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Thursday: Odd, I caught a glimpse of an old Mad Max poster while flipping through mags and it struck me how it evoked ancient filmic Ned Kelly poses.

Oh we were actually watching that old (and I mean old, 1906) Ned Kelly footage, the precious few clips that survive at any rate. I'd heard of it only in legend, but now I've seen it. It's a pity it doesn't survive as a whole, because it rocks. I'd heard it was amateur hour and while it's true some of the thesps ham it up, for the most part, well, it rocks. I suppose it helps to know the story, but I was completely wrapped up in the fragments that survived, real iconic stuff. They even used FX, dying the film red when the pub was on fire. Lots of great action and gunfights and fisticuffs. A brilliant piece of work (although one scene is ruined by a horse that won't take direction).

Also amusing that it was set in what the peanut gallery referred to as iconic bushland, being the very same bush as painted by the Heidelberg School, and it really was. I swear I recognised those trees, like a McCubbin painting come to life (sady now all under McMansions).

The other amusing thing was seeing the actors, much like the chaps in those 1899 films being as Oz as. I never realised it before, and rarely see it now, but Oz men have this way of standing and walking and just looking that is unique yet I've seen it as far back as those 1899 films, this 1906 film and photos from WWI and thereabouts. Still there in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I dunno, it makes me nostalgic to see it.

Alex does it a bit in Moonlight, though what really amused me was the non verbal 'that so' that I saw him toss off in one scene. Hee. I'm really beginning to think there's some real evidence behind my not thinking much of Yank actors because I just don't get the non verbals, therefore they come across as wordy empty vessels, but with Brits and Aussies, I get it. I can see what they're thinking. Aussies especially, and it's hard to pin down as so much of it can be just the slightest narrowing of the eyes, which has a whole world of meaning.

Oh, I'm a wicked child, but I didn't watch Life on Mars last night. Okay, sure I flicked over in the ads and caught the end, but for the main, I watched Moonlight. Yes, LOM is the superior show, but I've just watched it on UKTV and I haven't seen Moonlight before, and besides, if I hadn't I'd have missed the bit where Logan (I'll have to call him Logan because I've entirely forgotten the character's name but he's pretty much Logan with fangs anyway) was being all vampy with Hungry Like The Wolf playing in the background. Hee! Squee!

Happiest squee I've had in ages, just a genuine silly moment of squee. Almost forgotten what it was like, a real squee. It's like falling in love, real love: once you've done it you know when you're not. It's a terrible price to pay for that moment of perfect happiness.

But moment of girlie glee it was. I had my Chrissie lights on, and some choccie, and squee.

Made up for a crap day, omg, yes. Either they're extrordinarily malicious or incompetent, one or the other. I thought I'd done okay to pull a brand new website and intranet out of my arse but yesterday I get a press release that was twenty four hours old and then the content to which it referred another six hours after that [beats head on desk].

So I didn't get to see Mr Armitage last night, though I did catch the end of it (says a lot about the traffic that I left over two hours later but arrived home earlier than last week). He looked so different, I suppose it was the lack of eyeliner and leather. What a sweetie. Big, gorgeous burnin' hunk of sweetie.

But yeah, Moonlight, I liked. Still nothing new on the plot front, but being fried I was happy about that, by the numbers works for me. What can I say, I had fun. If I wanted brussel sprouts telly I'd have watched Simm fest part 2: Sex Traffic, which was also on.

Friday: yesterday the master was away and what a difference it makes. I managed to finish off my shopping, buy a summery top (even though it refuses to be summery, I don't mind, 40C days are not the friend of the posh box of Xmas chocs) and I found a BBQ King close by. I know, just when I'm leaving, but no matter, I had my first BBQ King bit of roast duck in a decade and OMG, it was sooooo good. And even better, no master to come in and start raining on my carnal parade with mention of pilates classes and carb counts (freudian typo there, to start with, ahem) and the like (and I do love how my race, religion and sexuality are out of bounds but everyone can call me a fatty boombah out of "concern". True enough, but most times I'd like to shove their "concern" up their skinny arses).

So that was me, all Xmassed up. All I needed was a bit of duck. And the double unpaid shifts they've got me doing are, well, expected these days and I'm so tired now that even though I've made some awful mistakes (on my own stuff, but still awful) I'm kinda liking the punch drunk exhaustion of it all. Yeah, I've hit the zone.

Didn't watch Journeyman last night as it's vanished from the programme, so it was Bones instead. No great hardship. Had to be Bones, as it was one of my fave eps, or the trailer for it at any rate, once EvilChannelSeven had cut it down just to break up the ads (more ads than show). Unbelievable, and incredibly maddening when it's an episode I know, and fave scenes never arrive, changing the entire tone and tenor of the show. It was a different episode entirely once they'd finished with it. Gah.

I swear, if they cut one second of Stephen Fry when he shows up I'll be storming the barricades. At least David was pretty, what little I saw of him, and Hodgins really shone (he's really given that charicature flesh and blood, which is a marvellous job).

Anyhoo, after that came on Xmas episodes (I don't know which Xmas but probably not this one as the channels are over the whole screening stuff the same year/decade it's made thing now) of American Dad and Family Guy. We were supposed to be retiring for an early night but we could not move for the funny came thick and fast and we cracked open the hamper a dear friend sent and laughed like drains, especially over Stewie referencing the career of Jeffrey Hunter ("good enough to die for our sins but not quite up to the task of seducing green women") and the bits of the KISS Saves Santa cartoon special they kept cutting back to which so exactly the crap I used to watch as a kid, oh, it was too, too funny (but impossible to explain to Baby Boomers why I nearly died when the pterodactyls came out, but it was just so... perfect).

Also, glad we watched Frosty before Family Guy, and not after - wicked grin. Yeah, peanut gallery found a whole pile on cheap dvd, and, not to be denied after the free dvd debacle, we've been watching one a weekend in a kind of nostalgic advent calendar, because it's nice to have turkey flavoured tv comfort food right now.

But oh yeah, so with Lois with her Xmas fit. That's the fit I usually pitch every year after everything goes horribly wrong but this year I'm kinda too burnt to get worked up and I have no real expectations so it's ironically been the least fraught Xmas in years, despite the mountains of merde my lords and masters keep flinging at me (to such an extent that their bastardry has been noted by others as unseemly).

Also, yesterday we had cake. Because the master was away and it's been a year. Cake always makes everything better (and we rarely ever have cake).

Still doing a bit of Marge Simpson jaw grinding though over the peanut gallery who fell off his chair laughing when I described getting yet another document from those geniuses downtown where all the "links" had merely been underlined and turned blue. Yeah, right.

Oh, and speaking of as Oz as, as I was earlier, I forgot to mention my fave piece of politics thus far this year, when a National Party MP from the NT (it could only be) was outed as having gone to a strip club, horroes. Too right, says he. Top night, and kids, if you ever end up being handcuffed to a pole in a strip club, make sure you've got clean undies on.

Hee. Too bloody brilliant. I just love it. There can't be any scandal if you own up smiling.
'Wear clean undies' advises MP who lost trousers

Meanwhile, my Kiwi pal wanted to see footage of the Gisborne quake. I sugested searching Youtube, then quickly said: DON'T. I mean, just imagine what searching for Gisborne on youtube is going to turn up?

Speaking of which, I just love to bitty bits this (and it's lucky the old slash standard is open to constant reinvention): Robin Hood - Guy/Allan (slash) - Wicked Game [NWS]
"Joe Armstrong as Allan A Dale, all dressed up for the Sheriff in A Thing or Two about Loyalty."
Magna Carta bought for $21m by US tycoon
BBC reality shows swamping quality TV, say viewers
Two new mammals are found in 'lost world'
The Saint
Historic penguin sketches found
Whale 'missing link' discovered
Tennant laughs off Dr Who rumours
Heard the one about reading in dim light being bad for your eyes? It's just a myth
The 12 tales of Christmas
Masterpieces from the ruins of Pompeii
Affleck joins State of Play cast
Writers' strike sends U.S. TV pilots into tailspin
Jackson to produce two Hobbit films
Spider-man 3
Missing woman's 'demolished' house reappears
You will never be alone
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