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only tuesday?

In which I whine about work, read a book, miss my bus and drool over young men half my age. SOP, in other words.

For two hours yesterday after I left late, my manager stayed behind and sent me a shrewish email every two minutes. Does anyone else get boss spam like this? I reckon that constitutes harrassment, don't you? She is such a bully. Makes my life a misery.

Which is a pity because despite missing the bus, it wasn't going off too badly. I never used to miss the bus, but I decided to change my top and so I got to the road and saw it trundle past on the other side, wickedly early after being more than half an hour late yesterday. Then it took forever to get in, when the next bus eventually turned up, picking up three loads as happens, but I got a lot of my book read. A real lot (I think I wished I could read more of my book this morning and I got my wish, in a monkey paw kinda way).

Having seen my intended bus go past, and in no mood to wait and stand in the damp cold darkness for over an hour for bus #2, I just went home for a bit, let myself in quietly and sat on my sofa reading my book and watched the Peanut Gallery walk past three times before I said hello. I bet you can still see the imprint of his fingernails on the peeling plaster of the ceiling. Heh.

How on earth could he not see me? Well, I was being quiet, reading my book, and men never see what they're not expecting to see (and vice versa) and the lounge light is so pissweak as to be darkness anyway (which is why I'm always leaving behind stuff - I never see it). How I was managing to read I don't know, except I'd been stumbling about in the dark outside and I suppose I'm used to the piddly little bus lights to read by. I don't know why we have to have zero wattage in the house lights but I'm still not allowed to buy the house lights so there you go, though they say there's a connection between low light and suicide. At least I can't see how cruddy the house is.

Anyway, got 'im a good 'un (guffaw, chortle). But now I must deal with abusive managers and co-workers who slurp their tea louder than comedy tea slurpers on British comedies and, well, arrrgh!

I did, however watch the end of Colditz last night. Okay, so I did end up fast forwarding through a lot of it, which I try not to do because I feel it's disrespectful, but it was getting on and I was knackered. I did watch some of the cast interviews though, something the Hallmark version didn't have, natch. Laurence is just adorkable, especially the "who doesn't want to punch Jason Priestly" bit. And he looked so young. I mean, I know he is, but still. Absolutely adorkable.

Damian was all snake oil charm, Jason would like you to know he's a Canadian, Timmy was sweet as ever and James sent me to sleep. One might dare to surmise from the comments Laurence made about stern patrician fathers that all those stern patrician roles of James' weren't too much with the old acting gig, but I would never be so impertinent.

I'm just pleased I finally got to watch that dvd because I've had it for absolute ages, but equally since it arrived it's not been fair weather for grim WWII tales (but nekkid Lozza will tip the scales, shallow beast that I am). I smuggled home quite a bit of young Mr Fox's CV in my knickers that trip to the UK. Heh.

Also watched Top Gear, the one with the brilliant interview with Ronnie Woods. Top Gear does all the best rock interviews, it really does (like the time we learnt from Roger Daltry that the tv tossed from the hotel room should be connected by an extension cord so it's still on when it hits the water). After spending years and years and years watching dull and doped musos on various shows in my yoof, it's a real delight to hear some real pub stories from, dare I say, a better class of popster on Top Gear. Jezza should be let loose to interview more of the musically inclined, imho.

Oh, am having rubbish day at work and not even the sickly sweet offerings of Mr Starbucks is helping me get through the day with a sugar enhanced forced smile. Oh dear. Well, as one of my servers has packed up his bat and ball and gone home, I fully intend to piss off the moment the bell goes (yes, as I'm treated like I'm still in school I feel like I'm still in school).

I think I would like to go home and watch Morse, but now I've said it, it'll never happen. Plus, I have bulk emails to catch up on.
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