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Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so

I just love this pic:

It makes me happy. Sure I could look at rainbows (none right now), pretty flowers (stuck at desk) or great art (not in this city, I don't), so pretty tv boys it'll have to be, and it does rather well.

I've cheered up a bit. Mainly by being wicked, but in the name of love (which never counts as a defence these days), but there you are. As I was summoned downtown again I made having to cross the main shopping precinct twice count and now have most of my Xmas shopping done. I was anxious to get something nice for folks who'd performed the duty of teddy bear above and beyond this year, and I think I've managed.

I also did another run to the post office yesterday. The 'gentleman' behind the counter was as surly as could be, but they're off, that's the main thing. Of course, I've missed the last boat to the UK, as it were, but since I used to get my Xmas pressies from my Grandmother in May I reckon if they get 'em in January they're laughin'. That at least was a job half done because most of the stuff I'd sent I'd bought as thank you presents in June and never got to send them off, for obviuous reasons, but they'll do as Xmas pressies just as well.

I also wanted to get Himself some treats as he made pasta and prawns and parfait last night, and very cheered up I was, too. Caught the end of Inspector Rex (aka Inspector Rex and the Quest for Buns, as poor Rexie was all 'please tell me the word buns is going to be marching towards this sentence sometime soon'. Loves his buns, does Rex) and most of Journeyman (which whirred away anyway, I am so calling that pvr Maid Marian from now on).

Poor old axed Journeyman. It was much better this episode, but I do wonder how the Brits can do time travel so much better, because when the Yanks do it I always get a sense that they're going to introduce me to their personal saviour at any moment. At least, says the peanut gallery, the Brits have Gene Hunt to cut through all that crap. Thank you, Gene Genie.

I mean, why does he only save worthy, saintly folk? Who cares. Kevin I like, despite dodgy accent and complete lack of black leather. I mean, you think Gisborne has the leather thing down? Check out Our Kev in Gunpowder, Treason and Plot then and get back to me. Woof! Woof! is all I can say, with Lord Flashheart exuberance.

And for a show that supposed to be about the real, grownup trials of time travel, he seemed to solve the family/work/no phone issues pretty damn quickly and easily and he kinda cheats because he just goes back to his old addresses and steals from himself - Sam never had that luxury of either firm memory or resources (although there's the whole Sam's experiences weren't real vs Dan's whose adventures are apparently far more tangible).

And yes, previous shows were perhaps more interested in paradoxes and Getting It Right than personal relationships and the nitty gritty details stuff like currency and technology and the like but the endless soap on Dr Who vol 2 has certainly addressed the whole 'where the frak have you been?' thing. Mind you, Dr Who totally went the whole personal saviour bit and then some, which still disquiets. Whatever happened to doing the right thing because it's the right thing, and to hell with higher powers? Sorry, had to get that off my chest, just a bit. It's enough to make me miss the petty beaurucratic Yes Minsterly Time Lords with their silly outfits, so it is.

So, Journeyman, nice try, but it just didn't quite get there. Perhaps too many network cooks took off all the possible interesting sharp edges (like the brother's relationship). This is why cable shows like Dexter work: they're not workshopped into pre-digested blandness.

Anyway, if anyone could whisper in my ear where I might see A Very Supernatural Christmas, please do. I feel a lack of my boys is what's been lacking of late.
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