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Ack, I keep having Tudors flashbacks. Not good. Can't help it, the insomnia is back and the mind wanders (especially with no side trips to gossip pages to focus the mind while I wait for the dozen or so folks holding up my projects to pull their respective digits out. I can't even browse that scurrilous rag also known as The Times) and I shouldn't have binged on Sunday arvo, but I was knackered and the IQ was in desperate need of housekeeping (that's the poor man's Tivo that we've got out here).

Oh yeah, I'm officially, quantifiably, scientifically proven, allergic to housework and gardening. Yep, got my allergy test results back and I got top scores for dust, seeds, pollen, chemicals, and my own personal favourite: moggies (so no, I'm not putting it on when I burst into sneezies at the merest whiff of a cat hair, so there to all those who insisted I was indeed putting it on and then piled six of the creatures in my lap. To paraphrase Mr Socrates, the supercomputer: Get that cat out of here!). Alas, it's not like I can waive a doctor's note at the mess/chaos/installation (after Emin)/wildlife reserve etc, but I wish I could. At least it explains why I spend the weekend evenings feeling woozy.

Or why I end up on the couch watching more Tudors than is healthy or sane as the sun goes down.

The good news is that I've escaped diabetes again this year (both sides of the fam, dammit), so the annual festival de chocolate is on. Whee!

Anyway, decided I was a bit harsh on Primeval yesterday, though I will admit to bitter disappointment that it seems to have dumbed down instead of up. Certainly the cross promotional theme park episode was risible (bar the bit at the train station, which was cool and seemed to belong to another episode entirely). I mean, what were they thinking? Half arsed conspiracy plots killed the X Files, lets do that?

At least the first episode is still the Primeval I knew and loved, albeit with the new Sekrit HQ, which seems to have cost a lot of money for very little value re pushing the story forward but at least Cutter keeps scowling at the new Bond villain lair he seems to have inherited. Cutter also seems to have ditched Stephen (over the small matter of some minor anthrpological sexual jealousy) and instead adopted Connor. Um, surely you could better? Not that I mind ALP, and JM is a waste of very pretty space, but still. I miss Claudia, too. I guess she suffered for the sin of falling too easily for a grumpy Scotsman's charms (if 'grumpy Scotsman' isn't a tautology - grin). But the raptors in the mall is a classic device, and I must admit to mirth over the two fingers up to Jurassic Park re animal behaviour. Actually, on re-viewing, there were moments in the arcade and dept. store that had me thinking someone on the writing team has a 'what would Dennis do' wristband, but that's just me. Anything that invokes the spirit of Mr Spooner is all right by me.

There was a similiar Avengers set on Supernatural last night, but mostly it was just Groundhog Day and I figured out the whys and wherefores a good 40 minutes (with ads) before Sam did, so that was kinda annoying (is this anything to do with casting spoilers I've yet to catch up on?). Anyways, I fear Dark!AU!Sam has spawned a whole niche of SPN fic (or should, it's not like SPN fandom to back away from any challenge or taboo) but I was bemused by many features of the very silly and tired old plot, including Sam's misery over the constant American AM rock and Dean's comedy deaths (the long drawn out Looney Tunes one being almost worth the wait).

Funny how Groundhog Day has become a staple plot device, like the old Mirror Universe and Stepped On A Butterfly (cf Primeval). At least the Buffyverse offered a few new staples, like Jonathan, recently given an airing in Torchwood, complete with faux titles. I suppose one could say that at least tv writers are being green and recycling. But they really need to watch it in these days of dvds and pay tv because it's far less rare than it should be these days for me to cop the same plot twice (or more) in a week, and that's only watching one or two progs a night.

If I was really twisted, I could programme an entire day of The Kidnapped Diplomat's Daughter and its derivatives (The Pop/Movie/TV/Sport Idol's Son and my personal fave, The Austrian Detective's Dog, which featured all the hallmarks including the old phone call with the telling background noise).

I don't mind retreaded plots, but I just don't want them thinking I'm so stupid that I don't notice.

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