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Ah, Monday, back at work. My day starts with the bus whizzing straight past me, leaving me standing in the freezing cold at the bus stop. Happily my keycard still works, I still have a desk, a chair, a PC and my coffee cup (several times I've come back from hols to find none of the above so excuse the paranoia). Even my pot plants are still alive, sorta. Discovered three of my email acounts were kaput but a few terse phonecalls later has them working as well as they ever do, though yahoogroups still ain't talking to me, but from what I can gather from the few emails I have read, it's been pissy to certain folks again, me included, I guess. Am now catching up on a fortnight's work and guzzling enough coffee to make me ill, so no typing up of any SNAFU I scrawled by the seaside as yet, I don't have time and I'm really not in the mood today. Er, not that I'm all puffy and crampy or anything. Already? My, how time flies. Shall do a bit of housework if I get home at a reasonable hour, and save the creative stuff for tomorrow, when hopefully things will be a little less...well, Monday.

butterfly, Kuranda
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