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All that scanning? It was a long, wet (Queen's b-day) weekend so I was stuck indoors and I made myself useful. Tjhat's realy. There was also a Doctor Who marathon on UKTV so I sort of scanned around the good episodes. Even more embaressing, we had meals and jobs planned around the crap episodes. How sad is that?

Oh well, proper fan, Dr Who observing household, this is, now. And it was fun. Himself even lashed out and made a Tiramisu, which was extravagant (and alas I wasn't quite up for enjoying it, but I tried).

So I had a whole pile of Laurence Fox dvds lined up, but ended up watching his missus instead. Oh well. They played S2-3. I missed most of the S3 finale though because I had the whole Persuasion/Supernatural thing going on. Saw most of Persuasion though, due to a (always, on Ten) late running SPN, and, oh my, Rupert was ever so dishy, if unforgiveably cruel at the start (I mean, I know the man had been wounded but cool it on the dinner table zingers, sheesh).

I gotta say, I did get a bit weepy again (the bit where she first sees him and he totally blanks her usually has me flailing about in waterworks) and so felt for her as she limped after the party, all damp and limpy and miserable - so very much like all my group outings, oh yes indeedy. But unlike reality, the too pretty clod finally got the message that she still burnt for him, and there was a happy ending. Guest starring Brutus as the untrustworthy sleaze.

Man, if I was the guy who broke Jane's heart I wouldn't have been quite so understanding as J McAvoy esq. in the fillum because she kicks that bastard from pillar to post in the books. I wonder if he ever realised how Jane had her revenge? It's sort of like wondering how the ex of some songwriter feels, being trashed in verse on the radio. Never mind, he no doubt deserved it. Men!

The Supernatural. A weird, format breaking episode to staert off with, but oh my, my first glimpse of Winchesters was squee-worthy. Oh, how I've missed them, far more than I thought. I didn't mind the faux reality show format too much, but wtf with the 'big gay love conquers evil' ending?

Oh well, I suppose big gay love conquers evil is canon now, at any rate, but it was all a bit, well, undergraduate, one might say, charitably.

But still...Winchesters! Squee!

Then, dammit, I managed to catch the Doc's big Tinkerbell moment: "I do, I do believe in the ending of Superman: The Movie" snarks the Peanut Gallery, when not providing Spectrum percussion every time we cut to Cloudbase, I mean the Valiant.

I did get to see the manly handcuffed man-hug though. Big gay love conquering all again?

Yesterday I was mostly scanning and archiving Kommissar Rex (and I worry when I start to follow it sans subtitles). Ah, I love Euro-cop shows, so much weirder than US or UK ones. I mean the one with Beethoven's skull? And the murder in the beauty salon was very early Avengers, imho. And fairground rides are just so much creepier in German, oh my, yes. The Peanut Gallery loved the Fairground episode, for all the arty German Expressionist camera angles. See? Not just watching puppy (or naked Moser).

Also got to watch another Morse since the possums (rats, whatever) wouldn't let me sleep. I lost count of the pens/pencils/iceblocks that went into the Lewis maw, but there would have been quite a list, for just the one episode. The icecream bit was cute. I cut out a scene from the fic for being too cute, but it must have been lurking in the old brainbox because there it was, canon. Also liked Lewis' pilot episode snark that he might not know the big words but at least he could go half an hour without a beer. Oooh, fiesty Lewis.

It's all research, I swear, not that it's much of an excuse, I'll admit. Nor is the attempt at scratchings on paper going well, either. Blame possum fatigue. The possums that ate my brain.

Speaking of wildlife, accidently upset my semi-tame parrot. She came down for bicckies because she's got bairns (despite me calling a good boy up until now, never mind, like I can sex them at a glance, not) and she reached to take it out of my hand then copped the scary Viking on my shirt and took off with a squawk.

Ooops. I'd quite forgot I was wearing it. I bought it as a joke in York because it was cheap and nasty and yet of good quality (or better quality than we get here) and I thought it'd do as emergency shirt whilst travelling and gardening shirt at home (or lolling about waching Dr Who shirt, as it happened). I liked the loud, scary, bright orange Viking on it, thinking it'd frit the local feral cats/children but I entirely forgot about cockatoos of a nervous disposition. Ooops.

And that's pretty much it. Bulk DT viewing/drooling, scanning, litle else of note. It was a wet weekend, afterall (over 70mm, better than the .5 we had all last month). It didn't wash away the cat vomit so kindly left on our beck step though. Grrr. Too bad the scary Viking shirt doesn't work on it's intended audience.

Thanks to M. for most of these linkies:
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