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Good grief, I think I've forgotten how to write like a normal person. It's all been dot points and notes this week, if anything. Also feeling a bit like Job. More than a bit. These spots are pretty much the last straw. They hurt, aside from anything else.

Anyhoo, have managed to chuck out or pack up several years worth of accumultated trash and treasure, which was a job because I wasn't exactly joking when I said I'd essentially set up camp at my desk. I had plates, cutlery, teapots, coffee plungers, tea cannisters, tea cups, spindles of disks, an entire library of manuals and texts, a wall of postcards, a couple of pot plants, etc, etc and even three door snakes and a pair of uggies for the sea foggy drafts that float under the balcony doors during winter.

Gawd, I'm gonna miss my high Victorian sandstone colonaded black and white marble laid balcony. How I ever ended up in such posh diggs I will never, ever know. I'm gonna miss the boats tooting down at the Quay. I'll even miss the taxi driver punch ups that occur regularly under my red cedar double doors. Sigh.

Luckily a friend was able to finagle a carparking spot for one day, the exec all still being on hols, and we loaded up her car with all our crap (she had a collection much the same only more posters and plants, less tea set) and drove home. Managed to pick up himself on the way (saw him by the side of the road) so the poor lass probably now thiks she's our taxi service, after such sterling duties with the Fler chair previously. I remain in debt to her generosity and in awe of the Subaru's Tardis like capacity for ferrying my crap about town.

Otherwise it's just been all sulking, scratching and fretting and trying to get yet another website launched through endless swathes of middle management faffle and trying to convince people I really do know what I'm doing when spotty sleep deprivation has left me so addled I don't even know my own name. Sigh.

Anyway, it's all a horrible mess.

TV watched: Inspector Rex, Bones, Moonlight (what is with the vamps casually sitting in direct sunlight and don't give me that "special glass" bobbins, it's just careless and lazy and sloppy, is what it is), Doctor Who (UKTV repeat during tea), and I think that's it. Been very, very busy. Also, what is with the weekly requirement for a repairman. It's getting beyond a joke. I mean I know the house is in a poor state of repair due to the old regime, but does everything have to require attention all at once, and now?

Most importantly the phone is dead so you can't ring me. Telstra guy was supposed to come Thurs but now says Mon (maybe, if we're lucky). Did you know you get fined if you're not there the moment he knocks on the door, so you can't even risk a pee? It's a terrible state of affairs.

As promised, belated piccies of cake and chair. Sorry about the chair pic but it's right in the corner and hard to get at, especially as the Xmas tree was still up in the other corner at the time (how to be goosed by a plastic pine and other fun family activities).
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