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Oh, what a week. And still the Dr Who Xmas special eludes me. Ah well. At least we've got the phone and net back on - it's been off since Xmas day, which isn't the best day to go offline, especially with the bulk of living relatives off shore, but never mind.

That said, you probably won't be hearing from me much in the next few weeks. There's the move to the gulag which will cut me off in work hours, but given that I'm still being driven mad by this rash, I've put in for leave and I'm just going to, well, have an actual holiday, for once. So, yes, I will be ignoring you, but in a nice just taking a wee break from constant stuff kind of way.

Including work. Especially work. So glad I'm not going to be there for the move. It seems a sound decision as it looks like I won't have access to any servers for weeks anyway. Yes, I said weeks. Honestly, if I told you just some of the insanity I've had to put up with, you'd understand the rash. I even try to work around the madness, but they just keep outflanking me with their lunacy.

Never mind that. Must be brief as I have Day Two of probate stuff to be dealing with in a very short while (more rash).

Last night's Inspector Rex was a treat. It started off all Dennis Spooner with nasty Satanists, then ended up all Longshot (The Professionals). Loved it. And if that wasn't Brian-y enough, Unit One started with a lone, distressed woman running through the fields. Hee. Alas, it devolved into a bog standard bunny boiler plot with precious little Mads. Unit One - needs more Satanists (imho).

Moonlight started over half an hour late I ended up watching LOM) and then it wasn't really worth it and my god, could Holly Valance be any worse? This is classic Home & Away acting. This is what passes for acting here. This is why I never go to the theatre, because if Holly is in Hollywood, imagine what you get in our little off way theatre. Anyway...come back Forever Knight, all is forgiven. Okay, not the cardigans, never the cardigans, but most everything else.

Funny how this season is making me nostalgic, with Forever Knight Lite and Highlander Lite, which would be New Amderstand, and as much as I love Nicky, he's really unlikeable in it.

And yes, I said Lite, as in they've removed all the quirky to make these retreads appeaal to a wider audience, and well, it's like ordering a curry in a food court, isn't it. No spice. No surprises. Nothing that might intrigue and alarm.

I'd still like to see more, but I'll be less harsh on FK and HL in future.

Swingtown. My eyes, my eyes. There's 45 mins or so of my life I'm not getting back. Oh, Jack, has it come to this? Still, the soundtrack is way cool, I've been humming it all week.

Other than that, just re-watching stuff, including the Protectors. Which I still love. Finished Long Way Down, which was cute.

Also re-watched Robin Hood S2-1. Note clumsy foretellings, like when Robin says his gang is five or six members, and when he greets Marian he asks who died? So clever, that. Never mind, worth the admission price just to ogle wet bondage Allan. Ah, BBC kids shows: where the gay porn lives.

Right, gotta going, is being summonsed-ed with much clicking and watch looking at. Laters. Much later. I mean to try and avoid pcs as much as possible as I obviously need a break.
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