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not dead...

Just disconnected. So this is just a brief wave and apologetic shrug to anyone who has emailed me (I can't even bear to look at my inbox) over the last week. I'm not ignoring you, my modem has died and everywhere is shut as in no net cafes, no helpdesk from my "online services provider" <- note ironic quote marks, no nuffin (I can't even get medical attention for this amazing rash I've decided to get over Xmas).

So I'm here, and fine, albeit itchy and Xmas turned out better than expected, with a splendid roast dinner by Himself, wall to wall Life on Mars on the telly and I actually got what I wanted for Xmas, even one of my secret wishes that the universe deigned to grant me (coulda done without these spots and the boiled lollies though, I hate humbugs).

More later (if I can), kinda busy just ploughing through inbox #1. Normal services will resume, well, probably not ever as in a coupla weeks I move to a new location that is so heavily firewalled that there will be no google, no gmail, no yahoo, no hotmail, no LJ, no nuffin. This whole incommunicado thing I'm enduring? Get used to it. Sigh. I thought I'd be okay catching up at home, then the modem/connection died. Blast and botheration. No Dr Who Xmas special for me, then.

Never mind, we've been watching the S3 box set. Which is why we're still humming "Robert De Niro". It's an 80s thing, children.

Cya later, whenever I can... (but honestly, chocolate teddy bears and Mr Teddy Bear made for a fine Xmas).
Tags: doctor who, life on mars, the avengers

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