mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

don't rain on my parade

peace march Sydney 2003Saturday: Best Friend came over for her monthly dose of I Spy. Watched three episodes, all excellent. Threw in a Sweeney, too. Bloody marvellous.

Sunday: Don't rain on my parade. And it didn't. Just dripped occassionaly, or maybe that was just everyone sweating in the insanely humid conditions. Over a quarter of a million people standing for peace, sitting for peace, queuing for peace, shuffling for peace and finally strolling for peace once we got going. There were so many people that the entire city came to a standstill and we caught up with the end of paade after we completed our circuit, after over an hour, going home. Yes, in case you were wondering, I put my blisters where my mouth was and went to the peace march. Yeah, okay, we ducked into Borders on the way up, but I don't hate everything Amercan, just their policies, the people who support them, and the people who make those reality shows on Fox.

Yeah, sure, marching ain't going to do anything, but at least I got off my arse and did something. Now I've got to take all my anti-war protest badges off my backpack before I catch my plane tomorrow, or I could stand up for my principals and be hauled off the plane....nah. Not this time. Freedom? Democracy? I know not of these things.

peace march Sydney 2003peace march Sydney 2003
peace march Sydney 2003peace march Sydney 2003



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