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working in a coalmine

I sold my soul for a prawn gowgee. In other words I was invited out to yum cha by Dept X yesterday, and after a week of only lettuce, grapes and water, I eagerly accepted. Of course, now, as discussed over lunch, I'm filling in while their webbie is off overseas. Oh well. At least I'll be very busy when that consultant, ie the Angel of Death, comes around to see what we do all day.

I'm really busy though. I'd forgotten how much fun Dept X's pages are. They're pretty much a flagship site so it's all very high pressure, high volume and lots of screaming from insane managers - they're the ones who made me cry back in October. I could have, would have said no, if not for my morbid fear of redundancy. So it's back to 12 hour days. Now, I know some people thrive on them but I'm always worn to grey by long days and it's been a while, happily, so by the time I got home Relic Hunter was on, with dear Tony (the beer mad chap from Space 1999) in a guest spot, opposite jnr. Unfortunately I fell fast asleep during the wrap up of Relic Hunter and slept entirely through Farscape and Angel, so no reviews today, alas. At least I have the Scape on dvd but I'm not sure my tape went off for Angel. Oh well.

Still sleepy yawny today so inspite of co-worker encouraging me to study Flash this afternoon, it ain't gonna happen. Nor is reading my mail as my inbox was wiped sometime last night and I lost everything, again. Pout, whine, mutter, swear, angst. Oh well, most stuff is recoverable from yahoo and various archives about the place. If you've written to me in the last three weeks and think I'm ignoring you, I'm not, the dog ate my email.

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