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impala vs barouche

Last night I came home and threw myself on the couch, declaring that I wanted Winchesters. I had a Winchester sized hole in my life. Of course, had I not been hideously late that morning and had time to read the tv guide as is my habit, I'd have seen that indeed, there would be Winchesters.

On Sunday. Opposite the Doctor Who marathon on UKTV and Persuasion (the one with Rupert) on ABC1. Arrrgh!!!!

Well, I suppose it's a win for the Brothers Winchester because, as I said, the craving is kicking in bad and I ain't seen those episodes, and it will be opposite the Tinkerbell ending of series three of the Who (yes, lovely slashy Master "death", but, I ask you, is the price worth it, just to see that?) and I suppose I know Persuasion backwards, but still. I've been waiting so long for the Austen fest and it's finally playing here and they put Supernatural up against it. Harumph.

It's just that those Austen dvds and Supernatural were just about the only things that kept me going last year. I played those Austen dvds over and over, so yes, seeing them again is a bit redundant, but still, I was looking forward to kicking back and having a good wallow.

Arrgh. Way to split the demographic.

Meanwhile, there was a plate of scones in the kitchen area with a sign on them saying "eat me". By this arvo, they were gone. So if you ever wanted to wipe out a government department, I reckon a simple plate of scones will work far more effectively than any of your elaborate Bond villain type schemes.

Can you imagine the entire Spooks team taken out by wayward scones? Well, if they were proper, bored civil servants, you would.

It just amused me, because nobody knows where the scones came from, they were just there.

Anyway, declined to get on the PC last night, because I was of a mood to indulge in dvd delights. Only I found Mansfield Park on the telly (Alessandro! James! Jonny!) then I damn nearly forgot Top Gear was on (Jezza trumps Sandro) and then I couldn't find the particular dvds I'd set my heart on so I settled for more Lewis, the pilot this time, and skimming through the non Lewisy bits (sorry Charlie, but you really need a haircut anyway). It was fun (and check out Hathaway checking out the cute student, the tramp).

Last week when I was going home early and straight to bed I was catching the tail end of Morse and Lewis was also sucking on icecreams and pens and the like. Orally fixated much? Heh. Also, what's with making Lewis backwards re IT. In the Morse episode on Saturday he was having kittens over a PC in the suspect's house, and sining the praises of computers and showing off his mad DOS skillz to Morse, who only barely restrained the urge to beat Lewis senseless with the 9 pin printer. But Lewis was quite clearly IT Boy in that episode. I think they must have forgotten that Lewis was once the bright young copper with his new fangled ways.

Perhaps he's become one of those codgers who sticks with old versions because he's comfortable with them (I'm getting that way myself, though one could argue that sticking with XP is the more sensible option) or maybe the buttons on he mobile are getting just that bit too small and fiddly. Oh, poor Lewis. Yesterday's geek is today's grumpy old luddite.

Meanwhile, speaking of luddites, have to go explain what an url is to a colleague (I ask you, how are these people still employed again?).
Work stress causing depression: study,0,3585086.story
Why it's hard to maintain weight loss,23739,23802180-7642,00.html
Bo Diddley dead at 79 after heart failure
A stiff upper lip never did me any harm

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