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This has been a rubbish week. Meanwhile, I heard that Anton Rodgers had died. Usually there follows much wailing and gnashing but this time, not so much. Mr Rodgers was like the Moriarty of my dvd collection, often joked about as in "another one for the Anton Rodgers collection", one of those actors I didn't particularly care for yet nevertheless managed to clog up far more man hours in my dvd collection than a great many of my favourite boys, thus leading to my great fear that I'd end up being eulogised for my great love of Anton Rodgers, having so obviously and carefully collected so many of his appearances, when the complete opposite was true.

So anyway, vale Anton, you'll only be padding out my collection retroactively from now on, you grumpy old codger.

As for the rubbish week, just take yesterday as an example. After having spent the previous twenty four hours with my head stuck down a toilet, I dragged my pale, wan, confused and wooby self along to the office Xmas party I'd drawn the short straw over attending and got to sit in a filthy pub backroom stuck between two of the people I hate most in the world (for their quantifiable incursions into my quality of life) and endure their banal chatter of lawn bowls while being served rubbery turkey and desiccated vegetables that remembered the Third Crusade.

Now I know that folks have much, much suckier lives than mine, but I gotta say, the constant grinding attrition of so many small miseries is wearing me down. In retrospect I'm rather glad I was far too ill and out of it to really be upset or care that I had to endure such an unremitting trial, though the 'trivia' contests re cricket scores sorely tested my will to live. Yep, definitely in the zone where one starts to pray that one's large intestine will leap up and throttle one's brain, thus saving one from further direness.

Oh well, back to my beloved corner desk and balcony and tea and hot water bottle today (though the days are numbered, and now just in double figures and counting down). At least the singing, dancing Santa I bought from the $2 shop and set up on my desk is amusing all and sundry far more than it should. He hula hoops, too, wich is what really makes him a classic, imho. I got him for a bargain, too, they even threw in the batteries. Anything to get him out the door, I suspect. Never mind, the cleaner loves him to death so she can have him on Xmas Eve. Better he go to a home where he is genuinely loved rather than merely mocked for ironic content. [Edit: I've only just given Santa a proper go and when he finished up his song he lashes out with a "Merry Xmas, Y'all!" in an accent that, hopefully, would make anyone south of the Mason Dixon line cringe. Hee! Oh, worthy, hula hooping trailer trash Santa. Looks like it's gonna be a fight to the death over vats of boiling tar as to who gets to take this prize home at Xmas].

Oh yeah, did not go Xmas shopping as planned (as remaining upright was proving problematical, especially when it turned all super hot and sticky) and cleaning was cancelled. Which meant it was just toast and telly.

Now that we're into the old non-rating period they've shuffled the schedule so that there's nothing I really want to watch until 8.30 pm on Thursdays, when there are five things I want to watch. Fortunately I've already seen Bones and Dexter (thank you) and the Celts doc was IQ'd, which left it tense choice between East West 101 which I really wanted to see, and Journeyman, which had Kevin Mckidd in it.

As you might imagine, heart won out over head, and thus I turned to Kev. Now I'm not sure, not having seen the original, but was the pilot that wtf confusing or had Ten applied the usual rough shears to it because we seemed to be jumping in and out of conversations more abruptly even than poor Dan, ending up more whiplashed and confused than poor Dan. I've no idea what is going on or who is what, but Kevin is pretty, and that will do for the state I was in last night.

Besides, it took me less than three seconds to realise the source of his afflictions: he lives next door to the Halliwells. Well, he so does (okay, so I was watching Charmed repeats from my sweaty sickbed on Wednesday, I was ill and it was either that or Springer).

Okay, so it's so very very Quantum Leap, but I love Kev, so I'll give it a bit of a go, but I gotta say, the already very apparent Touched By An Angelness of the whole thing is giving me the queasies.

Also watched Inspector Rex, or tried to. Again, not so good when washing up, though when they said something about a plane landing somewhere it all ran together and sounded like something something poofterloofter something, which, in my high as a kite on the magic mersyndol state was hysterically funny, and so it was 'poofterloofter snort giggle' all night. sorry. It was the drugs and dehydration I swear.

Also, fairly grim at times, the old Rex, for something offered up as a kiddies show here. I mean, I don't remember Flipper fishing up body parts from Miami habour, but now that I've just crossed Flipper and Dexter maybe I can sell the rights?

The other thing we were amused by was Rex the Wonderdog so obviously grabbing the telephone because it was covered in jam. His Master's Marmalade, indeed. And then, after letting Rex slobber all over the phone, the dog-napper picked up the phone and put it to his ear. Eeeew! Even with my own late yet still beloved doggie, slobber was so not cool (and she used to slime me so bad, the mad affectionate beastie).

Wednesday, well, I wasn't at my best, and really, what the by heck was I thinking of, watching Dexter when so woogy? So I won't comment because I wasn't really happy at the time. Much better was when I watched Spooks because I was in a bit of a lull and it was raining very heavily (flooding in parts, actually) and the sound was soothing and Adam is glacially pretty. Also, harrassed Harry is always entertaining.

Also caught up on some Hood. More later when I can actually comment on the plots. Right now all I remember is fire bad, boys in trees pretty. Boys in castle not too bad, either. My, but Allan in hot in black, and the eagerness with which he applies himself as Guy's apprentice, oh my. This is how screencaps aren't spoilers for me because I thought it was Guy inducting Allan into the fold but no, it's Allan chasing after Guy. It's kinda cute how Guy actually cares whether Allan lives or dies, for all his gruffness. I think it's sweet that Guy has a playmate all of his own now, and poor little needy Allan, not getting enough love from Robin, now looking for it from Guy (one could say the boy is looking in all the wrong places).

And fie on Robin for not forgiving Allan, when he's always, always Mr Take Their Word For It When Even Much Can See Its The World's Most Obvious Trap. Even Allan's brother was given a second (and third, had the Sheriff not suddenly switched to Daylight Saving Time) chance, or perhaps those chances were already counted against Allan in Robin's little copybook of damnation (one wonders what Much has done to get Robin so offside, except to prattle when upset and to have seen Robin at his less than best).

It does make Robin look mean and humbuggy though because he's not Mr Perfect himself. So very far from. Never mind, I just love Allan in black. I'm sorry, I've not the brain cells to be anything more than that today. Btw, re Robin and Alan's not fight to the death, don't think I wasn't humming the old Trek Amok Time fight music ala MST3K. So was. I mean, how could I not?

Speaking of Trek, sat through When The Bough Breaks, which I'd never seen before. I remember it being controversial, but can't remember why. It seemed to be portraying barren couples as Grimm styled baby snatching monsters. So what does that make Angelina Jolie? Sorry, couldn't resist, but my, it seemed so be down on non biological primary caregivers, for whatever reason.

But I can't have big or deep thoughts today. Cramps bad. Allan pretty. (And Jonas, too, whom I just found lurking in a rare copy of Arena. Could never get that Simm issue, but I have Mr Armstrong, at least).

Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me! Oooh, what a storm! What a magnificent storm! We all rushed out on the balcony (I wuvs that balcony, all sandstone and marble) to watch as the sky went black and cracked and the rain came down so hard and fast the drains and manhole covers turned into geysers. Wowee wow wow.

I was about to piss off early, or rather on time. But I think I'll hang back and make another cup of tea.
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