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strategic deployment of cleavage

The bus driver said 'good morning' to me today. This is a very rare occurence, and undoubtedly only because, after four days of no server access, I've dug deep into the secret weapons store and gone with a push up bra and low cut top. Scoff you may, but you'd be surprised just how far a bit of cleavage will get you re intractable IT problems. Alas, I doubt it'll work this time, but it was my last, best gambit, and at least Mr Bus Driver was happy to cop an eyeful. Back into the mumsy blouses tomorrow.

Sigh. They won't even let me read about Google desktop, let alone install it. These people are...well, they just are. And they should be ashamed.

Anyway...onto more plesant things that don't involve work (or nothing working and many screaming people). Finally got to Roszelle markets, said outing having been put off for six months or so. Sadly, it's not what it was, or possibly I went on a lesser day, but I suppose with antiques roadshow and the like, the chances of picking up a bobby dazzler for a dollar (as I used to do) are long gone.

That said, I did find a set of 40s plastic kitchen canisters that stack like Russian dolls, in the most adorable shades and the most adorable fonts and they just fitted into our 40s kitchen like they'd always been there. I wuvs them, and they cost me $60, which isn't bad for a complete set in good nick, but it's no bargain, I suppose. Never mind, I'm really enjoying re-fitting the house with "original" furnishings. It works, and is cheap-ish and fun, because it means many rumble sales and junk shops.

I also picked up a 1949 Royal Tour souvenier plate, which, while a bit scratched, I adore because the tour never happened and I find it delightfully peverse to have a souvenier for something that never was. It's like alternate reality plate, a Saphire and Steel story waiting to happen.

Apparently some prople collect stuff for non-events. Cool. I fear I may be hooked. But I doubt I'll find another piece, or know it when I do (must study harder).

So that was me at the markets: 40s canisters, AU plate and a couple old of paperbacks (for reading on the bus). Oh, and a chilli, because it was bright and colourful and I have too many empty pots.

On Sunday, during lunch, we watched another episode of The Protectors, this one seeming to borrow heavily from Get Carter (though it featured a lot of non-action on the Edinburgh to London train, hence much grumbling from me re my strong opinions, bourne of misfortune, on that route) and then an '81 episode of the Profs, because I needed some Bodie and Doyle and, oh my, 1981 really was like that. Oh dear.

I've not written much about Robin Hood of late, and lately my thoughts revolve solely around "Guy pretty", and this is after the parade of fake beards over on The Impressionists, but I promise to write more later. I have thoughts, I'm just nowhere near a keyboard when I have them.

PM update: The connection to my server is working again and I've had the software I wanted weeks ago finally installed. Good thing I use these puppies for niceness instead of evil. Never underestimate the power of a push-up bra.
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