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hold the bus!!!!

My Monday continued to be very Monday. Usual freaks on the bus home (one moron kept insisting a couple of German students were Nazis, alas I wasn't up to telling him to pull his head in just at that moment), gave that up to walk home a bit, blisters notwithstanding, to be howled at by passing youths. Mother had extracted all my cash at the door, leaving me with about 50c to my name, scraped from the bottom of my bag, as usual, so of course the ATM ate my card, then when doing housework I managed to slam straight into the screendoor which normally never closes, inspite of its intended design to do so. Decided to cut my losses and crawl into my cocoon.

Watched one of the best Roswell's I've seen. Another one from season two I'd never seen before, the one where Future Max pops back to ruin his romance with Liz to string the plot out a little more. Nice angst from the leads, some very nice attempts of Michael to do the right thing, in this case investigating a newcomer, going all horribly wrong, but he's so loveable and goofy I can see why Maria keeps forgiving him his little lapses. Alex stands up for his girls and gets to be all angry, frustrated and manly, and it's a rare treat when they use Alex in an episode and best of all we have Buddha Boy, and Kyle is so the gay best friend, he really, really is. It's so sweet. I just loved this and I can't believe I've missed it. Certainly the rest of the series has fallen into place now I've seen this pivotal episode.

After that it was another cracking double episode of 24. I love the way 24 usually always goes for the darker options. Poor George, having his son brought in clanked in irons so he could have some quality time. Meanwhile Kim is still a waste of space and I bet she gets away with kidnapping and grand larceny just because she's a blonde (people will help a blonde with her luggage, but never a brunette, as shown in studies, so I have a proven scientific reason to hate them, the smug bitches). Miguel, her hapless beau, totally rocks though. Suddenly everybody was kung fu fighting (cue cheesy disco song). Jack, dear Jack, was being very lost boys and surly with Nina, perhaps even more scary now sans the very silly silver mullet - grin. All in all, gimmicky fun. I'm really liking Lady Macbeth, too. She sure rattled Palmer's cage, and then some. The woman can castrate him with a look - what's not to admire?

Buffy, sigh. I have friends who still love the Buff and it has it's moments but to me it seems a pale ghost of it's former self, wandering old paths and repeating old phrases the way ghosts do. I'm thinking it's well and truly time the series start going towards the light. It's been a good innings, but it's really looking tired and threadbare, ditto the actors and the stories. The Invisible Willow thing was worthy of season one and the Gollum insired demon was amusingly camp, and they'd really tried with the makeup, but, you know, been there, bought the dvd. Wonder who did the voice though, sounded very familiar.

Minor Buffy/24 connection. Saw the guy who played the Sarge in Easy (Band of Brothers) pop up as a zombie in The Zeppo then as a Fibbie in 24. Nice to see the boys from Easy Company all off the dole queue, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Apparently Peter Wingfield is in The Dead Zone, which is useful to know. I think we're going into S2, but I could be wrong, at least, according to the guide we're starting S2 next week, but they can and will drop it 4 episodes in, they're like that, these days. I was about to give up on that show but they keep hiring actors I like, darn it, even though the episodes are all rehashed from Early Edition, which rehashed Quantum Leap...etc etc. At least the scriptwriters are eco-friendly :) And PW was looking good in Queen of Swords, finally playing out here. He's soooo Methos in that. And the scene where he's running about with the South Essex - I nearly wet myself. My fic on screen - well, for a few minutes anyway :D

Meanwhile we just had Mr Marsters in Andromeda and he was so very Spike sans the Mockney (mock cockney, it's a term, really it is, due to the dreadful amount of mockney out there) that all who saw it suspect the man has a limited range of colours in his palate, alas.

Well, back to work. In lieu of anything truly pressing I might go back and finish this fic I'm reading. I've discovered a new fave author in M7 fandom. Yay, that makes 4 authors I really enjoy and aspire to emulate. The rest all make me squirm, alas. Usually I zip through my digests but this morning I was savouring every word until colleagues very rudely arrived before noon, as is their usual habit. Hmph. I was having so much fun.

I typed up some M7, was almost on the verge of writing some when I was so rudely interupted, as always.

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  • Managed to catch me a bus this morning, and that's not a boring old I caught the bus today but a proud stuff it and mount it I caught me a bus moment, because I actually managed to get one of the bastards to stop for me this morning, with the help of my disco light stick that's all flashy and twinkly and wearing a white top. I was thinking it was unreasonable to expect me to wear a white top every day because what if it's laksa or yum cha day and suddenly, yum cha day it was. Happily white shirt is most unscathed.



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