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Yesterday I was up to my eyeballs in crap. For seriously this time, as in blocked drains, plumbers, minor volcanic eruptions of well..crap. It was a whole thing and let's just a combination of old crumbly pipes, previous cowboy plumbers and thirsty trees, not to mention Himself who insists on using one bog roll per sitting, and thus it's a fairly regular and expensive not to mention flithy operation. Sooo much fun (also, had to uproot beloved pink daisies - no wonder they were sooo happy despite the drought).

Anyway, that was sorted, if only temporarily. No way can I have new pipes put in because a) I'm flat broke and b) the house is redzoned for redevelopment so why bother, eh?

Other than that I scared the neighbours by appearing in public to remove the dense undergrowth that had wilfully sprouted up along the fence. If you want any further proof that I've spent my life chained in the attic being fed fish heads, look no further than the fact that nobody had ever seen me before. Oh dear. This is what I get for toiling at midnight via torchlight.

Other than that I scanned and scanned and scanned again until my eyeballs dried to dust, but at least this time I had fun by having Doctor Who playing away. It felt right, themn, with my head down, hearing the old familiar soundtrack, I realised why - I used to do my homework during Who (not by choice, I can assure you). One of these days I'll actually get to watch The Talons of Weng Chiang, but oh dear, the bits I saw, the hand puppet rat of doom - I was in danger of laughing myself into an injury.

Started off watching The Three Doctors - the first time I've ever seen it in colour, so I was chuffed as it was something I'd wished to do in childhood. It was a mistake though, watching it after a week of Robin Hood and Cadfael though because Doctor #2's Oi! expression is exactly the same as Much's reaction to being dissed, to my great amusement, and Doctor #3's "My dear Brigadier, I think you're talking complete crap" face is not unlike Hugh Berenger's "My dear Cadfael, I think you're talking complete crap" grimace. Who knew expressions were so genetic? I think I amused myself rather too much, but they kept pulling the same faces (though not even Sean can beat Pertwee Snr gurning for Britain in Speahead from Space).

So, The Three Doctors - or Omegas Has A Really Bad Day. And so Doctor Who, with luvvies in wobbly masks chucking wobblies. Also so Doctor Who: episodes starting with rustics who poke something they shouldn't. That's my Doctor Who. Sure, their were psychic powers and lippy assistants and much kung fu, but that's not the Who I was watching as a kid. Never mind. The Three Doctors was all about UNIT and quarries and extras in bobbly suits. Loverly. And Jo, in some seriously funky gear.

Next up was Spearhead from Space. Wot a classic, though are they screaming over the Autons or the safari suits (and I was such I geek I visted Tussauds just for the auton experience). This is an story where you actually get to be mooned by a nekkid Doctor in the shower. Sadly it's #2 but it could have been much, much worse and since when did the Doc have tatts? - grin. And are the boilersuited Auton army reflecting early 70s anxieties, or should I forget it and muse upon how scary an angry oven bag of goop in a microwave isn't. (also, the treatment of women is, and remains, dire, but I'm not telling you anything you don't know).

Then, after an interval, it was Talons of Weng Chiang. Oooh, high Victorian campy goodness. This has everything: Sickert, music halls, Holmes references, Ripper riffs, giant killer puppet rats, evil Chinese laundries, evil midgets, London bobbies, fog and prozzers. One of my favourites, ever (and to be honest, I suspect Alan Moore has this on dvd, I truly do). This is marvelous malarky. I wouldn't know where to start, though the whole how can there be Time Agents is their equipment is so demonstrably dodgy makes me wonder, but here is all the kung fu, pig men nonsense so beloved of Who 2.0.

Personally I love Leela (the Doc can shove his insults), I love Jago and Litefoot, I love the Victorian setting, I love the giant rat and the opium tongs and the whole Alan Moore-ness of it all. I'm such a geek I squeed over finding a similiar cabinet in LACMA, and a horrid looking Chinese doll in a museum in Rome. This time 'round I was thinking Greel didn't know how to properly abuse the help when he was feeding his giant rat himself, but later he berates poor old Chang so badly I realise that Greel is indeed a graduate of the Locksley School of Smacking Your Bitch Up.

Finally onto the Time Warrior. The medieval one with Boon, Bobba and Dot from Eastenders. Look, real castle walls, and decent looking chainmail - not those floppy badly knitted jumpers they wear on some other shows I could mention, and Sarah Jane was totally rocking the Maid Marian outfits, btw. Eat that, Robin Hood. Sadly, I am enough of a geek to recognise some of the computers were from UFO (sniff!) but I do love anarchonisms. They don't do 'em so much now. Apparently, also, rumour has it that Sontaran was mispronounced because there was an Aussie in the role. If true consider me deeply amused. I was also giggling that Robin Hood hadn't had any robots in it - yet. I was actually rolling in mirth when Bobba shot away the remote control and the robot went into default mode. Wheeze.

Oh, so much fun. Just so much fun. Robots, castles, fiesty Sarah Jane and Pertwee's stunt double in a very unconvincing wig judo chopping his way through the courtyard. Bliss.

After that it was onto the Euro cops. Not much this week, as it was all about a missing kid, which is far less funny than a dead body, so everyone was in serious angst mode and they only really cute bit was Fischer dragging La Cour out jogging with him. The smexy bit was the boys posing with sunglasses at the end. Smexy, smexy.

In Heroes, Peter "And then all my clothes fell off - but it's all done in the best possible teaste!" Petrelli was stripped and hosed down. I think some other stuff also happened. And so not surprised by the plot twist at the end - that was blown by Adrian's vids on Youtube - tsk. (And to be honest, that brief scene of Nate and Matt, well, they looked bored and anxious to be off back to the silly vidding, they really did).
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