from the lee shore we seemed to be listing towards, I mentioned it was ironic because it didn't even have the sixth disk of extras as advertised, but assured him I was now all extra'd up upon his concerned enquiry (he be so damn cute when concerned, no wonder poor Dean rarely wins an argument).

During the photos he apologised for being so tall, I said it was no probs, mighty fine by me. Why do I always end up having to reassure actors about their heights? Never mind, I can report that the lad is very firm. I didn't dare but he grabbed me in close anyway and when engulfed in a Jared hug, I felt it was just best to go with the flow, you knoow? Lovely boy.

And yeah, I think he told everyone about the undies. He bore it very manfully, I must say.

The next day he was much happier in the underwear dept and that he had all his stuff and was all showered and shaved, and demonstrated his freshly shaven self like one of those adverts (oh, ticket paid for now). He also signed some old, old piccies a friend had found but I didn't put her in it and just said we'd used google for evil instead of niceness. He asked if I was one of those people who could find anything on google. In under ten seconds, I bragged (I'm sorry, it's my sole party trick) and he called me a google ninja. I'll take that (I get no thanks for anything at work).

The Q&A I won't bother recapping because I saw it going up on laptops as he spoke. He was cute, sweet and affable. He said his favourite line was: "I lost my shoe", which is my fave Sam line, too. He'd also like another go as evil Sam. I said put me down for a vote for evil Sam and he was pleased because so far, in the photos, he'd had two votes against but he was glad because now I had his back the votes were even. Oh baby, I got your back, any time.

I had fun. He was very kind (especially to this old boiler), and even though I kept doing stupid things being all scattered brained, I just trusted in fate and it all worked out in the end. Didn't really enjoy the con itself though. It was so crowded (I remember when SF cons were held in people's front rooms) and I just spent all day queing so it was as much fun as LAX, guests aside.

I got to meet Nicelle Nicolls, though, which was a buzz, because, like, hero.

Today I got off (I'm glad, my ankle be rooted) and so far, aside from odd jobs, I've watched Elizabeth: Golden Age (Clive! Tom! Laurence -swoon, even with the puffy pants and that ridiculous Van Dyke), Life on Mars on UKTV (the eppy where Sam is handcuffed to the bed) and Inspector Lynley (with La Armitage).
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