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Hey ho.

Guess where I am on Xmassy eve? Yep, at work, being a single chick, I always draws the short straw. Never mind, have (albeit intermittent) internetz to keep me amused/company.

Which is where I found this pic. I've always thought young Mr Lloyd reminded me of someone but I could quite place it. Until now. Heh.
boy next door

So anyways, better keep this brief as I have shopping/washing/cooking/wrapping/cleaning/decking to do before I sleep tonight, which means no unpaid OT today, nosiree.

Actually went out on Saturday. Had lunch. With real peoples. Which was good, because even if I didn't know half of them and hadn't seen the other half for years (which husband are you onto now, dear?) it was good because I was feeling very much a friendless little orphan. So, yes, see me struggling with small talk (lack of practice), but I like to think I did okay. I got a lift home (in a storm) so that was something.

I did forget the duck though, fortunately the local Chinese did duck and they actually had some on the menu that night (usually it's duck's orf, luv) so phew! And it wasnae bad, either.

Watched two more eppies of Robin Hood. Possibly more onthat later, though i can't believe Marian would do anything but deck the sod who treats her that badly, decides to have deep and meaningful over a fresh corpse (how very Angel of him) and compares her to his fave tool. Oh no, no, no, no. Still, it was interesting/horrifying to see Robin treat Marian just as badly as he treats Much. It sort of puts his nastiness towards Much in context, ie Robin's default setting is nasty.

He's real nasty, tho', and I've had some experience with men like that. Run a mile, Maz, run a frickin' mile. Run thousands of miles.

But mainly I was just tittering over the silly bits, to wit, those two lines from the Sheriff. The first being after Cart does the whole 'my liege' bit and the Sheriff whines that Guy never kisses his rng (oo er). Too silly, but it's nice to see the odd bit of end of the pier humour still creeping into Brit telly.

The other episode with the pigeon was so far so Winky, reminding me of that docco on carrier pigeons, when the Sheriff uttered those immortal words: "Stop that pigeon. Stop that pigeon now." Bwahaha! Okay, it's not that funny if you didn't grow up with it, but I wasn't expecting a HB ref in Robin Hood, so it was. Funny, that is. (And I always thought Keef was basing his portrayal on Dastardly and now I know I was right. Which would make Guy = Muttley, I suppose).

Oh, and Joe was on Waking the Dead last night (with bonus Titus Pullo!).

That's pretty much it, aside from all the weeding, mowing, replanting and cleaning etc in terror of the rare but best be prepared visit from the white gloved rellies. They probably won't, but I'd hate to have them show up mid shambles.

Sad about the mowing though as the (special) weeds growing under the clothesline had to go. Peanut gallery was most insistant, as it would only confirm the white gloved opinion of me, even though I didn't plant 'em, they just popped up from bird poop one day, to our great amusement. Anyways the magpies started eating the chopped up bits (I suspect they have form in this area) and spent the rest of the afternoon behaving very strangely indeed (Cue ItchyCoo Park). Heh.

Now I must dash as there's stuff to do. Poor peanut gallery is stressing to the max over Xmas dinner, and will occasionally and suddenly erupt with words like "Custard!" and start racing about like a blue arsed fly. The poor dear.

PS. I'd wish y'all a you know what but considering the shitstorms some people have gotten into using the C word these days, I'll pass. But I probably should say something, being the season and all.

Peace be with you.
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