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the ashes of my youth

"James had passed through the fire, but he had passed also through the river of years which washes out the fire; he had experienced the saddest experience of all--forgetfulness of what it was like to be in love." – John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga

Still bemused that Word kept suggesting I use 'naked' in the file title for a doc. Especially considering who was naked (minor reflexsive shudder). Ah, if only I could finish this fic, eh? I doubt it, but I'll try. You wouldn't believe the interruptions this morning. Grand Central station here, so it is.

Anyways, am tired. Still suffering possum fatigue and the bank has decided that since I put the bulk of my savings in a term deposit I'm not going anywhere so they can treat me like shit. Worse than shit, they're treating me like my mother, ringing me up and insisting I explain why I thought I could buy a couple of dvds. Arrrgh!

As if I wasn't already feeling old and yet infantile, ridiculous, emabaressing and put upon. O, what sadness it is to be an aging Gen X-er. First I'm made to feel foolish for indulging in some fannish purchases (for the first time in ages, too) and yet at the same time the nanny state nags and nags and nags (I'll spare you the Jezza-esque rants of last night).

Yes, probably I am still stuck at eleven, the first time I was really belittled for not acting my age. I suppose I never really was as grown up as I was when I was ten, having to run a household and a school library all by myself and I dare say I did much better then than I do now (demonstrably so re house) but still...can't a girl have a little fun? I'm not ready to walk through the days like I'm dead just yet.

Nana napped through D&P last night which was a pity because it was the very episode I wanted to watch, or maybe just as well as my ideas have been dancing around that episode somewhat.

I did, however, get to watch Rome. It was the one where Lucius gets promoted from butcher to senator in one fell swoop (my, we're just rocketing along here). The look on poor Titus' face when he's told not to touch Vorenus because he'd dirty the nappisan brightness of our Lucy (Titus was on the money with the laundry crack). Oh, poor, poor Titus. The sadness of seeing one's slash buddy promoted out of reach. Too, too sad. All that time in Africa, entirely forgotten.

Tuesday night was rather wickedly spent watching tv, too. Who Do You Think You Are had Griff Rhys Jones, now the very model of a grumpy old man, complaining that his family history was like a Catherine Cookson novel. It was, rather. The Industrial revolution was not kind.

Then I switched across to watch Long Way Down. Ewan is so cute, even though he's already started moaning about the schedule, which was of his own devising. He's as bad as me, never allowing for sidetrips or chilling out in the old iteniary. Never mind, scenery pretty and Ewan is adorable (I just wish his fillums didn't suck).

Then I watched Doctor Who. What, more? Yes, why not? It was on and it wasn't like the possums were going to let me get any kip. It was the Runaway Bride. I get the whole washing the spiders down the plughole bit, I just didn't think it was that funny (and I've never washed a spider down a plug hole, they're too big and prefer to lurk on celings and walls) and the Santa robots are old hat, but I did enjoy Donna slapping the Doctor mid rant. Oh yes, somebody had to (or is just Donna and I who find his excited babblings too much to bear?). But David is all freckly and cute, and it's a completely different Doctor when he doesn't have a simpering, besotted or sassy and besotted female following his lead. The Doctor, in fact, spends most of his time running about after Donna. What can I say, go the womanly partner in crime.

Yep. Still feeling old. Realised with horror that my little tea caddy that I've had most of my working life is, like, old, therefore I am, like, old. And if I want to feel older, I can just listen to the radio (or laugh and point at bands doing it all again).

Sigh. And if I want to feel really awful, I can just realise that I'm now older than Doctor Who, older than Lewis in S1 Morse, older than everyone and everything.

But I'm still not allowed to buy dvds without permission (sulk, pout, stamp).

Friday: I was gonna make another post but today's gonna be busy so it's easier to combine the week. Sorry to those who loathe long posts.

Anyway, am wearing jolly new top this morning. I don't usually wear anything this bright but I've got stuff on today, and I had a voucher from the shop and everything still wet so it was a much needed purchase last night.

And no, I didn't set foot in no bookstoree nor dvd emporium. And better yet, I walked for three blocks before I realised I wasn't in screaming agony. Yay. Ankle is being good this week.

Watched Kommissar Rex and the Gil Mayo Mysteries last night. Rex was all about Stocki's replacement, whom I do not like (too smug, too Teutonic). Meanwhile, entirely not Scottish Alistair look us through a vaguely amusing mystery in the school of silly British cop shows (think Jonathan Creek) as opposed to gritty British cop shows. The Scooby Doo sidekicks probably seemed like a cute idea but got very annoying very quickly, but Alistair is charming and some of the jokes were funny and it'll do (I've decided to buy the Bones dvd because the 7 versions are so badly cut up to be not worth bothering about, so it's no competition).

A friend had sent it to me before but it's always slightly different when viewed in PAL as opposed to NTSC (sounds slighly different, looks slighly different), but the Welsh guy is still indecipherable and this time I got to watch it with company (oddly enough I went to my mother's funeral with Gil Mayo disks in my purse, because I met the postie on the way out - I merely mention by way of explanation as to why I'd not got around to watching the series entire).

Meanwhile, we were amused by the sekrit files being left on the tube thing, if only to imagine Harry's smile because it sounds like a Six stuff up, as opposed to Five.

I love Harry. Everyone should love Harry. Harry is the best. (And on telly tonight - yay).

PM update: I've just had a lovely walking tour with a friend around the environs. Well, the conversation was lovely, the environs were not, especially with the bitter sou'westerly blowing a gale down the concrete canyons. Alas, though, my dear friend leadeth me into temptation , namely one comic book shop and one second hand book shop. Oh dear. And I suppose calling them primary sources doesn't help either (not even I believe the old 'research' excuse any more, though technically they were bought solely for that purpose. If only I knew what I'd done with my carefully collected Oxford maps. Safe place my enormous arse).

Oh well, looks like I'll be earing my busted up boots for a while longer (food prices is enforcing a frugality on top of our frugality), but it's nice to be back into books in a big way. It's also nice to have a non work related converstion. Oh my, yes.

Okay, back to work, where common sense and logic and sadly no match for ego and insanity.

Never did sun more beautifully steep In his first splendor, valley, rock, or hill; Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep! The river glideth at his own sweet will. Dear God! the very houses seem asleep; And all that mighty heart is lying still.
Author: William Wordsworth
Source: Sonnet--Composed upon Westminster Bridge

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