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Ankle is rooted, spider bite is driving me nuts (sadly no spidey powers, just lots of ouch) and the usual post ironing migraine (is there no such thing as a non allergenic washing powder?) but other than that, feeling fine, because last night I was delighted and entertained by pretty, pretty Brit boys, bless 'em, one and all.

And big thanks to my own personal Gis supplier. I'd be walking around all hollowed eyed and shaking if it weren't for you. Mind you, I still look all dark eyed and pale, but that's from watching the Gis late into the night. OMG, I'm loving Robin Hood so much right now (the show, not the titular dickweed, that's a whole 'nother story). I had a headache, I was all cross, but I still delighted in just about every minute of it. It is sooo silly, but silly works for me right now.

Ah, where to start? Guy in sweeping black pleatheryness stalking a trembling Alan in the seedy backrooms of the Trip? Poor Much, squeaking with indignation over what on earth he has to do to prove himself to Robin, and fair point, really. Apparently following Robin from pillar to post and taking all his abuse counts for nothing. I wonder if that bottomless well of adoration for Robin is really as bottomless as everyone believes, because Much was quite sarky, or, as it was Much, bitchy and flouncy, all episode. It was really quite sad, though, the way Much's heartfelt plea devolved into a comedy routine, but I wonder if acting the clown isn't a defence mechanism, considering how cranky and quick to violence Robin is these days.

Mind you, I'm enjoying the new violent Robin. The old no-killing Robin was laughably old school A-Team. There just wasn't any drama in it. You know: "Halt!, or I'll say Halt! again".

I'm also loving the fact that this time 'round it seems they have cracked open a book of Hood lore, or at least glanced vaguely in the direction of an episode or two of ROS, because they've brought forth Robin's trickster attributes, which is a large part of his ongoing appeal. All his tricksy plans and schemes and disguises (and if they don't always work, that's canon, too). What can I say, the half-arsed leech seller disguise amused me. It was a moment of classic Robin Hoodness.

But my favourite bit was when Robin got himself deservedly slapped upsi'e the heed, as my Dad would say. I loved it so much I had to play it several times over. Just about my favourite 'klonk' noise ever. I wish they'd kept Matilda around - somebody needs to knock sense into that boy. As often as required.

Btw, not sure where they rustled up a hose and bellows so quickly, and I probably don't want to know, but I liked that, too. It was kinda clever, and submarine Robin was cute.

Back to Guy. Loved Guy being all growly with Alan. Loved poor Guy just going weak at the knees over Marian despite himself (and Marian, really, how can you play so coldly with such a sexy beast?). Loved Guy in flirt mode, and I loved Guy dragging back Matilda with the line "she's the one all the well spoken wisemoen go to". It was shades of Blackadder (shades?) but Richard just carried it off so well. Ah, Guy, you black clad, semi black hearted devil, you.

Though by today's standards, Guy isn't all bad, he's just aspirational. Doing what it takes to claw his way up the ladder. It's the fact that the decent man inside him isn't yet dead and buried that makes him just so fascinating, as he can always turn either soft or hard, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Ooo er, she says, realising what she'd just typed there. Thus we move onto Alan, who should have been suspect #1 when the whole cash for comment scheme was uncovered, but more than that, Robin should have just used Gene Hunt's rule of whoever talks first did it. Because aside from Much's outrage at being a suspect, it was Alan who was mouthiest on the subject, and since Much could never, would never, well.

Still, Robin did get there in the end, though he beat up Will to do it. Nice chap, Robin. And he wonders why he has such trouble with the help.

Ah, Will. Harry was actually looking quite pretty in this episode, even with his Robin bruises. I mean, Harry's always been a definitive looking young man, but he's been looking ill and cranky (imho) of late but this time round he was all open and very pretty.

And Alan. I've never seen him as particularly weak or vain but apparently these were the vices that led to his downfall. Or at least, the excuses he used to himself to explain his betrayal. The main thing is that everyone here keeps thinking in terms of this being a short term gig, that they'll all be home by Christmas. Of course it's not, it never can be, and had Robin made that more clear (or understood it himself), that they were in it for the long haul, Alan wouldn't be quite so concerned with, um, shopping his CV around town and lining up his next job, as it were. As it happened.

It's funny though how Alan and Much have the same complaints, the same brittle pride, see their forest exile as temporary, and were both tempted, but it was Alan who fell. I wonder if that's why they fought so often (besides Much always getting on Alan's tits) but because they recognised and despised the same weaknesses in each other.

But yeah, Alan's speech about needing to know where his next meal was coming from, and his unease at playing second fiddle, it was all so reasonable and understandable, it made Robin look like the bad guy for taking the betrayal so much to heart, especially when Alan had been very careful to string Guy along just enough and did Robin never think for a moment that he could turn Alan and feed Guy misinformation? I suppose Robin is so used to, as the laird, having people take blood oaths of loyalty and having the power of life and death over his men that such treachery is unthinkable and a terrible insult. Perhaps it brought home a little too closely that Robin no longer has the power or position that he once commanded, and that the men he leads are less bonded and in thrall than poor old Much.

Of course Robin was also angry first and foremost at the threat to Marian (though Robin is always all talk in his regard to Marian, he pursues her but rarely listens or thinks of her needs) but he should have at least granted Alan some small concession for keeping Marian safe.

But yes, Robin, not exactly the forgiving type (my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever). At least he shot poor Henry wot was threatening Much (who should have known better than to let himself be distracted but was anyone else helping poor Cinders with the onerous task of Henry roping? No they were not).

Never mind. Fire bad, Brit Boys pretty.

T'other Brit Boy du jour was of course the ginger ninja himself. Unfortunately this episode had been bigged up in the US press, so my expectations ran higher than the show delivered, but it was a good solid episode and I'll allow that this is the episode where Life finally hit its straps. too bad it's the last one (it's being yanked of the schedule, ditto House). Damian was pretty, and he had some nice moments, especially the guilty run up the stairs (and finally his roomie proves himself excedingly adept, quick, resourceful and useful). I did kind of like the mysery. It was classic CSI weird, but it worked, and at last they've got the cases reflecting on Charlie's ongoing issues and vice versa, which is what I'd hoped they'd do, rather than having them as two seperate shows going on at once (heh, Farthingale as metaphor for where the show had been at).

And speaking of duality, I'm still ploughing through the RL Stevenson anthology and I'm up to the one about the English officer in the Peninsular War (de ja vu much?). Gay English officer at that if his sizing up of the first boy he meets as too dusky and hairy for his tastes but dumb as a box of hammers which will do nicely is any indication - grin. Sometimes I wonder about RL, as the duality, the constant warring of public face versus inner self and the repression of vice and true natures, well, it just runs through every story, not just J&H. I mean, if superheroic secret identities are often read as a metaphor for, well, secret lives, then one could infer the same metaphors here, and, well, all that repression (not to mention the Class A beard that he married), and as much as whatever the author got up to shouldn't have any bearing on the text, one can't help but raise an eyebrow on occasion.

But swinging back to the former British colonies, and we have Sam and Dean. And I damn nearly missed it on account of work (squeaked in, missed the opening death scene) and it was the one with the boys in tuxes. Hells bells if I'd missed that. And the groping grandma - not a comment on the show's fanbase, I should hope? I mean, true enough, but just a touch unkind, no matter how much Peanut Gallery chuckled everytime poor Sam squirmed.

More Bella hijinks, yawn, but at least she always brings the comedy eps, which makes a nice break from the angst, but I think they wasted the whole ghost ship vibe. I suppose they had to make it landlocked, but I dunno, the whole thing would have worked just as well as a Love Boat episode (too well, I suspect it was in the first draft). Never mind. Dean in tux. There is no bad here.

Meanwhile, I lugged a lot of stuff in for a mail run today but ended up with a meeting that went from eleven to two so there went lunch. Oh well, I've got to dash to the solicitors tomorrow, so I'll try and do it then. Oh, frell me dead, but it turns out my olds never even sorted out their mortage, let alone Dad's probate, so I've got to get that all settled first. Is there no end to their fuckwitery? Look, take a tip from me, if your olds say they've got all the paperwork sorted, DO NOT take their word for it, 'kay?

It's just a whole Bleak House thing. Also getting the tree guy in because in yet another example of their idiocy, instead of planting saplings they planted forest trees and they're huge, and, funnier yet, by the time they decided to rip 'em out the trees got slapped with a protection order in an impossible fit of greeness by the council. Trouble is, they don't call them trees widowmakers for nothing so I've got to have a council approved chappie inspect them regularly, just to cover my arse (not that it would, in any way, cover my arse, but at least I don't look wholly irresponsible).

So much for getting the house clean, eh?
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