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brought to you by the letters F and U

Ah, proof at last that I was contaminated by The Great Satan at a tragically impressionable age. In other words, the depressing, and quite rightly mocked by all right thinking folk, news that the Sesame Street I grew up with is just, horrors, not suitable for today's little milksops. Oh dear.

Or get a grip. I grew up with Sesame Street and the Muppet Show, and it's really, really easy to spot a non Streeter because they'll look at you askance (and back away slowly) if you suddenly break into a song or a sketch that was laid down when the old neurons were as fresh as a daisy, yet me and my mates will often break into "brrrrr-ring" when the phone rings, or "la la la lightbulb" on long car trips and don't even get us started on Mahna Mahna.

In fact I think the only dangerous thing about Sesame Street is getting the Mahna Mahna Song stuck in your head for days.

And it's funny they should mention the Street, because I was washing up during Rage and muttering how once in my indolent youth I actually got to watch it when the next minute the pots were crashed back into the sink and I was racing for the telly. Kaiser Chiefs? Joy Division? Nope. Kermit singing Rainbow Connection. Happiest I've been all year. I wuvs my Kermit.
Sesame Street: not suitable for children,,2216955,00.html
Sesame Street: not suitable for children
Amputees 'regain sense of touch'
Fair dinkum on climate change
Mahna Mahna (song);jsessionid=EKUNXPHIGUQ33QFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/arts/2007/11/28/bcline128.xml
Comedy: Old-fashioned one-liners are enjoying a boom boom
Mind the gaffe: voice of Tube sacked for criticising network


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