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fool me once

A pinch and a punch, no returns.

Another day, another server malfunction. Sigh. Sadly not an April Fools Day joke, just sop. I feel I'm weathering it rather well, that and the OHS person coming around and changing my chair from comfy to Calvinist, all on top of a weekend spent writhing about in agony and missing out on something I'd been looking forward to for months. Cried myself to sleep every night since, but it was a hot water bottle head down the toilet weekend and there was just nothing to be done.

I'm angry at myself though because up until now I've been Little Miss Can Do, climbing every mountain and fording every stream, quite literally, so to admit defeat, well, I don't want to go back to being Little Miss Stay At Home. But I couldn't stand upright to shower so it really was beyond my power, and previous excursions on bucket days had occured in cities with actual public transport, which is a big thing, because, trust me, waiting around for hours in agony is not fun.

So, cruddy weekend, really. It was enlivened however by viewings of The Protectors (yay! cardboard boxes! Anyone working in television who doesn't get cardboard boxes should get out because they've no right to be there, imho). Also watched the Profs on UKTV (Klansmen, which was a pity, but it was late and I was ill and desperate so so happy to see Messers Bodie and Doyle that I finally got some sleep).

Also watched a B/W episode of the Saint where Simon pretended to be James Bond. How terribly amusing (even more amusing was it appeared to be a dry run for the Persuaders and his American pal also once played Felix). So that was great fun. I needed some Simon and that fit the bill marvellously.

Sat through Hot Fuzz twice, both times when I needed something on TV and it was the only thing on. Ah, the murderous British village genre. There's Hot Fuzz, wicker Man and the Avengers episode Murdersville. any more? I'm sure there must be but I'm all blank right now. Funny to see Wells again. I think it's a sweet little place.

Last night was miserable. Well, mostly miserable. Finished ironing to various Time Teams, watched the end of Mythbusters with a much needed cuppa, then sat through Meadowlands (it's still awful but DM is very sexy in this and I wasn't up to the effort of cracking open a dvd case) and fell asleep during the Tudors (oops), but I assume Catherine is still playing hardball over the divorce.

That's pretty much it. Robin Hood was the pidgeon one. The last time I saw it was when they were running docos about brave Winky and her comrades, but if I called RH on bollocks, well, where would one start. Nice Dastardly shout out, though.

Bitterly disappointed I forgot to listen to the second part of Sam's BBC4 radio play. Well, forgot isn't quite the word, lacked the means and opportunity was more like. I really enjoyed the first half, especially when he had to do the presentation off his face (so much his grandfather's grandson, I must say, having also snuggled up to The Invasion again). Can't comment on the subject matter as it skates periously close to real life, but I was wryly amused. Damn, I miss being able to listen to BBC4 for breakfast at work (usually Monday mornings early while I ran the site reports).

What else? Watched Jezza & Co, highly appropriate viewing for earth hour (especially on HUGE telly), but, well, I'd given up so much, I wasn't about to sacrifice Jezza as well (though a thunderstorm nearly forced my hand). At least they were doing a green episode (which meant lots of laughing at hybrid cars, as always).

Oh yes, and plot strands on Unit One were finally wrapped up. This week it's all about spanking apparently. It's like they get to season four and suddenly realised: "Hey, wait, we're a Danish cop show, bring forth the spanking!" Or something like that. Can't wait, just to see Fischer roll his eyes.
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